Friday, December 19, 2008

On Line!!!

I am pleased to report that we now have our 'On-Line' ordering facility on the website!! It has taken longer than expected but we hope it will help you to be sure of getting the piece you want - when you see it!

This is especially useful on items which are marked as 'last one' or 'sold out from publisher' :-)

You can reserve an item using the 'Add to Basket' button and entering your details. You then have a choice of ways to pay:

1) Pay by debit/credit card over the phone (you call us or we'll ring you)
2) Send a payment through Paypal to
3) Call into the gallery and pay in person when you collect the item.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of three STUNNING NEW IMAGES from TODD WHITE. They are from a very EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION and for this reason they cannot be shown on the website but do please ring or email us if you would like further details. We have only one copy of each image so if you are interested then act fast! These images are not widely available...

As I write this entry I have to say that the on-line facility works!!! We have already received an order and the transaction was nice and smooth with no hiccups!!!

The Christmas holidays are almost here and so we would remind you of our opening times during this festive period which are as follows:-

24th December 2008 9.30am-4pm
25th December 2008 CLOSED
26th December 2008 CLOSED
27th December 2008 9.30am-4pm
29th December 2008 9.30am-5.30pm
30th December 2008 9.30am-5.30pm
31st December 2008 9.30am-4pm
1st January 2009 CLOSED

From 2nd January 2009 we will be open as usual (9.30am-5.30pm Monday-Saturday).

Finally, Diane & I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

What A Night!!

Thursday 4th December - Pocklingtons Dickensian Late Night Shopping Event.

I was duly forced into wearing my costume (and I have to say I thought I looked rather good in it!!) See photo below - all comments welcome!!

Considering the number of things that got cancelled on the day, most people I have spoken to since Thursday have said what a great event it was and they thought the snow machines were great... at this point Scrooge will rear his head and say ... I have to disagree as the gallery was covered in fake snow as the machines were blowing it straight in the door and making the floor very wet!! Bah Humbug!!

People also liked the idea of having no fair rides in the town but did comment that more lighting was needed on the stalls... all these comments will be taken into account ready for next year.

Diane and I agree that we had easily over 200 people through the door and we both noticed lots of new faces as well as many regular faces too :-) The gallery was very busy from about 5.30pm and didn't empty until almost 9pm!!

We must apologise to those people who had travelled a distance to be with us and didn't get as much of our time as they deserve. We would have liked to have spent more time with you but with the sheer number of people and a constant demand for bubbly and home made truffles meant that I was busy serving drinks and at one point in the evening I had to dash down to Threshers and ask Neil for yet more glasses!!

Diane was kept busy doing sales and running up and down the stairs for more glasses and her home made truffles. Orders now being taken for Christmas!!

Next year we must arrange for our daughter to help out - this will hopefully free up Diane & I to spend more time with people!!!

For us it was a great evening and we would like to say thankyou to everyone who came in and said hello. We would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Sara at Simply Books whose idea it was for the Dickensian evening and thanks also for her huge contribution to the evenings planning.

We hope this event has shown the people of Pocklington and surrounding villages just what the town has to offer and hopefully they will think local and shop local.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work bringing it together and thanks to everyone who came!

All I can say is 'What a night'

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wow Peter Smith Mania!!

Well November is over and all I can say is Peter Smith!!

Peter has stormed to the top of the leader board for November with a staggering 27 sales. You have heard of 'Beatle' mania well here we have 'Peter Smith' mania!!

So to update you on the top sellers for November:-

1. Peter Smith
2. Jeff Rowland
3. Alexander Millar/Caroline Shotton

Well done Peter truly fantastic achievement. Your work has hit a chord with people!!

November has been an amazing month for us and has only been beaten by Dylan in June. We have sold three fantastic originals and an amazing number of Limited Edition Prints giving us an incredible buzz!!

I would just like to say a massive THANKYOU to everyone who has bought from us! Diane & I do appreciate your loyalty and support for us in our first year.

It has been a truly amazing first year and we would like to extend our thanks to each and every person who has called in and either bought or browsed.

We are looking forward to 2009 with hope that we can continue to build the business and hopefully have a new gallery space open upstairs soon!!!

We have started planning our events diary for next year and all I can say is that The Acorn Gallery is the place to be!!

Pocklington is gearing up for the Dickensian Late Night Shopping Event and so are we. Our Dickensian costumes are ready - yes I have been brow-beaten by Diane and others (mentioning no names 'Sara of Simply Books'!!) and so I will be dressed up after all!!

Diane has made a huge quantity of homemade chocolate truffles to go with the bubbly and so if you fancy Champagne & Truffles then pop down to the gallery tonight between 6-9pm !! Why not enjoy the towns evening of entertainment too!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dickensian Late Night Shopping Event

The Pocklington Chamber Of Trade have organised a Dickensian Late Night Shopping Event from 6-9pm on 4th December 2008.

There is all sorts of entertainment planned including:-

Santa's Parade & Grotto
Brass Bands & Carol Singers
Donkey Rides
Traditional Hand Cranked Rides
Fair Rides on West Green

Many shops in the town will be offering free drinks and nibbles!

The REINDEER will be located in a pen in Market Place for people to see. After all - how often do you ever get a chance to see real live reindeer?

The Chamber have also managed to get the local councillors to go in the STOCKS for you to throw wet sponges (no rotten fruit though - sorry!) with the MAYOR being the first up. Very good of you to be first Jeff!!

We hope to see you all at this magical event and if you fancy joining us in Victorian costume that would be fantastic! Just think of characters from 'Oliver' and you can't go wrong! You can even enter the Fancy Dress Competition on the night!

The Acorn Gallery will open late until 8pm every Thursday from 27th November until 18th December 2008 - why not come along and browse at your leisure!

If you can manage to join us for the Dickensian celebrations then come in and say hello - join us for a glass of champagne with home-made chocolate truffles!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tired But Happy :-)

Today I feel tired! Why? I hear you ask? Well the answer is that yesterday I spent a total of 11 hours in the car driving up to Glasgow and back!!

The reason for the trip was to deliver an original Alexander Millar oil for a potential customer to view and hopefully buy!!

I was very pleased with myself as I managed to navigate my way through Glasgow and to the gentlemans house without the aid of a Tom Tom (or a Mum Mum!!).

This is the piece in question:-

This fantastic piece now has a superb new home and I hope that Graig, will take great pleasure from it.

So this is why today I am tired but also happy that The Acorn Gallery, in these difficult times, is still trading well and showing that the art market still has wide appeal!

As we keep saying 'Art is the new FTSE' :-)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Peter Smith Gallery Appearance 1st November 2008

'May Contain Nuts' and more...

The First One!!

'What was I nervous about?' all the sleepless nights, pacing the floor and biting my finger nails all for nothing!!

Peter & Jayne arrived early and commented on how good the gallery was looking! They also needed to know where was the best place to get some breakfast!! We pointed them in the direction of some local eateries and off they went (which gave me chance to finish my sausage buttie)!!

By 11.15am Peter & Jayne were back and by 11.30am the gallery started to fill up with people and it stayed like that for the next 5 hours!

It was very busy, what a good job we had hired help in the form of our daughter Emily, who did a magnificient job in topping up glasses and taking photos!

Diane & I were busy introducing Peter to the collectors and looking after customers who had decided to buy - we even had a queue at one point!!

Peter was amazing to listen to, he has a story for every piece! His paintings are based on people he knows and the ups and downs of life. The secrets within the new 'May Contain Nuts' images are amazing and when they are revealed to you it makes you appreciate the talent that Peter has. Some extreme planning and forethought has gone into his work - much of which is only just becoming apparent with this latest tour!

Peter spent time with each collector dedicating their purchases with a fantastic sketch!

As a special thank you for those people who bought a print or an original piece on the day he gave a FREE limited edition print entitled 'Pick Me'! He titled and signed it in the presence of the buyer AND as an added bonus he did a tiny remarque! What a great thank you!!

For those people who didn't come to the gallery to meet Peter you missed out on a great day but don't dispair - availability of his latest work is still good - for the time being at least!

It's Thankyou time ...

Diane & I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those people who came and enjoyed the day...

...and a huge THANK YOU to Peter and Jayne for giving up their day and making it a great success!

A special THANK YOU to the couple who travelled from Lancashire to be with us - we hope that your 'Notorious' new friend will be much admired!!

By 4.30pm we had chance to chat with Peter. He revealed that The Acorn Gallery is "The First One" to sell an original oil on his new tour!! What an honour!! Yippee!!!

Thank you Peter & Jayne, everyone we have spoken to today has asked us to pass on their thanks for such a great day! They have all said the same, that you are a great couple and it was a pleasure to meet you both!

Roll on 2009 when we will be asking you back for yet more stories and the latest installments on your wonderful impossimals!!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Well the nerves are building. 'May Contain Nuts' is in the gallery and attracting alot of attention! The walls have been moved and the floor has been swept and washed. All pictures have been dusted and I think we are ready!!

Peter Smith will be in the gallery tomorrow between 12-3pm and so in the morning there are only a few last minute jobs left to do... well, I must get out the drinks and nibbles anyway!

I must also try not to wear a groove in the floor with my pacing and try not to bite my finger nails into nothing!! Not that I'm nervous about Peter's appearance but he is in the Top 10 of Washington Greens best selling artists!!

The truth is I am a little (well maybe alot!) nervous as I have known Peter for a while now, firstly as a collector and now as a gallery owner. I want the day to go well as he will be giving up his Saturday to be with us!!

Diane keeps on telling me that it will go well and everything will be fine but in this time of doom and gloom who can say with confidence that people will come?

The truth will be known by noon tomorrow. Will we be ready? Will we be busy? Will it be a success or a failure?

Check back here for the next exciting instalment... - oh no you don't - get down to the gallery tomorrow and see for yourselves :-)

Just to update you on the top sellers for October - I can reveal that Jeff Rowland has taken top spot! Well done Jeff (I'm sure that Jeffs fabulous new tour and visit to the gallery must have had something to do with it!!).

1. Jeff Rowland
2. Alexander Millar
3. Peter Smith, Bob Barker, Paul Horton

With Peter's new tour 'May Contain Nuts' in the gallery then maybe he will be reclaiming the top spot come the end of November...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jeff Rowland Appearance 23rd October 2008

A 'Brief Encounter' it may have been but here are the highlights!

A Brief Encounter

Diane & I spent all day yesterday getting the gallery ready for Jeff Rowlands appearance. We washed the windows, inside and out! We swept and washed the floor, dusted the pictures, moved the walls and took delivery of 17 box's of the new Fine Art Collector magazine!!!

By 4.15pm we were all ready and Michelle, the WG rep arrived, having collected Jeff from the railway station (a very appropriate form of transport don't you agree?).

The kettle was on and we had chance to sit and chat over a cuppa before people started to arrive.

Jeff is a geordie lad and with all geordies he has a great sense of humour and kept us all entertained with his stories of the years before he became an artist!!

Jeff also explained in detail how he created the images to his new tour 'A Brief Encounter' and the techniques used to create the rain in his so atmospheric images!!

Jeff kindly dedicated each piece which was bought on the evening with a beautiful sketch on the backing board - a truly unique thank you to his collectors!

The champagne flowed and the nibbles were nibbled and a good time was had by all!

Once the gallery was empty Jeff kindly signed the back of each remaining piece with 'Best Wishes'!

To those customers who came on such a wet evening - THANK YOU!
To those customers who didn't brave the elements - you missed a good night! A special THANKS to Jon who drove up from Norwich to join us for the occasion!

Diane & I were a little nervous as this was our first official Artist Appearance but we are really pleased that it went well!

To Jeff, the 'Rain Man' himself - many thanks for giving up your evening to meet and greet our customers. To Michelle - a massive thank you for collecting Jeff and for guiding us through our first appearance!

'A Brief Encounter' it may have been Jeff, but next time we see you in the gallery bring your easel, paints and apron cause we will have you painting for us live!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Invest in Art!!

Amidst all the doom and gloom about the economy I was pleased to read an article in Yorkshire Life this week that advises that if you have surplus cash or have taken your money out of stocks and shares due to the ups and downs of the stock market then the best place to put your money is in Art & Jewellery!!

As with all things the value of your art may increase but it may also decrease, however if you do your research you may just hit on the next Van Gough,Turner or Constable. I always say to people if you like it and it makes you smile then you will never be disappointed with your decision to buy that unique fantastic original or a very limited edition print. If it goes up in value then thats a bonus.

It has been a quiet two weeks but we are only one week away from Jeff Rowlands appearance and we are busy hanging his new work in preperation for his visit. Jeff's work is going from strength to strength and we have 3 superb original pieces, one oil and two pencil sketches to hang along side his new limited edition prints.

We truly believe that this is Jeff's strongest work todate and hope that you will agree when you see them hung in the gallery. If you would like to come to the appearance on 23rd October between 5-8pm then please contact us for an invite.

Remember Art is the new investment in these times of doom and gloom and we have some stunning pieces for you to invest in!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Excitement Builds!!!!

Well its October!! What a busy last two days of September! We spent all day Monday packing. We shipped out 6 pieces which isn't a lot but it takes some time when you have to build a box as none of the pieces we sent out were of a standard size!!

Yesterday we had a changeover day which is where we put up new stock. It is always typical that when we do a changeover we are busy with customers - unfortunately they don't get to see the gallery at its full potential so apologies to those customers yesterday who saw us in our somewhat disorganised state!

You may have noticed on the website that we have taken down the selection work available from Rolf Harris and Todd White. As a Premier Partner with Washington Green we are no longer permitted to promote artists published by other companies.

Rolf Harris remains very popular and some new pieces were ordered last month and we are hoping that they will arrive very shortly!

In the meantime do please ring the gallery if you are interested and of course if you are passing then we are always happy to talk about the work available.

Just to update you on the top sellers for September - I can reveal that Peter Smith has again stormed to the top of the leader board for the second month in a row! Well done Peter!!

1. Peter Smith
2. Paul Kenton/Bob Dylan
3. John Wilson/Sarah J Szikora

With Peter's new tour 'May Contain Nuts' due out very soon maybe he will make it 3 months in a row!!

Perhaps Jeff Rowland will make a bid for the summit - we will have Jeff in the gallery on 23rd October 2008 between 5-8pm to promote his one man show entitled 'A Brief Encounter'. If you wish to be on the invite list then please contact us.

October promises to be an exciting month and I sit here with great anticipation!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Normal Service !!!!

We are now back to 'normal services' after the closure of the gallery on Saturday due to Diane & I going away to London for the weekend to see 'Jersey Boys'!

'Oh what a Night!'

Wow what can I say? If you get the chance to see this amazing show then you must!! It was fab!! The music was great and kept toes tapping and hands clapping all night long! The show is on at The Prince Edward Theatre in Soho.

We had never been to Soho - what a busy area, plenty of cafes, bars & restaurants for people to people watch... Soho is the centre for the gay community and so I was not surprised to see guys watching guys everywhere we looked - good job I had Diane on my arm!!

There was alot to see in Chinatown! The streets were strung with lanterns and there was a real buzz about the place! The streets were full of great smelling restaurants, food shops and an amazing cake shop!

This being Soho there were also some ... er ... other interesting shops too ;-)

All in all the weather was superb, the show was amazing and the company was second to none! We had a great weekend!

As I write this I am listening to the printer printing my 100th copy of our latest newsletter which will be winging its way to your door very soon.

We are getting very excited as we get ready for the appearance of Jeff Rowland on Thursday 23/10/08 between 5-8pm. Champagne is on order and nibbles will be served!

Jeff is a real character and very entertaining to chat to - he is always happy to answer questions about his work and his inspiration!!

If you haven't given us an address but would like to be included on the guest list for newsletters and gallery events then please email us :-)

Once again I apologise for the closure of the gallery but normal services have now been resumed!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Sorry if you tried to contact the Gallery on Monday but we were closed for the day as I had planned a birthday treat for Diane!!

At 7.45am on Monday morning we set off for Reading (via Cobham to deliver a couple of prints to a customer....hope you like them Chris)!!

I had planned to tell Diane that we had a meeting to go to in Reading but she guessed that something was afoot ... she found the bag packed and secreted away in the boot of the car so I had to confess!

All I can say is that Diane has never looked as wonderful as she did today and I know she had a truly fantastic, amazing day that will rank hopefully alongside her wedding day and the birth of our two children!!!

I must take this opportunity to advise that the Gallery will be closed on Saturday 20th September as I am taking Diane away for the weekend to London to see a show.... yes she knows about this one as she got the show tickets in her birthday card!! Again I arranged everything without her knowing... I am getting good at this!!!

Once again I am sorry we have/will be closed but its not every year my gorgeous wife turns 40!!

Normal services will be resumed from the 22nd September!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exciting Times Ahead!!

Monday 8th September was the day we arrived at the ICC in Birmingham all charged up ready to see the new images from all your favourite Washington Green artists.

However we nearly didn't make it pass the armed police and security staff due to the Cabinet having a meeting in the same building (the first time they have met outside of London in nearly 100 years)!!!

Eventually after scouring many lists access was granted and all I can say is we were NOT disappointed!

The work on display was staggering - so many fabulous pieces and some really stunning collections!

Peter Smith & Jeff Rowland both deserve a huge pat on the back for they each had a large selection of work (8 images and 7 images respectively) and the collections are so strong that they are sure to be incredibly popular! This will be supported by appearances by Peter and Jeff at galleries stocking their work - more exciting news to follow on this front very soon!!

You will all remember the incredible sell-out popularity of Peter Smiths 'Naughty Step' - well we are deligted to announce that there is a follow-up! It is simply fantastic and will pull at your heart strings for sure!

If you are lucky enough to have the 'Naughty Step' then you will certainly want this to complement it ... but if you missed out on 'Naughty Step' then you will want to get in early and avoid disappointment for this piece! It is called 'Do You Come Here Often' and it is a box canvas. It is priced at £575.00 and images will be available very soon - let us know if you are interested, early reservation of this piece is highly reccommended!!

I have to say that all the artists have stepped up their game and the new releases are truly outstanding and I can see no weak pieces at all.

We were also shown new work by Scott Carruthers and Mark Edwards both very interesting.

Mark Edwards is already a well established artist and has had many solo exhibitions. Mark was the illustrator for the Chronicles Of Narnia and helped on the set of the films!!

Exciting times are ahead and we will update the website as soon as we can. If you are interested in any pieces then please contact us at the gallery sooner rather than later!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bye Bye August!!

Well thats it the end of August a very quiet month but we did manage some very good sales :-)

I can reveal that the top seller for August is Peter Smith. Well done Peter your work has stormed home in first place. The standings for August are as follows:-

1. Peter Smith
2. Bob Dylan
3. Caroline Shotton & Rob Ford
4. Sarah J Szikora & Paul Horton

Whats next I hear you say?

Well we are looking forward to September because it is my 43rd birthday on 6th and Dianes 40th birthday on 7th ! Oh yes - and we have an Autumn event to go to on 8th September which means the gallery will be closed that day.

First thing to mention is Dianes 40th birthday which she has spent all year worrying about up until a couple of weeks ago when she made an announcement that in her 40th year she is going to do lots of things that she has wanted to do but never had the time! She has a huge 'To Do' list which includes kayaking, windsurfing and to cycle to Amsterdam for charity! The Playtex Moonwalk has earned a place on her list too!

This is just a small selection on her very, very long to do list..good luck babes and you have my full support in these endeavours!!!

Second thing (not) to mention is my 43rd birthday it just proves I am an old man and my kids would say I am getting grumpier by the minute!!

Third thing is the ICC event held by Washington Green. This is where we go and meet the artists and view their new releases due out towards the end of September. I know there will be some totally fabulous pieces ... but don't worry - I shall be sure to tell you all about it when we get back :-)

September is going to be a busy month what with a special birthday and a feast of brand new releases to make you smile!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Band With No Name!!

Well it has been a quiet week in the gallery - everyone must be away on their hols!!

I had been looking forward to Friday as we were invited out to a 'gig' at The Drovers Arms, Skipwith in aid of Jessie's Fund which helps seriously ill and disabled children to communicate through music.

When I asked Gary what the band was called he said they were the band with no name (which if you are reading this Gary would be a good name for you). The band consists of Gary on guitar with Lisa (his gorgeous wife) as lead vocals and Simon the newest member on keyboard.

We arrived for 7pm and found The Drovers Arms was packed out. Good job we had booked a table! We had a fab meal - Steak Pie was great - all homemade of course! Apparently the scampi and lasagne were just as good! Generous portions which filled us up leaving no room for a pudding (good job as I am aware of the ever expanding waistline!!).

The gig started around 8.30pm and they played till 11.30pm covering all styles of music with a break mid-way for a music quiz!

I must say they were very good and Lisa's voice is amazing. For amateurs who do it occassionally it was fantastic and we are all looking forward to the next 'gig'.

It was a great evening and they raised just short of £150.00 for Jessie's Fund. For more information about Jessie's Fund go to

'The Band With No Name' is available for weddings, birthdays and other such gatherings with all donations going to charity. Please ask via the gallery for bookings!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lakes... and cakes!!!

Tuesday 12th - we went up to Lake Windermere and had a gorgeous (but rainy) cruise! We then went for a wander around Bowness and our son bought himself a 'buff' which he says is cool! The girls also wanted to so some shopping but I had a strop and said no!!

We found a lovely local cafe and had an excellant cuppa and cakes!

Wednesday 13th - we awoke to sunshine and so decided to put on our walking boots and we took a steep but rewarding walk up to the top of Brantfell. The views were stunning - we could see all the length of lake Windermere and we could even see Morcambe Bay in the south! We continued on to Post Knotte and once again were rewarded with fab views from the top.

That afternoon we took the car ferry across Windermere as we wanted to go to Hill Top Farm (former home of Beatrix Potter) however every other person in the Lakes that day must have had the same idea and the car park and every other available layby were full to capacity!

Instead we continued on to Ambleside and found ourselves a smashing tea room called The Giggling Goose and had the best home made Bakewell Tart I have ever tasted!!!

Thursday was a poor day!! The weather wasn't good so we went over to Barrow-In-Furness. Not much to see there though so it was lucky that in the afternoon the weather improved! We went back into Bowness and found Fell Foot Park - a beautiful lakeside park with boating and a fabulous tea room (Yes - another one!).

Friday 15th - Once again we awoke to glorious sunshine and so packed the car with walking boots, packed lunch, camera and wallet!! We went back to Fell Foot Park where we hired a rowing boat - what a laugh that was! We all took a turn and found ourselves having to steer out of reeds and away from the side - as well as having to avoid steamers! Diane was the best as she used to row in competitions when she was younger!! Our daughter seems to have a future as a budding coxwain - she seems to have a gift for shouting orders - usually ending in '... and ROW!'

After eating lunch lakeside we just found room for a very nice cake in the tea room!

Back in the car and we headed up to Aria Force near Ullswater, wow what a drive! We took the Kirkstone Pass and the views were absolutely breathtaking!

We had a great walk up to the waterfall and stood in awe at the force of the water as it came down in torents - it made it's own rainbow - stunning - this time we didn't stop for a cuppa and cake as waistline has expanded massively this week!

We did however stop off at the best fish and chip shop in Bowness called 'Seafarers' and had our tea!!

Well, here we are - it's Friday night already and we are all packed up and ready to roll. It has been a good week and the lakes have been lovely but we have all decided that we are missing Cornwall and so will be going back 'home' to St Ives next year!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where's the Sun?

Hello, I am blogging from the Lake District! We arrived on Saturday after a long winded diversion (I am sure someone moves those diversion signs just for a laugh!)

Our accomadation is spot on and we woke early Sunday morning to rain so decided to do White Scar Caves. This was truly amazing and due to the heavy rainfall the underground streams and waterfalls within the cave system were very impressive, at one point we were bent double for 100m and had to do the squeeze (note to self: I need to slim down!!)

We spent 80 minutes down below ground and thought it was money well spent. Had our lunch and then went over to Hawes. It hasn't changed much, I spent 3 years working and living at the Youth Hostel and it brought back good memories. It was at Hawes that I met Diane.

Today the Sun was shining against all predictions so we went to South Lakes Animal Park which was amazing! All the animals are in compounds with fences but the public have the chance to view the animals from up high on walkways!!

My daughter loves giraffes and was in her element today as she got to feed them from the walkways. She was the happiest girl on earth! The entrance charge was expensive but it was worth it to see her face!!

We also saw the new baby rhino only 2 months old and also watched the tigers being fed. They are not fed in the traditional way (ie drop the meat in the compound and watch them feed) .... these tigers have their meat attached to poles 30 feet off the ground and it is amazing to see them climb up to get their meal!!

All in all it had been a good two days, tomorrow the weather is not forcasted to be good in the morning but the afternoon is supposed to be dry so Lake Windermere is calling and our son is hoping we will find him a skateboard park!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh What A Day!!

You know when you really want to do your best for a customer but other factors get in the way? Well I had one of those days today!

I had a very nice lady call in the gallery this morning, very interested in buying 'Jig For Jack' by Alexander Millar (a rare item!). The lady asks if I can ship it to Spain. 'No problem' I say... How wrong could I have been!!

After spending most of the day talking to couriers and our insurers I eventually get a price to ship one framed canvas by Air... cost £251 with only minimal insurance available!

I think to myself that due to the value and rarity of the item full insurance value will be required. I contact our insurance company who eventually confirm a quote of ... wait for it ... £250!!!

As you can see it would cost £500 to insure and ship the piece and so my very nice lady has decided not to purchase for now but she is still interested and has a shipping idea of her own to look into when she gets back!

In the meantime all suggestions greatly appreciated.
Email me at

You'd think that would be enough for one day wouldn't you - but no! After tea I took my son skateboarding ... He spent ages 'dropping in' with help ... then we all heard a thud and a loud scream and he'd landed flat on his face and was in much pain.

We all rushed over, picked him up and brushed him down. We gave him a drink to rinse the blood out of his mouth and a cold compress to hold against his cheekbone... at this point I am thinking 'be brave' and praying that he hasn't broken anything!

After a few minutes he calms down but even after half an hour he is still unable to move his left arm ... Gary, his coach, is worried and suggests A & E ...

3.5 hours at York District, with x-rays and examinations and we are given the all clear. He hasn't broken his arm just badly jarred it and will be badly bruised ... no pot on his arm for the summer then - he is so relieved that he won't have to miss out on a summer of skateboarding fun!!

Texts were dispatched post haste at 1.30am to say all ok and that Gary was not to feel bad as it wasn't his fault.

As for me ... all I could think was 'Oh what a day'!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yorkshire Day

Well, today is Yorkshire Day and the start of the Acorn Gallery sale! It's been a busy day with a few sales too - which is superb!!

Just to update you Bob Dylan was the top seller for July. Peter and Kevin couldn't over take him and with only two pieces left of Bob's he can not be top seller for August.

The current leader after only one day is Peter Smith who has stormed off into the lead and thats before his new releases arrive in the gallery. Early days but Peter could take the top spot for the month of August. I will keep you updated!!

Today also heralded the return of my daughter from 'Band Camp'! I had a mad dash home from the gallery tonight as I had to be in Selby Abbey for 7.30pm to watch and listen to my daughter and her chums show us what they had been practising all week.

Well, all I can say is that she made me very proud! The concert was fantastic and considering that they are only aged upto 16 they sounded like a professional orchestra! Superb!

They had guest performers playing with them for some pieces too! One of these was a percussionist called Simone Robello, who was outstanding and made playing percussion instruments so much fun and made you feel like learning to play!! The other performer was Michael Dodd who played the Euphonium he too was outstanding!!

It was a wonderful evening to end a very good Yorkshire Day however my daughter has just announced that she wants to go away again 'cause band camp was so much fun!

Nice to know she hasn't missed us then!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 18th Wedding Anniversary!!

Diane & I have known each other for 22 years and been happily married for 18 of those. We have also worked together for 15 years.

I would just like to say that I will be Forever by your Side

that you will always be mine

and that I hope we will always and forever love each other!!

Happy Anniversary Diane, all my love, John xx

A Hot Week!!!

What can I say? It has been one hot week! So much so that very few people came in - but those who did were very appreciative and it's always good to have a chat with like-minded people!

But then again it is the summer and in this hot weather people just want to sit out in the garden, drink cold beers and have a barbecue (and really - who can blame them?)!!

Yesterday we dropped our daughter off in Selby with a massive suitcase and her clarinet and saxophone as she is spending the week away at 'Band Camp'! She will practise music for 7.5 hours per day culminating in a concert on Friday at Selby Abbey! She was so excited and we are really looking forward to the concert!

We then met up with a friend on the M62 to swap over a signed limited edition print (he owns a gallery too!!) and then we went to Hull to do some clothes shopping (as you do) and then popped in to see family for a welcome cold drink before heading back!.

Our son had been invited skateboarding after tea so we dropped him off at his coaches house where he spent 3 hours skateboarding in the back garden (massive ramp - nice one Gary!)

Diane & I ended up staying to watch the boys on the skateboard and drinking!! (Only coffee for me though - I'm teetotal!)

It was the first time I had seen our son on the skateboard ramp and I was very impressed with him and also at Gary's patience and the amount of praise and encouragement he gave everyone.

It was a lovely evening, the company was superb and the boys didn't stop all night. We eventually dragged ourselves away at about 9.30pm.

Our son was very tired but very elated that he had managed to 'Drop In' and 'Kiss the bar' (skateboard terminology) and even though he has explained what it means it is still double dutch to me but Diane is 'digging it'!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ready for the Weekend!!

It's been a busy week and we've had alot of people through the gallery and some good sales too!!!

Yesterday was a fantastic day as we sold our first Kevin Day Original! The gentleman buyer was very taken by the piece and bought one of Kevins very limited editions too! Kevin's work is superb and is getting alot of attention at the moment! This space is definitely worth watching!

Today has been an especially busy one as our newsletter has started to land on doormats and I have had a rush of people coming into the gallery to ask about the latest releases by Paul Horton, Jeff Rowland, Mark Grieves and Peter Smith.

The prints should be here within a fortnight although if we get them sooner then we will let you know - if you would like your name adding to the 'early warning' list then email us now!

Dylan is still causing a stir and I can reveal that (surprisingly!) Dylan was our top seller for the month of June. No other artist got a look in!!

So far this month we have the following in the top four spots:-

1. Bob Dylan
2. Peter Smith
3. Kevin Day
4. Alexander Millar

I think when the new releases arrive in the gallery at the end of the month we shall see a battle between Paul & Peter for the month of August!

I look forward to August with great interest. However we still have 10 more working days left this month. Will Peter pip Bob Dylan to the top spot or will Kevin come round on the outside to cross the finishing line first?!!

Ooh this is better than the Grand National!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life Is Full Of Surprises!!

It is only Wednesday and we have had 3 telephone calls from three artists and a surprise visit by an artist too!!

The first call came from Angela Smyth for an update!
The second call came from Mike Jackson for a chat!

The third call came from Paul James - a truly amazing animal and landscape artist. Many of you will have seen 'Winston' and 'October Afternoon' in the gallery.

Paul has some new releases available and we have agreed to have some in the gallery! I'm sure you will agree that 'Streetwise Charlie' is a real character, look out for 'Madge' too!

Paul is hoping to pop in when he is next over from Ireland so watch this space for news and updates on this talented man! Brochures showing his latest images are available now from the gallery and are free to take away!!

The artist who called in today was Philip Stuttard! Philip was really pleased to see that we have one of his originals called 'Warlords - Too Old To Grow Up' and advised us that it was his favourite piece! He was delighted that we had managed to get hold off it!

To the lucky buyer - a dedication can be arranged!!

We have also managed to send out 166 newsletters which include the latest releases from Peter Smith, Paul Horton, Mark Grieves and Jeff Rowland. The newsletter will be landing on doormats over the next couple of days but if you are not on our mailing list and would like to be included then please let us have your details.

I wonder what else the week has in store for us?

Will we get more artists ringing up for a chat or popping in for a cuppa?

I will keep you updated!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Poetry At The Acorn!!

The Acorn Gallery hosted its first ever poetry evening on Friday 4th July 2008 in association with Simply Books as part of Pocklington's first ever Book Festival. The poet for the evening was Michael Hildred, a local poet and artist.

The evening started off with champagne and canapes, with Sara, owner of Simply Books, greeting the invited guests and introducing them to Michael.

After 20 minutes of chatting and browsing at the artwork on display Michael began his poetry recital.

The invited audience stood spellbound whilst Michael recited his poems from memory. He was very entertaining and we had tales of a boat, of foxes and of Lil his cat, all with acompanying artwork. The evening was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously.

Diane & I would just like to say thankyou to Sara for allowing us the honour of being part of the first ever Pocklington Book Festival and we wish her every success with future events!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Just another day ... or is it?

Well what can I say... people are still ringing round to get the last few Dylan pieces - we have only 4 images left but not for long I'm sure!

The gallery seems quiet now the mania of Dylan is finished, we are back to spending quality time with our customers!

Well, it's Friday and the sunshine is giving us one more tempting glance of what we're NOT going to get this weekend! A few people have been in this morning and everyone is happy and chatty in the summer sun ... but then...

... do you ever look at someone and think 'I know you! You were in ... on the telly!' but daren't say anything in case you invade their privacy!

Well we were priviledged to have a well-known British actor in the gallery today! He spent some time in here with his wife and we're proud to say that he seemed to like several pieces!

We did recognise him but everyone is entitled to shop in peace and we never were ones to leap on celebrities and demand autographs!

Well, if he is reading this then he will know who he is - and we'd like to let him know that he is welcome back anytime!

I wonder if we will have any more famous people through the door today?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wow! Dylan - What A Rush!!!

Friday 13th June - Diane & I spent the evening moving the gallery around and hanging the Bob Dylan signed limited edition prints with help from our kids who, after being fed some very nice fish and chips from the Railway Street Chippie, we got stuck in with great gusto! They helped to unwrap the framed pieces and wrap up the pieces that we had taken down to accommodate the Dylan work. By 8.30pm we were finished!

Saturday 14th June - Diane & I arrived at the gallery early and shut ourselves in with the shutters down! We still had bits and pieces to finish off in readiness for the launch time of 10am. At bang on 10am we put the shutter up hoping to see a crowd but the street seemed no busier than usual - but the minute we opened the door the gallery filled up - I don't know where they came from! People had obviously been waiting to get in and grab their piece of Dylan artwork.

By 10.30am we were well and truly underway and the sales were coming thick and fast. People were loving his work and we had fans old and young coming in to have a look!

Before we knew it it was 4pm and the gallery had gone quiet for the first time so we took the chance to put the kettle on and try to grab a sandwich but before the kettle had boiled or we had taken a bite of the sandwich we were starting to fill up again!

By 6pm we had managed to close the door and sat back and just hugged each other! Our decison to be in on the Dylan launch - after only 6 months in business - had paid off! Sales for the day were phenomenal!

We had sold to France and Holland and even had someone trying to gazump a portfolio from under a customers nose such was the demand!

Monday 16th June - We got to the gallery to find answerphone messages from people over in the USA wanting us to ring them ASAP as they wanted to buy! One guy even said he didn't mind which pieces we had he just wanted one!

Due to our misinterpretation of time zones we rang a lady back only to find that it was only 5am with her! Nevertheless she was delighted to be in time to buy and promptly chose a superb selection of prints which will be winging their way over to her very shortly! (Thankyou Linda - for your business!)

We even had a message from BBC Look North who wanted to come along and do an interview - unfortunately they didn't have a VT man and had to put it off but are still hoping to come down later in the week (I'll keep you posted!)

So, now we have only a few Dylan pieces left and we think that even they will be soon gone! We have left only nine individual graphics and one portfolio! Anyone wanting to be a part of this journey needs to get on board fast!

Diane & I would just like to say a massive 'THANKYOU!' to all those people who bought and those who came along for a look and a chat! Many people were happy to simply buy a book or a brochure and I'm sure that even these will become very collectable! More books are on order and brochures are still available to buy!

To sum it up Dylan has been one hell of a rush and we haven't stopped grinning from ear to ear!

We can't wait for the next installment of Dylan mania!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bob Dylan The Drawn Blank Series

I must apologise for the closure of the gallery on Monday this week.

We closed because we were in Birmingham at the ICC for the trade launch of Bob Dylan's much anticipated hand signed limited edition graphic prints from The Drawn Blank Series.

Before I mention Dylan we called in to the Head Office of Washington Green to collect a Nadeem original and had the chance to browse through all the originals that they have. I was like a kid in a sweetie shop, so much to choose from - I eventually chose two new Philip Stuttards - all I will say is ... fishing and conkers (but not together) - I hope you like them - I think they're cracking!!

Whilst there we bumped into Mark Spain who was dropping of some of his originals and saw the man himself - Glynn Washington - with whom we were able to have a chat later that day. He is very excited about the Bob Dylan launch and truly believes that this is the start of something very special!

Well, Diane & I had lunch and made our way to the ICC where we had a champagne reception (orange juice for me as I don't drink!!). Had a chat with some friends who were there who also have a gallery and then we were ushered into the room where we sat spellbound for 3 hours listening to the story of how this collection came about.

At the end of the presentation we were ushered down to The Halcyon Gallery in the ICC to see the images in the flesh - wow, we were blown away with them! What a collection - some favourites it must be said but something for everyone!

We both looked at each other and realised that we needed to top-up our order as this has the potential to be the biggest thing to hit the art world in years.

The amount of worldwide press attention focused on this will be huge and we wanted to put The Acorn Gallery and Pocklington not just on the map but on the world map!!!

As I write this we are one week away from the launch date 14th June and excitement is building...

...we have sent out over 200 invites and if you haven't got one and you would like one then please pop in, ring or email us.

Our Dylan campaign on Google is receiving massive hits and we have a list as long as my arm of people who have expressed an interest in this superb body of work.

This truly is a rare chance to own a superb piece of art by one of the worlds most iconic singer-songwriters - a legend in fact and to have it hand signed by Bob makes it even rarer!

We have had people from all over the UK ringing us to be a part of this - if you haven't yet done so then do please register your interest - even a £10.00 brochure could prove to be a collectors item!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What A Month!!!!

First thing I must do is apologise for the lack of any new posts. I have been busy with sales - lots of them!! It has been a cracking month and my thanks go to all those people who have purchased from us. I would especially like to say a big THANK YOU to those people who saw a piece they wanted whilst away and waited to buy until they came back to us - we really appreciate your loyalty!

What else has happened this month..?

Oh yes ... we have been given the details for Bob Dylan's much awaited release of 29 hand signed images from his 'Drawn Blank Series'. It has been said that this could sell out on the day of release so watch out for further information and do ask if you're passing although the actual launch date is Saturday 14th June! Mark it in your diary - champagne will be served so do come along and join us!

We are so excited about this release - Bob Dylan is a music legend and for Washington Green to have negotiated the release of his artwork is a real feather in their cap!! More information and images will be updated on the website as soon as possible However if you are interested in this work then please contact us ASAP as it will be sold on a first come first served basis.

It was sad to hear about the death of Beryl Cook this week. She was a great lady who had a wicked sense of humour which is portrayed in her artwork. Her style is well known and easily recognised by many - in fact other work is often said to be 'in the style of Beryl Cook' such is her appeal!

If you have any of her signed limited editions then I would hold on to them as they will in my opinion go up in value.

And finally my daughter turned 15 (going on 30) this week which means she is getting to that age where it isn't cool to hold my hand or give me hugs and kisses any more but yet mum can have as many hugs and kisses as she wants!! Whats going on there then?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Philip Stuttard Preview Event

Well what a busy day we have had. Spent the entire day moving the stock around to accomodate Philip's work and I have to say it looks really good!!!

Diane and I would like to thank those people who attended tonight and especially a big thanks to Phil,Sam & Paige who travelled especially from Wakefield! We would also like to thank Philip Stuttard himself for coming along to say hello and for entertaining us with tales of his acrylic adventures!

His work has gone down well and we all wait with baited breath to see what he comes up with next! 'Mountains of Men' Just you wait and see what he's working on ...

We have received a few emails and texts to thank us for a lovely evening and those who won the raffle were especially pleased. £100 in gift vouchers went to a family from York, Peter Smith cufflinks found a new home in Wakefield and the bottle of bubbly went to another couple, also from York. Well worth turning up we think! Thankyou Philip for being the honorary raffle ticket puller!

Philips work is available to view in the gallery until 17th May 2008 and also on line at If you are unable to call into see the work in person but find a piece which interests you then don't be afraid to contact us - we love questions!

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Been A Funny Old Week!!!!

We have had 76 people through the door this week and a lot of interest in a wide variety of work. Some people still don't realise however that when it says 'last one' it means 'last one'! I do try to make it clear to people that 'last one' means 'I can't get another' but this doesn't seem to help them in their decision making.

If everyone this week who seemed really keen had bought instead of going away to think about it then we would have had a fantastic week instead it has turned out to be frustrating!!!

Anyway ... moving on ... We have now got the castors fitted to our movable walls so we can at last move them!! Which means we can get on with planing the display of Philip Stuttards work for the focus week which starts Friday 9th from 5-7pm - champagne and nibbles will be in abundance!

I just hope people turn up as I forgot to put RSVP on the invitations, what an idiot!!! Fortunately people are already starting to confirm their attendance and so hopefully we will have a good turnout!

Unfortunately my daughter and her friends will not be in attendance to play live music as they have a prior engagement, maybe next time!!

With an extra day off we dragged the kids kicking and screaming to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield. The day started off damp and grey but eventually the sun shone through and the kids eventually enjoyed themselves!!

It got very busy but with 500 acres you were not on top of each other. It was a good day out however their map could do with some improvement as it wasn't clear which pathways were definite routes and which were merely mud tracks - information which could have been useful on a day like today! In the end we ignored the map and just went off to explore!

We saw a vast range of sculptures from small-ish to huge by many artists including Henry Moore, Nigel Hall, Anthony Caro, Barbara Hepworth and Antony Gormley creator of The Angel Of The North.

It started off wet this week, we have had lots of people in the gallery, not many sales and today the sun has shone whilst exploring the Sculpture Park. So as I say it has been a funny old week!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Acorn Grows A Little Bit More....

Well a lot has happened since my last entry. We have put in more wall space in the gallery downstairs in the shape of moveable walls. Thanks goes to my brother-in-law Ian for his ability to make sense of the description of what we wanted and to his skills as a craftman to produce the finished item!!! Diane and I are really pleased with the new wall space. It has allowed us to display an additional 12 images giving us a grand total of 26 artists represented! I hope people notice the change! Before you ask we are still planning the upstairs and hope to start soon on making it into more gallery space.

My feet have been really hurting since my last entry as I have delivered 700 leaflets to various villages and I hope that they will attract people to come to Pocklington and of course to the gallery. Why go to Hull or York when Pocklington has such a range of different shops to explore and of course its greatest asset is the FREE PARKING!!!!

I am also able to update our top sellers. Sorry Peter but Alex has gained top spot once again. Well done Alex!!

Alexander Millar
Peter Smith
Mackenzie Thorpe

Tied for 5th spot is Paul Horton & John Waterhouse with 6th spot tied between Caroline Shotton, Sarah Jane Szikora & Peter Hildick.

Diane & I are busy at the moment trying to work out which artists to have as preview events and also which artists to request for an appearance. We hope to be able to bring you news on this very soon and hope that when the invites are sent out that people will turn up in their thousands!!! (I wish we had that many names on the database). There will of course be bubbly and nibbles and I may even get my daughter and her friends to provide live music!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Feet Hurt!!!

My feet hurt (sorry Peter for using your phrase) as I spent the morning delivering our new leaflets. I delivered over 150 in glorious sunshine and spoke to a few people who said that they had heard of us and that they will make the effort to call in.

I also should have had my running shoes on as I was attacked twice by two very irate dogs!! Why is it that they let you in to the garden/drive and then sneak up on you and try to bite you?

I finally got back to the gallery and Diane casually over a cup of tea (I would have preferred a bowl of hot water for my feet!) announces that she has had a VIP calling into the gallery to have a browse and a chat. I am not at liberty to say who it is as they would like to keep their visit quiet.

We seem to be attracting VIP's as this is our second VIP visit within a week as we had a VIP visitor last Saturday! It's not what you know but who you know!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lambing It Large!!!

This week has been busy, we have had 75 people through the door and our latest marketing campaign has started to work!!

We have had 10,000 leaflets published promoting the Acorn Gallery on one side and Pocklington on the reverse. After brow beating the kids into helping deliver them we got our first customer in on Saturday! Well I suppose I should give the kids some pocket money for their efforts!!

We also had a very nice family in from Norfolk this week (hello to Rob, Michelle & the boys) who after much discussion and thought bought 6 pieces from me to which I say a big THANKYOU. I hope you enjoy them and I hope to see you all again next year!!!

Today Diane & I and the kids went to visit our friends who have a small holding consisting of cows, chickens and baby lambs. Diane and my daughter throughly enjoyed themselves holding and feeding the lambs and Diane was in her element taking 90 photo's! My daughter has suddenly re-owned me with a "daddy if you love me..." she only wanted me to bring two home!! I have to point out that we do not own two baby lambs so I am dis-owned again, it's not easy being a parent!!

We finished our day off with a very nice lunch at The Tanglewood on the A64 which is between Malton and York. Whilst I sit here typing this the snow is begining to fall and the house is in silence except for Sampson (the dog) snoring!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Has Sprung

Well March has ended and for the gallery it has been its best month since opening!! So a big thank you to all those customers that bought in March. We have had a mixture of sales from Limited Editions to Originals from traditional to contempary.

Since opening the Gallery our best seller was Alexander Millar, sorry Alex but you have been overtaken by Peter Smith. Well done Peter!!!

Our top 3 sellers are as follows:-

Peter Smith
Alexander Millar
Mackenzie Thorpe

However we have Paul Horton & John Waterhouse tied for 4th spot with Pele, Peter Hildick, Sarah Jane Szikora and Caroline Shotton fighting for 5th spot. It will be interesting to see if the positions change after the release of Alex's new pieces.

On a personal front I do have to wear glasses for reading so I am afraid to say my daughter has disowned me and will not even be in the same room as me when I wear them!!! Good job Diane still loves me and my son still tolerates me just!!!

I am going to make a plea at this point to all those people that stop look in the window and then walk away. I DO NOT BITE, I may look scarey but I am a very nice person honest!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness!!!

It's been a mad day today!!. My day started off with a trip to the opticians for an eye test. The result is that I need glasses! I was kindly informed by the opthalmologist (big word!) that it's my age!!!

My daughter thinks it is very funny that her dad needs glasses and can't wait to see what style of glasses I choose. She has said that if I pick any that are too nerdy then she will disown me!! Watch this space!!

In the gallery we had a delivery today of yet another stunning Philip Stuttard original (the one that arrived last week was sold the minute I unpacked it).
Please check for the image.

Diane and I then spent the rest of the day posting out the 50th edition of the Fine Art Collector which is full of the wonderful new pieces that were released at the Spring Fair. If you would like a copy then please do not hesitate to contact us.

I must point out that the Pele collection is going well and also Peter Smith's Naughty Step is proving very popular. Does this mean that modern parents are using the Naughty Step in reality to discipline their children?? In my day it was a good clip around the ear - my how times have changed (probably showing my age here!)

We have had a good start to March with a steady flow of sales. It will be interesting to see how things continue and whether the issue of the Fine Art Collector has any effect on buying patterns. More goodies from the Spring Fair are due into the gallery soon and so with Interest Free Credit available we hope people will not be shy in filling their homes with everything Washington Green!

We are also looking at a few 'adjustments' so we can improve the gallery with even more new artwork and maybe a percolator - nothing like a hot fresh cuppa on a wild and windy day!

Since opening the gallery we are asked on a daily basis about opening upstairs as another gallery area. I have started a poll on this option. It will be interesting to view the results!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well February has got rid of the January blues!!!. We are half way through February and it has been a good start. We have sold an original by Rob Ford, numerious prints and I had to do my first Interest Free application, that was an experiance for me and the customer!!. My apologies go to the customer who had to put up with my errors and who by the time we had finished the application had managed to get her youngest child off to sleep!! I promise to be quicker next time!!

We are getting excited in the gallery as all the new images we had ordered at the Spring Fair are starting to arrive. As Diane says its Christmas every day!!! I have updated the website with the new images so please take a look at

We are really looking forward to the arrival off the PELE images. Two of which have already sold out from the publisher. Glad we ordered more than one!!!

Please call in to the gallery when you are in Pocklington or if you can't get in then don't hesitate to ring us if there is anything you see on the website that grabs your eye!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spring Fair

Well what can I say, what a day, left home at 6.30am arrived at the NEC, Birmingham at 9am. Located Washington Green's stand (Our main supplier) had a wander round as our appointment with Michelle the area rep wasn't till 11am. Whilst having a look at the fantastic new images we spotted a couple of the artists arriving and had a quick hello with Paul (Horton) and Peter (Smith).

Diane and I decided to have a look at the other stands and noticed a couple of independant artists who may well be added to our portfolio as the standard they showed would go alongside the work from Washington Green.

We had a look at Washington Green's main rival and decided that they didn't have anything worth looking at and once we were back on the Washington Green stand we could see why they are the industry leaders!!

At 11am sharp our tour of the stand commenced with Michelle (who looked stunning in her red suit). By 12.30pm our tour had ended and we went upstairs and had a cup of tea and a recap on what we had ordered... I needed a team of nurses to bring me round after we added up how much we had spent!!!!

I will just say that the new images that have been produced are stunning and show why Washington Green are ahead of their rivals. I would just like to add a thank you at this stage to the artists who's ability and talent is unbelievable. Thank you to all the artists for making my job so rewarding.

I will also say that all the images displayed were fantastic however the ones that stood out for me were Peter Smith, Alexander Millar, Paul Horton, Caroline Shotton, Govinder and Pele yes I did say Pele (you will have to keep watching the website for more info on this).

We had a great day and look forward to delivery of the new pieces!!

Keep watching the website too for the new images...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

January Blues!!

January what a month!! It is so different to December, the number of people coming into the gallery hasn't slowed, we are still getting about 50 people per week through the doors, however the sales have slowed down - but I am assured by many other shop owners that it is just January-itis!!

Roll on February, with the new Valentines releases hopefully the January Blues will disappear!! There are some fantasic images available - just the thing to banish those blues and get people smiling again! As Valentines Day gets closer people are sure to feel the need to buy one of these fabulous gifts for their wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend!!

February is a good month as it is the month our son was born (he will be 12 - going on 22!!). It is also the Spring Fair which is a trade show for us to go and see the new images to be released by all the artists. It is a great day out and this will be the first show we will have been to as Gallery Owners - I must be careful as my wallet and credit card are sure to take a hammering - these reps are very good at their job but really the images sell themselves!!

Opening Day

Well 3rd December 2007 crept up on us very quickly. We (myself and my lovely wife Diane) opened the door at 9am and sat there wondering if any one would call in and say hello!!!

Our fears were vanished within 30 minutes of opening the door we had our first visitor call in and say Hi, what a relief!!!. The day was hectic we had people calling in all day with good luck cards and words of support. By the time 5pm came we were tired out! We reckoned that we had 40 people through the door. No sales but a great feeling that we had brought something new to Pocklington and by the response we had received it looked like we had done the correct thing by opening here.

Our first sale came on the 6th December 2007 at the late night shopping event quickly followed by our second sale - what a rush! We had made a couple of sales on what was a very, very busy evening. The gallery was packed out, there was no room to swing a cat!! I don't know if that was down to the weather (it was pouring down outside) or whether it was down to the wonderful limited editions that were on display and possibly the pull of free wine!! Who cares we were having a great evening and our database was slowly filling up with details of people interested in the artwork on display.

For the rest of December we were busy with people coming in and showing great interest in the originals and limited editions that were on display. Our sales increased with our best week being the week ending 22nd when we sold a Paul Horton original now that was a rush I can tell you!!

It has been a fantastic month for us and we would just like to say thank you to all those people who have been into the gallery and we hope that we can continue to show you the different array of pieces that these very talented artists can produce.