Saturday, December 28, 2013


It's hard to believe its been 8 months since we switched our blog to the website, are you following us there too? You'll find it HERE

Well it's January now and time for us to make you a seasonal offering of pieces which are all brand-new, never-before-owned and sometimes even sold out from the publisher and therefore quite sought after... 

Here are just a few of the sale images but there are almost 60 to look at... You can find ALL the bargains on our SALE PAGE !

'One Man and His Dog'
by Alexander Millar
'No, I'm Spartacus'
by Craig Davison
'Who Would Have Believed It?'
by Paul Horton

'Hold Me Close'
by Peter Smith
'Thumpers in Jumpers'
by Peter Smith

'The Powerful Truth'
by Paul Horton (The ICON Collection)

'The Lost Snowflake'
by Paul Horton