Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bob Dylan - Copenhagen

Bob Dylan has recently completed some fabulous new paintings entitled 'Brazil'. These new images are only to be exhibited in Copenhagen, Denmark and will not be going on tour as previous exhibitions have done.

Diane & I have decided, in the interests of research, to visit the new exhibition and so the Acorn Gallery will be closed from Friday 26th November until Monday 29th November whilst we undertake this essential and fascinating mission...!

We have no idea whether any prints will be produced from this new work but we are looking forward to seeing the originals.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city and we are looking forward to seeing its stunning architecture and picturesque harbour... no doubt there will be a pavement cafe somewhere close to the museum so that we can partake of the local beverages and discuss what we have seen...

We would love to share with you what we find... so come back and visit the blog soon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Proctormaniacs Rule!!

Saturday 13th November 2010 was a day we had been waiting for...

For a long time we had been watching the blog of a man who painted his son, Jack. The paintings were quite charming and showed a certain understanding of small boys and their delight in the big wide world...

We asked the man if we could take some of his paintings for display in The Acorn Gallery but he explained that he had been signed by a publisher and so we couldn't take anything... the publisher was Washington Green and the man was Keith Proctor...  

In February 2010 when his work was published for the first time we were very excited and delighted to see it receive such a positive reaction! His pieces have sold consistently well since then and we were delighted to be offered one of only seven appearances he would be doing this year!

As the marketing was done the excitement was building and when the day dawned we had only to watch and wait... Keith arrived promptly with his wife, Deb, and of course Jack!

We had one of each image framed on the wall along with the three stunning originals, two of which had sold in advance of the day! The third had been reserved but became available again only to be sold to the first lady through the door that morning :-) She was delighted at her prompt attendance and good fortune - fate had a hand there we think :-)

That first sale paved the way and many more followed... print after print after print sold from off the wall (it's a good job we'd had the foresight to frame multiples of each image!).

Keith was chatting and laughing with the customers as he signed and dedicated his way through the backing boards, signing the odd invitation along the way...

The gallery went through stages of being packed to capacity and taking a breather, thankfully allowing us to catch up on wrapping and packing ready for those people who had gone off to explore Pocklington and were calling back later :-) 

It's always nice to enhoy a glass of something bubbly whilst having a look at the artwork!

 Keith was happy to pose for photographs with customers!
We believe that no piece left the gallery without a signed dedication on the back!

Jack was a complete star all day, chatting with people and signing his name on invitations... he even did a few pieces of artwork of his own, most notably this magnificent pirate ship...although they were all scereted away home with him at the end of the day - well apart from one, which he kindly left for our 'Priceless' gallery!

So, thankyou to Keith, Deb and Jack for joining us and thankyou to all of you who came along to join in with this phenomenon!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keith & Jack Proctor Artist Appearance

We are sooo excited!!

As you know we are looking forward to welcoming Keith Proctor on Saturday 13th November between 12-3pm... but now we are delighted to announce that Keith will be bringing a very special person wth him...

JACK will be coming too :-)

Since Keith was launched in February 2010 he has taken the art world by storm and we are very lucky to secure an appearance as he will only be doing 7 appearances this year!!

The prints of these charming childhood scenes are totally engaging and the market for original oils is very keen! In fact the three pieces we have for this event sold in less than 12 hours!!

So come along and meet Keith and Jack in person! Come and chat about his inspirations and ask Jack what he thinks about being famous!!

Keith Proctor has consistently been in the top three for each month since he was launched here at the Acorn and shows no signs of slowing :-)

It was a forgone conclusion that Peter Smith would take top spot for September and October though as we always have a fabulous time when he is here and we are hoping for the same with Keith.

So, mark the date in your diary and come along and remember Keith, and maybe even Jack, will be signing anything bought on the day!

If you can't make it then ring and reserve your piece and we can have it dedicated in your absence!

We look forward to seeing you then!