Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LOST IMPOSSIMALS: Fat Floppy Fluff - The Giant Lagomorph

In 1864 Lewis Carroll attended a gallery event in Oxford at which Charles Burroughs was speaking about his encounter with one of the empires least known animals the Giant Lagomorph, also known as a Fat Floppy Fluff. Usually only seen around teatime, Fat Floppy Fluffs love nothing more than enjoying a cup of tea on a summer night.

Charles was recounting the tale of how he followed a Fat Floppy Fluff after discovering one on Wimbledon Common. At first he thought he had discovered a Womble but closer inspection revealed a rounder body and an absence of tweed!

His trek led him to a large hole underneath a Bongleberry bush, one slip and he fell in, only stopping when he landed several hundred feet down the hole onto a moss bed. He was curious to discover more and after fiddling about with growth and shrink potions, found his way into a magic garden full of childhood memories. The Fat Floppy Fluff was nowhere to be seen but a passing Leicestershire cat showed him the way back to Wimbledon Common.

Moved by Charles' story Lewis Carroll decided to write about his adventures. To make it more plausible he disguised the tale as fiction! It is only because of the discovery of this painting, years later, that we can finally say that Wonderland was real!

To this day Alice in Wonderland remains the best non-fictional account of the Fat Floppy Fluff.

Meet the Artist!
with his
here at The Acorn Gallery
Saturday 10th March
from 12-3pm

The Acorn Gallery, 5 Market Place, Pocklington YO42 2AS

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Charles Burrows Story...

Sir Charles Burroughs (shown left) with celebrated Botanist Sir Brantson Pickle R.A.

In 1902 Charles Burroughs - commonly known as 'Bluster Burroughs' and the foremost expert in the Victorian era of cryptozoology - disappeared whilst exploring the Congo. Famed for regularly capturing unknown species in the wild before the advent of portable photography, the whereabouts of his extensive collection of Defluo Impossimali or Lost Impossimal location paintings remain a mystery.

Painted on anything that came to hand during his numerous expeditions around the world, the paintings became a Victorian sensation. Exhibited widely throughout the empire as part of the Impossisaurus Britannicus collection and viewed by some of the leading figures from the Victorian era, they are said to have influenced the likes of scientists, scholars and authors alike until very eventual disappearance in 1902 - a disappearance that coincided with Charles' final expedition to find the lost Woolly Gullagaloo in an unexplored region of the Congo called Gwangu by the natives. This was an expedition that Charles never returned from, prompting speculation that he had been devoured by a Striped Foofalow - an Impossimal renowned for its white teeth which it keeps in a jar when it's not eating!

Many people have searched for Charles and his missing paintings, but it was only when a young scholar assigned to cleaning duties disturbed a battered forgotten crate at the National Museum of Antiquities that the mystery began to be unravelled. The crate remained unopened since its delivery in 1911, nine years after Charles Burroughs' alledged disappearance.

Not only did it contains the lost paintings of Charles Burroughs but also his extensive notes. Even more importantly, tucked away at the bottom, were his diaries; a collection that revealed the extraordinary life of this great explorer, from humble beginnings, his rise to fame and ultimately to his last ever entry, dated July 4th 1911.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day :)

We know you will have each made your own special arrangements for this special day and we know for a fact that some of you are going to be getting some very special surprises... ;)

But just in case you are struggling... and need some last minute inspiration...

Here are some gorgeous pieces which are in stock and available to buy today! We will do free shipping and will even send you an email certificate to save you from the shame of having bought nothing...

'Naughty But Nice' Cufflinks by Drew Darcy

'Love Shack' by Peter Smith

'City' Sketch by Jeff Rowland
Whatever you do, wherever you go,
Don't you ever forget to show,
Just how much you really care,
So take the plunge and take her there...

Friday, February 10, 2012

From HRH to Acorns Page...

Andrian Melka came in today, you remember him, the sculptor who draws upon classic reference such as Neptune and the goddesses of the Ancient World. Andrian has brought us a stunning marble piece entitled 'Passione D'Amore' depicting two lovers entwined in permanent embrace...

The muscular detail of strong arms combines with perfectly crafted hands clutching the soft skin of his lover... So tactile, so gentle and yet so strong... this piece deserves closer attention and craves the investigation of your fingers...

'Passione D'Amore' in Marble by Andrian Melka
(also available in Bronze)
Andrian has worked for some well known names including being commissioned to carve Battle of the Centaurs for Lord Rothschild, Neptune for Lord Black and Medici Venus for Chiswick House Gardens. Andrian has even been commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales!

His smaller bronze plaques are fascinating and very affordable at just £595.00 but the larger Passione D'Amore piece deserves it's price tag of £4,950. If, however you crave a larger bronze centre piece then there is another option... The Passione D'Amore is also available cast in bronze, especially for you, by commission only at a cost of £5,950.00.

Another stunning bronze piece is also available entitled 'Hands' and again will be cast by commission only at a price of £4,750.00. Delivery time will be 3-4 weeks from ordering.
'Hands' Cast in Bronze by Commission only!

If you happen to be out and about in the old smoke this weekend Andrian is exhibiting in London at Fortnum and Mason... Only the best is good enough :)

Exhibition at Fortnum and Mason, London this weekend!