Monday, October 12, 2009

'Twas the best of days...

11.20am on the morning of the BIG DAY! Peter Smith had agreed to an exclusive visit at the Acorn Gallery! Back by popular demand! The invitations and the press releases had all been sent, the fabulous new work adorned the carefully hung walls... so where was everyone?

We'd had a couple of people in, looking around and chatting, there'd been a gentleman with his little girl, busy on the Saturday kids clubs runaround, keen to pop back but couldn't be sure... and not a sign of anyone else!

Pocklington was quiet, not many souls about, although at least we knew Peter and Jayne had arrived because they'd popped in to say 'hi' before going next door to The Deli for a coffee. (They have great coffee at The Deli!).

Let's just say John and I were getting a tad nervous, looking round at the beautifully spick and span gallery, carefully dusted, hoovered and mopped and with plates and bowls of carefully chosen nibbles located at suitable intervals!

Peter and Jayne arrived, suitably refreshed after their journey, they had made good time and the traffic was good! We welcomed them with open arms and then it began!

A steady trickle of savvy collectors came through the door, keen to get here early for anything special! For one very special couple they were suitably rewarded for being so prompt! Following their wedding just one week ago, this very lucky couple came along to choose a gift from their wedding guests!

They were able to say 'yes' to two fantastic brand new pencil sketches made available to The Acorn Gallery at the very last minute on Friday!

Champagne flowed and the people just kept coming! Sometimes in two's and sometimes they just poured in! The gallery got pretty full at times and we were kept busy not just chatting and topping up glasses... but selling too! Peters latest work proved incredibly popular with 'Hug Me' and 'Cuddle Me' taking an early lead! 'For The One I Love' caught up quick and 'Sofa Loafers' and 'Together We Make A Family' made a good stand too!

The gallery got very full indeed - so full that I just didn't get chance to take any photos until after it quietened down!

You think this is busy? This wasn't the busiest!!

Peter was fantastic - he spent good quality time with everyone who wanted him and his stories were told over and over again!

John and I were kept on our toes with sale after sale. Peter was signing and dedicating left, right and centre!

Good job he brought a good selection of markers with him - they were put to very good use!

Here are just a few of the lucky people whose chosen images were remarqued on the day!

Two fantastic originals found a home as a result of todays event too - here are the proud owners of 'All You Need Is Love' who came over to Pocklington especially to meet Peter and collect their brand new piece!

Sales came fast and furious and we even had a queue at one point - many thanks to those who waited so patiently :-)

About 2pm we had a lull for 5 minutes - just long enough to catch our breath and bring down some fresh glasses!

We loved it! It is great to see so many people happily chatting and enjoying the work on display! I'm sure the sunshine and the champagne helped but everyone was in good mood and the gallery was buzzing!

Finally, long after the 3pm finish time had passed, Peter and Jayne were able to take their leave. They had seen and spoken with a significant number of collectors! It is always nice to meet up again with regular customers and collectors but it's lovely to meet new people too! There had been plenty of both that day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Art on all levels...

Last night Diane & I closed the gallery a bit earlier than normal as we were going up to Gateshead to The Sage building to support Kevin Day one of our artists who was exhibiting at The Gateshead Art Fair 2009.

The Sage is an amazing place to look at from the outside. Unfortunately by the time we got there it was too dark to take any photos!!

Once inside the building it was full of art and people. Free drinks were available on arrival however we did not participate instead we elbowed our way through the crowds to search for Kevin.

We eventually found him upstairs on one of the balcony wings and as you can see from the photo below he had a good crowd standing and looking at his new work!!

We managed to grab Kevin & Nicki for a few words and Kevin said that he had already sold 4 pieces and that there was lots of positive comments and great feedback.

Diane & I then had a look at the new work and have pencilled in about half a dozen that we would like to see in the Acorn Gallery if Kevin doesn't sell them at the fair!!

After saying our goodbyes we had a wander round and found the following sculpture:-

These sculptures were made from scrap metal and were amazing to look at. The detail on them was outstanding. The company who made these are called Metalic Creations and we were reliably informed by Tony that they are hoping to do a sculpture of the STIG from Top Gear and also hopefully create sculptures of athletes for the 2012 Olympics!!

As we were heading towards the exit we bumped into Alexander Millar who lives nearby and decided to pop in and see what his former apprentice Kevin Day is up to!!

We had a good chat and left him to speak to other people who were waiting. As we left Alex we spotted Jeff Rowland so stopped and had a chat with Jeff. Jeff is currently unwell and it was nice to see him up and about, however he is not yet up to full strength to get back to the easel so we will be waiting a while for any new work! Take it easy Jeff!

Diane and I also managed to speak to Phil George who is an artist we are keen to showcase in the gallery and whose work we have been watching for a while. We will let you know if anything develops on that front.

Well what can I say? What a fantastic night, hob-nobbing with the top artists from Washington Green, seeing Kevin so busy with lots of people keen to get hold of his superb work and having the chance to see so much art on all levels!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October? Are you sure???

Well so much for September? Where did it go? I swear the days are just flying by!

Just to keep you up to date the TOP 3 for last month are:

1.Alexander Millar
2.Bob Dylan
3.Peter Smith

Congratulations to Alex, as included in these stats is the sale of a fantastic original!! Numbers were very close but it will be interesting to see how that changes this month!

So, it's October already and appropriately enough we have a stunning new original entitled 'Tangled (October)' to show you!

Lawrie Williamson is the artist and we have a really good feeling about this guy! This piece is very impressive and if you have chance you really should come in for a look! We have a couple of prints in the same style too!

Now that it is October we are only 10 days away from Peter Smiths exclusive appearance! His new images are really causing a stir and the advance interest has really been something!

We have even sold TWO originals in the space of a week so you can tell that he is just RED HOT just now!

Do remember that this appearance is not part of a tour and is especially for us! You all made him feel so very welcome last year that he is genuinely looking forward to coming back :-)

See you on the 10th between 12-3pm...