Saturday, January 28, 2012

We have just been talking to the most amazing Sculptor!

Andrian Melka came into The Acorn Gallery this morning and had a browse around, he was asking about the Alexander Millar Angel Bronze Sculpture that we have in The Oak Room and said he is a sculptor and so we got to talking...

He works from commissions on pieces for individuals and private estates and often his sculptures are larger than life - literally! He works from a complete block of stone or marble and works it through to completion, often taking six months or more to finish a single piece...

I asked if he had any pictures of his work and he showed us to his website... Wow! This man is good - seriously good!

The work he shows under the heading of 'Commissioned Statues' is just beautiful... they look like they have been borrowed from Ancient Greece!

The statue of Medici Venus is shown during its installation at the top of a 12m column... Andrian explains how he watched it being hoisted 20m into the air before being lowered down into place...

As we scroll through the images... Atlas... Bacchus... Diana... the quality of his work is superb... His statue of Neptune is just staggering! Truly breathtaking -the smooth marble carefully sculpted into a six-pack that you wanna get your hands on for all the wrong reasons!

We move onto a massive public project that he undertook in Santa Barbara in California! They had a very large sculpture outside the Court House entitled 'Spirit of the Ocean' but it was crumbling and irreparable due to its age.. Andrian was commissioned to re-make it in its entirety, exactly as the original had been! So keen were they to have him above anyone else that they didn't even mind paying the £6k Visa fee for him to go over there to work!

Spirit of the Ocean, Santa Barbara Courthouse, California

We have discussed having a piece of his work here at The Acorn although probably not something as large that! He has a beautiful 'Hands' sculpture which we are hoping to show... and possibly some other pieces too... So watch this space... :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


You're Invited!
Come on down and have a look around - there will be lots of work on display and we'll be opening 'The Oak Room' for you to have a sneaky peek upstairs too!
Everybody Welcome :)
BDY Train Tracks 2012 Red
There is no time to dilly dally or shilly shally!
If you are interested in these fantastic images then you should show your colours now as they are selklking fast! Some galleries have sold out completely even though the release date hasn't arrived yet!!

This new release of Bob Dylans iconic Train Tracks is attracting huge attention and pre-orders across the UK have resulted in massive committment to buy!

Our Champagne Preview Evening tonight from 6-8pm will give you the opportunity to see the complete collection together in one place, a chance which won't be there for long!

The time for talking is past... Action Stations Please!
Call the gallery now to secure your copy!
Tel: 01759 307652 or email

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exciting! NEW Bob Dylan 'Train Tracks' Pre-Order NOW!

This week we see another exciting release from music legend Bob Dylan! What is different about this is that only one image has been chosen!

'Train Tracks' is the most requested and most sought after Bob Dylan image of all time and it's limited production has caused a stir in previous years. This year the 'Train Tracks' image is being released in a set of four stunning colours. Each piece is also available separately.

Interest in the collection has been massive with many collectors looking to finally add this iconic image to their collection and fans who have been patiently waiting for this piece are looking to purchase before it sells out!

'Train Tracks' above all others is seen as being 'the one to have' with the first release in 2008 attracting secondary market prices way above its initial retail price. Some portfolio sets which originally sold for £5k have since changed hands for several times that amount. 

Prices for this latest collection start at just £2,750 for one piece or £10,500 for a set of four. Pre-orders are being taken ahead of the release date on Saturday 28th January and interest remains high.

We have organised a Champagne Preview Evening at The Acorn Gallery on Thursday 26th January from 6-8pm. Please call Diane on 01759 307652 if you are interested in attending. More details can also be found on the gallery website

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Door is Always Open...

Our door is always open... well sometimes it's closed but figuratively speaking it IS always open :)

We always welcome people into the gallery and whether the weather be rain or shine we hope the door does not provide a barrier...

In Summer the door always sits open allowing fresh air and warm sunshine to stream in...

In Winter we tend to keep the door closed, not because we fear the fresh air (Bridlington Beach in January makes for a bracing walk!) but because we are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of allowing heat energy to escape...

Of course an open door is an open invitation to you to walk in and have a look around... the closed door could be seen as a barrier however we like to think that by keeping the door closed we are keeping the gallery at a comfortable temperature to give you a place of solace and warmth when the weather is less than hospitable...

So next time you are passing, whether faced with rain or shine, call in, say 'hi' and give yourself some time...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Let me start the first blog of 2012 by saying that Diane & I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a big THANKYOU for your continued support.

I have been rather lazy and I have failed to update the blog with the top sellers for November and December... I blame that chap in the red suit and white beard for distracting me!!

So here goes,
Top Sellers for November are as follows:-

1. Paul Horton
2. Mike Jackson
3. Alexander Millar

Big Congratulations to Paul and we have to say it's very nice to see Mike still in the running. We have sold 5 originals this month and 3 of them were Mikes!!

Top Sellers for December are as follows:-

1. Paul Horton
2. Peter Smith
3. Bob Barker

Yet more congratulations to Paul for the second month in a row being at the top and also on becoming a grandfather, a priviledge indeed!! It's also nice to see Bob Barker, a Yorkshire artist, at last get into the top three, he has had a fantastic year and we expect much more from Bob in 2012!!

Now for the overall Top Sellers for 2011 here at the Acorn Gallery... Drum rolll please....

1. Paul Horton
2. Peter Smith
3. Alexander Millar

Congratulations to Paul on being our top seller for the year, however I must point out that there is only two pieces difference between Paul & Peter... and yes I did do a re-count, just in case :)

I know there are followers of the blog who like to know who is the overall top seller in the gallery since we opened our door in December 2007 so here is that all important information:-

1. Peter Smith
2. (Joint) Paul Horton & Bob Dylan
3. Alexander Millar
4. Keith Proctor

Well done Peter on maintaining the overall top seller spot... and with a strong year to come with the launch of your 'Lost Impossimals' then we think you're still gonna be there in a years time!

Well done to Keith Proctor for getting into the top 4 after only being published for 2 years.... Keith is going from strength to strength and there could be a battle for top spot next year... It's going to be an interesting race...

Diane & I are currently planning which artists we would like to see here this year and what exhibitions to put on... so stay tuned for more information....