Thursday, May 31, 2012

All For Charity!!

Charity Abseil - Art Auction

It was a challenge but WE DID IT!

Last weekend Diane and our daughter Emily abseiled 110ft down the Humber Bridge to raise much needed funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

Diane said 'the abseil down was fantastic, the sun was shining and the view across the estuary was stunning'! It was Emily's 19th birthday that day and she had been struggling with her fear of heights but after a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' from the team on the bridge and the spectators below she conquered her fear and completed the challenge! She admitted that she almost backed out but was really pleased with herself for going through with it!

I am so very proud of them both!
The Acorn Gallery has also been taking bids on a selection of artwork donated by the artists to support the cause. To see and bid on remaining items please visit RNLI collecting boxes will remain in The Acorn Gallery and Swirlz Ice-Cream Parlour for the next few weeks.
The pair have already raised over £400 and money is still coming in. To make any donation, great or small, please visit their fundraising page at
'A Walk in the Woods' by Jeff Rowland

It's raining today, the first rain we've had for a few days and it's really quite refreshing! The greenery is getting greener and the dusty shopfronts are getting a bit of a spring clean ready for the Diamond Jubilee this weekend!

Of course when we think of rain we think of Jeff Rowland, our very own 'Rainman'. This latest piece from Jeff stays with this theme but seeks out light and warmth from the colours of the leaves on the trees...

The golden shimmer of Autumn in this painting gives us a feeling of calm and quiet... a few moments away from the hustle and bustle of life around us... pure escapism... 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just had a flying visit fom Andrian Melka who was out and about in the area so called in to say 'hi'.

He's been working over in St. Louis (Missouri, USA) sculpting a life size 'Neptune' in marble for a museum over there. The museum had one already which had been donated by a benefactor but which was very old and weathered so the benefactor had donated a sum for them to get a new one made!

Andrian had therefore been commissioned to make the new piece for outside and the more fragile version was to be moved indoors!

Top see Andrians work call in to the gallery or check out his page on our website