Monday, August 23, 2010

Shop Local ...

Shop Local is a phrase which has been banded about for years, probably without a proper understanding of what it actually means!

The local economy depends on local support for the businesses who choose to set up in the area. Passing trade and the tourist pounds obviously make a valuable contribution but the lifeblood of a local business is the local people.

Now, as dramatic as that sounds, it can actually be used for illustration purposes: Money can be seen as the lifeblood of the community, flowing between the businesses, keeping them all pumping and supporting each other... keeping the Community alive!

Once money is spent outside the local economy then it never makes its way back, it seeps away like blood from a wound, slowing the pulse and potentially leading to the death of the local economy.

Now this black picture seems very dramatic but it is the chain of thought that goes through the minds of local businesses everywhere.

We look to support local economy whether it is here in Pocklington or away on Holiday in Scotland. We know that our choices will have a direct effect on the local community and it makes us feel good to know that we are doing all we can to support them.

Business in Pocklington has been tough this year however we are looking onwards and upwards to the Autumn Fair in early September where we will see all the latest work by your favourite artists!

We know you like to know everything as soon as we do so we'll be sure to get a newsletter out promptly telling you everything you need to know :-)

It won't be long before Peter Smith makes a welcome return to The Acorn Gallery! This will be Peters third visit here and although we will be sending out invitations nearer the time, we'd be delighted if you would pencil us in for Saturday 2nd October from 12-3pm :-)

We've not got around to telling you about the top sellers for the last two months so we've combined them together to show you the Top Summer Sellers:

1st Place ... Storeyteller Paul Horton
2nd Place ... Impossimalist Peter Smith
3rd Place ... The delicious Sarah Graham

So, watch out for the newsletter and look out for our new adverts in the Yorkshire Ridings Magazine, the regions fastest growing, paid for, quality magazine!

Oh and by the way... Think Local!
Thankyou :-)