Monday, October 11, 2010

International Deliveries...

Box-building is always a matter for care and consideration and we take just as good care with the packing of anything but we worry just a little bit more when the parcel is going overseas!

The box we built today had to contain a framed canvas print and a mounted print and so had to be carefully constructed to keep them both in prime condition during travel - not that we're saying couriers are careless but accidents do happen and we'd rather be safe than sorry!

With double thickness corrugated cardboard front and back and thick wads of polystyrene all around we think that these items are extremely packed but just in case there is any doubt... we've plastered the outside with FRAGILE tape - just to remind the courier that what they are handling is precious!

So, how many miles will this parcel travel...?
Over two thousand miles because it is headed off to CYPRUS!

Happy Travelling :-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cupcakes and Caramels...

Wow! Peter Smith really knows how to pack them in!

Saturday 2nd October and we were expecting Peter here at The Acorn Gallery between 12-3pm so we busied ourselves with final preparations including collecting 100 cupcakes... :-)

Baked by Becky Mackenzie of Pocklington
We gave the gallery a last sweep through and dusted the prints... we laid out the glasses and put the champagne on ice...

Peter arrived early to check-in and say hi and so that he could pop into his favourite coffee house for a coffee and cake... Pocklington is fabulous for foodies ;-)

But fear not, he returned in plenty of time for his devoted public and they came in droves... Fans old and new and some who didn't even know him yet... They all came to see his work and hear his stories and to choose which piece or pieces they would have for themselves...

Peter Smith - Storyteller Extraordinaire

All of the images were much loved but slightly in the lead were Forget-Me-Not and Opposites Attract... The Lovers Sculpture is staggeringly beautiful and the quality is second to none...
The Lovers Sculpture by Peter Smith
With stories being told and heart strings pulled, emotion was high! One lady was almost in tears as Peter dedicated 'Baby on Board' for the child she carried within her...

Dedication after dedication followed and Peters pencil case really came into its own when he was presented with an Impossiphant from the recent Elephant Parade Charity Event. He touched it up superbly and we all watched with avid fascination!
Mission Impossiphant...
And so the afternoon went on... chilled champagne, fresh orange or Bucks Fizz, cupcakes and caramels... Caramels? Where? Well maybe next time... ;-)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Peter Smith 2nd October 2010

OMG its the end of the month and in 24hours we will have the fantastic Peter Smith in the gallery.!!

Peter is here to promote his fantastic new tour 'It's A Stripe Thing' and we can't wait!! The wall has been hung, the originals have arrived in time and look fantastic.

The Gift is absolutely stunning and is a bargain at £2250!!

As I sit here typing this entry I am looking at the wall and thinking to myself what a fabulous collection and we have already started pre-selling!! There is no clear leader but we have three pieces tying for top spot. It's all very exciting :-)

We have ordered, from Becky Mackenzies in Pocklington, freshly made cupcakes... thinking back to 'I Eat Cake' and of course the one on the fabulous free print 'Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake'

We are so looking forward to having Peter and Jayne back with us again. Peter is on top of his game and it is an honour that he will be with us for the third year in a row.

And finally just a quick update on the top sellers for August are as follows:-

1. Paul Kenton
2. Keith Proctor
3. Alexander Millar

Diane and I will be pleased to see you on Saturday, there will be bubbles and nibbles and one or two cupcakes will be floating around.

I know Peter and Jayne will be pleased to see you and Peter will be happy to tell you the stories behind each of the pieces in the tour and remember if you purchase a print or sculpture from the tour you will be entitled to the print 'Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake' as a thank you from Peter :-)

See you on Saturday... :-)