Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too many shoes...? Impossible! ;)

Email from Estelle...
Hi Diane, I am releasing a series of small paintings on paper. They are a more affordable version of the shoe paintings, and are limited edition original oil paintings (only 30 of each). One full set has already been sold! I like their feel, it looks cute and fun so I’m planning on doing a collection of them!

I hope that the Shueya is flirting enough with your customers… otherwise I might have to have a word with her ;-)
Reply from Diane...
Wowee! How fabulous! Totally individual original oils... in miniature!

They sounds absolutely stunning and yes please I would like the full set to hang alongside and support Shueya and her entourage... after all, a girl can never have too many shoes ;) Do please dispatch at your earliest convenience and I shall wait with baited breath... :)

I should tell you that Shueya is much admired but hasn't yet seen anyone she's fancies enough to go home with... ;)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recent History and Todays Tomorrows...

Here at The Acorn we like to let you know who's hot and it's come to our attention that we've slipped a little in our reporting! Something to do with having Keith Proctor here last weekend I shouldn't wonder :)

Right then... top sellers for the last two months... Well its hard to ignore the presence of Bob Dylan along with top three constant companions Peter Smith and Alexander Millar... no surprises there you might say but it is nice to see Sarah-Jane Szikora creeping in there too with a couple of old favourites tickling the fancy of a very impressed admirer :)

Hamish Blakely has made a triumphant statement this month too with the sale of three superb original pieces to an offshore collector...

We have also seen fantastic interest in the watercolour work of Mike Jackson (also known for his Quirky Houses) with several originals being sold in recent weeks!

Maureen Crofts is also getting alot of interest for her carefully detailed pencil work.

St Pauls Original Graphite by Maureen Crofts

So, what's hot at the moment you may ask... well Mike Jackson and Hamish Blakely for sure with Keith Proctor also taking an easy romp through the line-up! Since Keith's appearance here on the 15th October we have seen a noted increase in sales of his gorgeous prints of Jack the Lad!

Love Heart by Keith Proctor

And that's it from the newsroom here at Acorn Radio...

Tune in next time for your catch-up on recent history and your insight into todays tomorrows...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet Shueya...

And so here she is... safely arrived in all her glory and not a papparazzi in sight... except me! Good job she was dressed to impress... :)

Shueya and her Entourage...

Tuesday 17th October - Estelle to Acorn

Good news! The Shueya is safely cocooned and ready for her trip to Pocklington! Lucky her, it would have been so lovely to meet you in person, hopefully we’ll get opportunities for this in the future. I do have to apologise in advance for the imposed game of “pass the parcel” that John and you will have to endure to get to the painting, there are a few layers! I am sending 2 parcels, 1 for the Shueya and 1 for the 3 B’s. It’s ready when you are!

Tuesday 17th October - Acorn to Estelle

Wow! How exciting! I love Pass the Parcel :) If you're happy to send her off along with the 3 B's then we're happy to receive them :)

Wednesday 18th October - Estelle to Acorn

The courier is booked and she is ready for collection. There are 2 parcels and more tape and cardboard than paintings!

Wednesday 18th October - Acorn to Estelle

Thankyou for the shipping info, we'll let you know when she and her entourage arrive :) We'll watch and wait for her...

Thursday 20th October - Estelle to Acorn

The parcels have been picked up and hopefully, should arrive to you tomorrow. Loved your line about "her and her entourage"! :-)

Thursday 20th October - Acorn to Estelle

Our Special Guest has not arrived yet but we are keenly watching for her vehicle and will let you know when she arrives…

Monday, October 3, 2011


15th OCTOBER 2011
Between 12PM-3PM

The Acorn Gallery are pleased to announce that Keith Proctor will be making a live appearance at the gallery on the 15th October 2011 between 12-3pm to discuss his ideas and inspirations behind his latest tour 'Making Memories'.

Leave Me Be by Keith Proctor RRP £495.00

Keith will be happy to dedicate any purchases made on the day. Drinks and nibbles will be served. As a special thank you for your attendance you will be entered into a FREE PRIZE DRAW to WIN a signed limited edition by Keith!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Burning Curiosity...

One fine day back in June we came across a piece of work which absolutely blew us away... It was like staring at the sun, the brightness of its white hot centre was so real that you could almost feel the heat...

Stephen Simpson is the man behind this exciting new creation... and these pieces really are just that... created from visions of time and space, taken from the burning heat of exploding stars and the powerful intensity of the sun...

'Beaming Light' Original by Stephen Simpson £695

We contacted Stephen through Twitter (@stephenpsimpson) and asked him how he captures this magic on canvas!

Stephen explained how he first adds layers of modelling paste onto the canvas, building up a fantastic texture and helping him to see just how this piece is going to turn out... he adds oil paint glazes for colour and finishes off with a layer of resin which he heats up with a blow torch... a brave and often nerve-wracking time but he assures us that as long as he keeps it moving then it simply makes the resin completely transparent and gets rid of any bubbles... the canvas does get very hot but doesn't (often!) set on fire!

When working he follows his instinct and lets the piece lead him... he admits he is often surprised at the final result!

Future Spectacle' Original by Stephen Simpson £895

Here at The Acorn Gallery we are delighted to have secured a selection of Stephens latest works, resplendant in red, which we expect in the gallery any day now!

Check them out on the website and if you are viewing on an iPhone or iPad (or other device with a shiny screen!) then you will get a taste of just how magnificent these pieces are...

Take a look for yourselves and if you are interested to know more about this exciting young artist then register your interest and we will keep you up to date with information and new releases as he sets off on what promises to be a brilliant career...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Mum Fancies Him...

This afternoon a small girl wandered into the gallery with parents in tow and began searching the walls as though looking for something she had seen on a previous visit...

John asked her if she was indeed looking for something particular and she replied quite matter of factly that she was looking for Doctor Who...

Smiling, John knew straight away what she wanted to see and went upstairs to bring down an original painting of David Tennant by Black Country artist Chris Oxenbury...

As he carefully carried it down the stairs the girl pointed at the canvas and proudly announced 'my Mum fancies him!' Mum at this point came around the corner and stopped short as she saw the almost lifesize image looking back at her...

'Oh I say, he is rather good isn't he?' she said... 

Sadly unable, though not unwilling, to take him home she reluctantly left him with us for the right person to come along... and in the meantime, she said with a glint in her eye, she would click on our website everyday to look at him... :)

'The Tenth' Originl Acrylic on Canvas by Chris Oxenbury

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oil Painting Restoration and Repair...

We had a visit from a local lady today asking if we knew anyone who could look at an old oil painting she has which is in need of some cleaning and restoration work.

We didn't know anyone but placed a call to Ford Framing who advised of a lady living at Skidby who is 'a miracle worker'... so we thought we would share the link in case any of you are in need of just such a service...http://www.elizabethmcclory.com/

She has some excellant examples and client references on her website so worth checking out!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What do YOU Think...?

We have come across some very interesting pieces by a Spanish artist called Luis Frutos... We find them quite intriguing and wondered what you thought?

'There' Original

Born 1947 in Madrid , Luis has been a working artist for over twenty five years. He lives and paints mainly from his home studio in Altea (Alicante), as well as spending a portion of each year at his second home in Norfolk in the U.K.

The past decade has seen him produce new work for over twenty well received exhibitions in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Germany as well as three in Spain (Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid), two is the U.S. (Miami, New York) and two here in the U.K (London, Norfolk).

Luis describes his work as being "touched by magic realism", and these distinctive images do seem to blend elements of fantasy and reality. We have not seen any of his work in the flesh but we understand that they are richly textured, expressive and highly energetic.

'Etereo' Original             'Secrets' Original

We are keen to know if you would be interested in seeing this work if we could get some pieces here at The Acorn for an exhibition. Please comment below and tell us what you think... 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catching up...

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since we blogged! Did you miss us? Lol :)

We've had a busy few weeks and it's a shame we haven't found time to tell you about them... until now! Gosh, where do we start?

Following the success of the exclusive 'Icon Collection' from Paul Horton we are surprised and delighted to tell you that there is still some availability on three of the images! I know, we can't believe it either! It seems the summer holidays have got the better of you and maybe you think that the collection had sold out before you could bagsy a piece for yourself? Well although the collection has sold out from the publisher we at The Acorn still have three pieces so get in quick and secure your favourite... :)

'Love Shines Down' by Paul Horton (Icon Collection)

Hamish Blakely has seen some action these past few months too with some sales from the Muse Collection and a fabulous original piece which has now found a new home in Guernsey!

Some of you may be envious to know that Caroline Shotton's gorgeous original 'I Can See Moo' is also now sold, much to the delight of its new owner who had almost given up hope of ever owning one of Carolines originals!

In fact original art is really coming into its own and several other stunning original pieces have also found their way onto walls up and down the country, including work by Peter Smith, Kevin Day, Mike Jackson, Doreen Greenshields, Maureen Crofts and Harry Brioche.

I know some of you will be keen to learn who is topping the charts in the art world so just for you here are the TOP SELLERS for the last few months:

May: Bob Dylan, Alexander Millar, Drew Darcy (Originals by Kevin Day, Mike Jackson, Maureen Crofts)

June: Caroline Shotton, Paul Horton, Peter Smith (Originals by Mike Jackson, Peter Smith, Harry Brioche)

July: Bob Dylan, James Milroy, James Blinkhorn (Originals by Doreen Greenshields, Caroline Shotton, Hamish Blakely)

So, what is new and coming up at The Acorn?

Well the next big thing is happening this Bank Holiday Saturday when we are inviting anyone and everyone to come along dressed up as a character from Batman and Robin... we are expecting a good spattering of each and if we're lucky, perhaps even a Poison Ivy... There will be a prize for everyone who dresses up :)

Holy Dash Batman by Craig Davison

And the occasion? Well we have four brilliant new pieces from Craig Davison who loves to draw from childhood make-believe for his work... Of course if any grown-ups fancy getting dressed up too then there will be a special prize for you ;)

Are you game for a laugh? Fancy dressing up? Go on... We Dare You!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Icon Collection - Don't Blink...!

On Saturday Paul Horton was here at the Acorn gallery to unveil his stunning 'Icon Collection'. The five new releases are very special as there are only 25 of each one available!

Each image was shrouded in black and unveiled piece by piece... The audience were enthralled as Paul told the story behind each character and each iconic scene...

Champagne corks popped and nibbles were nibbled as Paul chatted to the collectors who had come along to share this proud day...
One lady had proudly brought in her pride and joy...two of the Noahs Ark pieces which she had bought in previous years with the intention of eventually passing them on to her two sons... She is now the proud owner of a third Noahs Ark 'Man of God' which she is delighted with!

Part way through the day we were told by Washington Green that The 'Icon Collection' is now fully sold out and the only images still available are those in galleries.

At the time of writing we have just three images remaining and the details are as follows:

'Love Shines Down' No.21 of 25 Priced at £995

'The Powerful Truth' No.21 of 25 Priced at £995

'The Legend' No.21 of 25 Priced at £995.

We have just one of each and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
Amazingly we still have two originals available, both uniquely exquisite! Firstly the Wizard in a piece entitled 'I Will Lead You Out of Darkness', simply stunning and priced at a very shrewd £2,250.

 Gallery Owner Diane with Paul Horton showing 'I Will Lead You Out of Darkness' Original

The second original is one of Pauls beautiful single houses, set in Autumn with golden leaves and clear blue sky... and simply called... 'Somewhere in my Heart' This piece is keenly priced at £1.950.

'Somewhere in my Heart' Original by Paul Horton
Priced at £1.950.00

All remaining pieces will be sold on a first come, first served basis so don't delay...
Ring and Reserve your favourite today!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Paul Horton - Getting Excited!

Here at the Acorn Gallery we are getting very excited about Saturday's imminent appearance by the legendary Paul Horton!

Paul will be here to unveil his fantastic new 'Icon Collection'. This is a superb collection of five brand new and incredibly limited editions... with only 25 of each image being printed! 

Each piece celebrates one of Pauls central characters who appears throughout his work, each on their own journey...

The five images, some of the largest prints produced to date, will be unveiled one by one, by Paul, as he tells it's story to the waiting audience... 

This little bit of theatre will enthrall and entrance you and in doing so will help you to truly appreciate this stunning new collection!

So, come on down to the Acorn Gallery on Saturday, 11 June... Paul will be here from 12 noon and you can help us celebrate the launch of this fantastic new work with a glass of chilled bubbly and hopefully some summer sunshine...

Alexanders Angel...

We have just taken delivery of the brand-new Alexander Miller sculpture entitled 'The Angel'... 

This iconic piece is simply stunning and shows the much loved gadgie at his best! Nobody can ignore the link to the artists own background as a window cleaner and knowing this you can't help but see this piece as the cornerstone to any collection and it will certainly be an item of pride in years to come!

Of course the obvious link is to Anthony Gormley and his famous 'Angel of the North' but Alexander Miller's gadgie, with his good nature and his heart of gold, has captured our hearts and he is, in his own way, 'The Angel' of the North...

'The Angel' by Alexander Millar
Limited Edition of 150

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Icon Collection Saturday 11th June 2011

Diane and I are excited and very honoured to be hosting a visit to The Acorn Gallery by top selling artist and story-teller:


Paul will be launching a brand new, exclusive body of work, entitled The Icon Collection.

Comprising of five never-before-seen paintings available as a very rare EDITION OF ONLY 25, this atmospheric collection features some of Paul Hortons best known characters and we are sure they will enchant and delight you all.

We are proud to have been selected as one of only a handful of galleries worldwide to have access to this exclusive collection.

We are also pleased to offer YOU the chance to meet the artist in person and to listen to the stories behind each print as he unveils them one by one and tells their story to you... his audience!!

We will have some chilled bubbly and some non alcholic drinks along with an assortment of nibbles for you to enjoy whilst Paul shows off his incredibly EXCLUSIVE Collection.

For more information,contact the gallery on 01759 307652

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here Comes Summer... and its gonna be hot, hot, hot!

Click on the word Summer to see a special 'Summer' edition of the Fine Art Collector magazine!

There are some fabulous releases from all of your favourites including Peter Smith, Alexander Millar, Paul Kenton, Caroline Shotton and Sarah Graham...

Sarah Graham gives us a taste of make-believe in 'We're Off To See The Wizard'...

Take a look at the images behind the titles and then come back and tell us what you think... Tell me you're not enchanted by Peter Smiths 'Thumpers in Jumpers' or totally won over by 'Still Naughty'

Let yourself peer down the streets of Paris in Paul Kentons 'Vue Parisienne' or picture yourself watching the world go by in 'Cafe Du Coin' or at 'Le Metro'...

Caroline Shotton adds a floral high note with 'Daisy', 'Buttercup', 'Poppy' and 'Forget-Me-Not'...

Now if that isn't a taste of Summer then I don't know what is... Take a peek now... and remember... it's never too early to reserve your copy... some of these are going to fly!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, apologies are in order, I have been lacking in my duties to keep you fantastic collectors, fans and customers updated with the stats of our top sellers.

I hadn't realised that I had been so lazy and therefore if when you next visit us and you have the urge to chastise me then please do!!!!

Our top sellers for January are as follows:-

1. Paul Horton
2. Peter Smith
3. Paul Kenton and Sarah Graham

In January we sold a fantastic original piece by Paul Kenton - it was simply stunning and attracted alot of attention - especially as we kept it on the wall here for a few weeks until the customer was ready for it! We could have sold it four times over :-)

Anyway, back to business: Our top sellers for February are as follows:-

1. Peter Smith
2. David Bez
2. Joanne Panayi

Our top sellers for March are as follows:-

1. Peter Smith
2. Keith Proctor
3. Alexander Millar

In March we sold 5 amazing original pieces by Peter Smith, John Wilson, Mike Jackson, Nick MacKay and Bob Barker!!

Our top sellers for April are as follows:-

1. Alexander Millar
2. Peter Smith
3. Mark Edwards

In April we sold 2 stunning originals by Peter Smith and also a superb piece by Mark Edwards! Peter Smith is really on a roll - I wonder if it has anything to do with The Bimps? ! 

It is always good to see who is hot but it is good to see an independant artist in the top three along with a sculpturist too!

So, what's hot at the moment you may ask... Alexander Millars Working Man Collection - that's what! The two top sellers are 'Big River' and 'Evening Song' which are almost entirely sold out across the country! The demand for these two pieces is unprecedented and speculation about the secondary market is already spreading!

Watch this space!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alexander Millars 'Working Man' Exhibition - A Virtual Tour

Alexander Millars fabulous 'Working Man' Exhibition hasn't finished yet but if you want a bit of a peek then click the words 'Virtual Tour' in the title above... :)

Of course it isn't a patch on seeing them for real but Alex gives a great insight into the ideas and feelings behind the collection...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alexander Millar - NEW Exhibition Website!

Alexander Millar has now launched his BRAND NEW WEBSITE in connection with the forthcoming Working Man Exhibition!

Lots of news and a competition too!
Check out this link: http://www.working-man.co.uk/

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alexander Millar - The Working Man Exhibition

Alexander Millar has long been recognised for his 'Gadgies and Gals', the characters who, with their flat caps and big boots, head scarves and housecoats, have brought smiles to the faces of many...

Now Alexander Millar is to gain even more exposure as his acclaimed 'Working Man Exhibition' is due to open at the Hancock Museum (Great North Museum) in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and will run from 26th March 2011 - 8th May 2011.

Evening Song by Alexander Millar £495

This show is the latest in a line up of successful collections in Alexander Millars 10 year history as a professional artist! His work goes from strength to strength and his original paintings can be found in private collections around the world...

A collection of six prints and one sculpture has been launched to accompany the exhibition and the 'Working Man' Collection is available from The Acorn Gallery right now!

Two superb canvas prints have already arrived and you can view 'Evening Song' and 'Big River' in the gallery today!

Come and see them now...

Also available for a limited time: The opportunity to purchase a superb original oil - small enough to fit anywhere but large enough in presence to grace any collection!

Contemplation Original Oil by Alexander Millar
Ring the gallery for details 01759 307652

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hamish Blakely - Muse

Hamish Blakely is an artist whose paintings have steadily grown in popularity and stature and now he is to show an exhibition of over 30 original paintings at Harrods in London later this month!

This stunning collection entitled 'Muse' shows his extraordinary talents at their best and several paintings have already been sold in advance of the exhibition opening on 24th February!

To celebrate this outstanding collection Washington Green have produced six superb giclee prints in an extremely limited edition of just 25. Each of these breathtaking pieces has been chosen for its appeal and stunning depiction of the elegance of the human form... Professionally presented in a stunning gold swept frame, each of these gorgeous pieces will stop you in your tracks!

The Acorn Gallery is proud to be able to offer you these six images - and with only 25 sets available, worldwide, this is indeed an accolade!

If you are interested in receiving more details about this very special collection then call us now on 01759 307652 or alternatively pop into the gallery where we can show you the images available. Images will not yet be released online...

To read more about the 'Muse' Exhibition please click on the link below:


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NEW from Peter Smith...

Wow! What a weekend!

John and I have been to the ICC, Birmingham for the Washington Green Spring Fair - a chance for us to see the BRAND NEW images from all of their top artists!

None of the images have been released to the galleries yet for on-line viewing but Peter Smith has just updated his blog and included his fabulous five NEW images which we were priviledged to see this weekend.

Follow this link to read his blog and see the images:

Pre-ordering is recommended as this release is very strong - ring us for details on 01759 307652

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Night... Fantastic Food and Moodful Music...

We usually try to talk about art on the blog but we've had a fabulous night out tonight and just had to share it with you!

First of all we went to Judsons Bar just a few doors away from The Acorn Gallery, meeting friends for a meal before attending a gig at The Arts Centre. Judsons Bar is located in the building formerly known as The Square but this new business is a world away from the old one! The newly converted building is spacious and airy with large sofas and a stylish contemporary setting. It is uncluttered and very relaxing!

The menu is simple but promises well put-together meals and we were not disappointed! I ordered the braised beef with mushrooms, shallots and horseradish mash and with a red wine sauce... It was the best plate of food I have had in a long time! The beef was beautifully cooked and so tender that it just fell apart... the rest of the plate was full of flavour
and the delicious sauce complemented it all!

John had the slow cooked shoulder of pork with black pudding and was very impressed - he swears it was the tastiest black pudding he has ever had... and he is somewhat of an expert! Our friends were equally impressed with their choices!!

Puddings - what can I say? OMG! Amazing! The chocolate fondant with caramalized oranges and ice cream was simply fabulous, however John states very strongly that the sticky toffee pudding covered in toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream is to die for!! (I think we will always differ on this point!)

At £97.50 for 2 rounds of drinks, 4 main courses and 4 deserts with coffees, it is a little pricey but we all agreed it was worth every penny! The quality of the food was outstanding and the surroundings and the attentive staff made for an overall first class service. We recommend everyone to try out Judson's!!

From Judsons we went to The Arts Centre where we had tickets to see a young singer/songwriter called Sean Taylor. With reviews such as '''absolutely superb guitarist ... reminiscent of John Martyn' ' by BOB HARRIS Radio 2 and "Sean Taylor is the finest acoustic blues talent to appear in the UK for many a year...The eleven tracks on Calcutta Grove are a beautiful body of work … catch him before he goes stella" by LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM we were intrigued to see this guy in action...

This nimble fingered guitar playing singer was totally awesome, with his unique voice keeping our attention throughout... he introduced each song with a few words about where and when he wrote it and proceeded to knock our socks off with his incredible ability on the guitar which often seemed like an extension of himself...

With his guitar and harmonica and singing many of his own words, it is no wonder that Sean Taylor has been compared with Bob Dylan... watch this guy - you will hear his name again!

So, Pocklington you did it again, great food and great entertainment!  What a superb evening!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Immortalised In Oils!!

'I Never Touched Him' by Peter Smith

Once upon a time there was a huge fan of Peter Smith... his name was John Wass. He loved to buy the prints and soon had quite a collection... Whenever Peter was due to do an appearance John and his wife Diane (also a huge fan) would attend to say 'hi' and have a chat about the latest releases!

One year Peter brought out a series of prints under the banner of 'Smithy's World Cup' and one of the prints was called 'I Never Touched Him'... The image was taken from a famous incident between David Beckham and the referee in an England vs. Argentina World Cup match .

John learned that he was the person being thought of for inspiration when Peter was painting the referee... with that larger than life character towering above the footballer...

Armed with that information John set about tracing the original to the print and finally managed to aquire it for his own collection!

This is the dedication on the reverse of Johns copy of the 'I Never Touched Him' print - showing the naming of the characters!

John is immensely proud of these two pieces and we both continue to be big fans of the work of Peter Smith!

With all the excitement surrounding 'The Bimps' Peter Smith is going to be a bigger name then ever so watch this space for news...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Top Sellers For 2010!!

January is here and we have reviewed the stats for the past 12 months. We can now reveal that the top sellers for 2010 are as follows:-

1. Keith Proctor
2. Peter Smith
3. Paul Horton

Congratulations to Keith Proctor - not bad for the new kid on the block! Top spot in his first year!! It was a close run race however with only 4 sales between 1st & 2nd place and only 2 sales between 2nd & 3rd places!

Our overall Top Sellers (since we opened in December 2007) :-

1. Peter Smith
2. Bob Dylan
3. Paul Horton

Peter Smith is still proving he has what it takes and we believe that he has lots more to follow! We are very excited about the 'Bimps' - new characters which Peter has shown us on his blog and on Facebook. We love them all, especially the dog and as soon as we know more about them then we will of course let you know!!

Not shown in the overall Top Sellers, but just biting on the heels of Paul Horton is Alexander Millar, who has a massive publicity push this year for his museum exhibition. This will be a fantastic show for Alex which will feature his famous Gadgies and Gals and rumours are afoot that he is planning a tour and a book! Watch this space for news...!

It looks like this year could be an interesting one and it will be very interesting to see if there are any changes in the overall Top Seller for 2011.

Whatever news there is you can be sure to find it here first - stay up to date by following the Acorn Gallery Blog!

You can also Find us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!

Dr Who...?

David Tennant is widely regarded as one of the best Doctor Who actors of recent years (some would say ever!).

This superb original oil painting of him as the tenth Doctor is by Chris Oxenbury, also known for his excellant portraits of other TV characters including Mr Bean and The Vicar of Dibley!

This January you have the chance to own this fantastic piece for just £1095, reduced from £1595 in the Acorn Gallery January sale!

Treat yourself to a little piece of TV Timelord history...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diane and John go to Copenhagen... (Bob Dylan 'The Brazil Collection')

Well the day dawned crisp and clear with blue skies and we were looking forward to our flight! We checked in at Manchester for our early flight and went to find breakfast...

All was calm and clear despite snow and freezing conditions, gritters were out on the runways and planes were taking off and landing at regular intervals... until it was time for us that is! A two hour delay (ironically caused by fog in Amsterdam that morning!) meant a little longer in the airport lounge than expected! Never mind... small price to pay and we hadn't flown for years so it was a treat simply being there... :-)

Eventually we boarded and the flight took off - what fun! We could see the ocean laid out far below us and the deep blue skies stretching away into the distance beyond the curve of the earth...

The flight was smooth and scenic and as we flew into Copenhagen we came in low over a forest of Christmas Trees... all thickly decorated with fresh white snow... beautiful!

So, we made a safe landing and quickly caught a taxi to our accommodation - a fabulous rooftop apartment decorated with a comfortable mix of boho chique and having a snow covered balcony... we'd step out later with our bare feet - just for the hell of it ;-)

We had planned to visit the National Gallery first thing the next morning and were amused by the still falling snow and its ever increasing depth on the balcony... would we even get there?

The bus-stop was only a short walk around the corner and we bought a ten-trip click-strip from the seven-eleven (do you like how we got the lingo there?)...

A standing-room only trip into town and we took a walk along the snow-lined streets glancing down the festive decorated walking-streets, resolving to explore those afterwards!

Soon the National Gallery came into sight, adorned with a huge banner advertising the work of Bob Dylan - he even got bigger billing than Picasso!!

The building was very grand and the entrance led into a huge open space with a magnificent high ceiling and which echoed with a revered silence... We carefully wiped our feet on the large mat and walked over to the desk, feeling guilty about the wet footprints we left as snow still dripped from our boots...

We bought our tickets at the desk and were told that we had to leave coats, cameras and bags in the cloakroom downstairs, so that's where we headed first...

Duly offloaded we followed the signs, huge banners hung from the ceilings and the balustrades... they were obviously very pleased to be housing the collection...

Upstairs along the marble lined hallways we found the double doors leading into the room where the paintings themselves hung... a custodian sat by the door nodded quietly in greeting as we went in...

The room itself was warm with a wooden floor and walls which curved away in waves... Wooden benches were placed along the middle for those who wished to sit and admire...

The paintings immediately catch the eye as being very colourful and varied and the first to catch my attention was entitled 'Bahia'. It shows an evening scene in a small town looking across a street from a high vantage point, maybe a window or balcony. The sky is midnight blue with a church outlined against it and the only characters shown are a streetsweeper, an old man with his walking stick and a scantily dressed woman in a doorway... a single car drives by... I love the deep blue and the dark browns and blacks in this piece and wonder if that really is a Christmas Tree in the pot on the corner of the street... it's vibrant green and yellow lights standing out in the darkness...

'Wagon Master' is an agricultural scene showing cattle pulling a hay cart and its honest 'rough and ready' hand has none of the old world charm of the likes of Constable... the honest true life style of Bob Dylan tells it just like it is!

There is a scene of workers hand-picking grapes in a vineyard, they have stopped work and stare at the viewer, almost as if you have interrupted them...

There are a few mafia-like paintings showing brawls and nightclub scenes... always leading the eye to a particular character where Dylan wants you to linger and ponder their situation...

There are huge wooden benners at intervals annotated with expressions from the man himself... words of wisdom about his life and his work...

One of the quotes accompanying the Brazil Collection
(more quotes to follow over the next few days...)

Overall the collection is stunning and Bob Dylans honest, true to life, paint-it-as-you-see-it style gives every piece its own individual character, a feeling that doesn;t always leave you when you turn away...

The Brazil Collection is available to view at The National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen until the end of January... well worth the trip!