Friday, October 7, 2016

The Art of Storytelling

And so another chapter begins in the illustrious career of Welsh artist Kerry Darlington. Kerry's hauntingly beautiful artworks and stunning unique editions, with their high gloss resin finish, have made her work instantly recognisable!

Some pieces, like the breath-taking 'Ophelia' are desirable to the point where they now change hands for many times their original price.

So for this year, Kerry has released four superb new editions, with elements including stylised ice crystals and snowflakes which have yet again left us in awe of her creative abilities.  

The Snow Queen

'The Snow Queen' is resplendent in shimmering blue with her powerful polar bear companion. This image was inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia, written by CS Lewis, who believes that myths are not just stories but alternative histories to our own existence. 

The Snow Queen by Kerry Darlington Unique Editions

The bear hibernates associating it with dreaming and offers a reminder that it is good to sometimes slow down and reserve our energy. The blackbird is a bird of high symbolism, a keeper of secrets who watches us as we learn to navigate the paths of light and dark...

This stunning piece is covered in details from the winding trunk and magical gold leaves through to the beautifully painted animals. The roots reach down into the earth, enhanced by shimmering gold and silver highlights that sparkle as the light catches... 

Trees are the keepers of the Earth, providing shelter for animals and birds, running their roots deep into the soil to keep them strong. From ancient times the call of the trees has covered the earth with a mystical calm keeping us in tune with nature and helping us stop and catch our breath in this often mad world...

Flying Home

Flying Home by Kerry Darlington

Kerry's motto is that she 'paints everything she can't see and a little of what she can'. The fairy folk feature strongly in many of her works and this piece is no exception. The immaculate presentation and attention to detail is incredible, 

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet by Kerry Darlington

Shakespeare's tale of the star-crossed lovers is the subject of this final piece, with a stunning array of swirling colourful galaxies and bright shining stars... 

 Who is to know which will be the next Ophelia...?