Friday, October 7, 2016

The Art of Storytelling

And so another chapter begins in the illustrious career of Welsh artist Kerry Darlington. Kerry's hauntingly beautiful artworks and stunning unique editions, with their high gloss resin finish, have made her work instantly recognisable!

Some pieces, like the breath-taking 'Ophelia' are desirable to the point where they now change hands for many times their original price.

So for this year, Kerry has released four superb new editions, with elements including stylised ice crystals and snowflakes which have yet again left us in awe of her creative abilities.  

The Snow Queen

'The Snow Queen' is resplendent in shimmering blue with her powerful polar bear companion. This image was inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia, written by CS Lewis, who believes that myths are not just stories but alternative histories to our own existence. 

The Snow Queen by Kerry Darlington Unique Editions

The bear hibernates associating it with dreaming and offers a reminder that it is good to sometimes slow down and reserve our energy. The blackbird is a bird of high symbolism, a keeper of secrets who watches us as we learn to navigate the paths of light and dark...

This stunning piece is covered in details from the winding trunk and magical gold leaves through to the beautifully painted animals. The roots reach down into the earth, enhanced by shimmering gold and silver highlights that sparkle as the light catches... 

Trees are the keepers of the Earth, providing shelter for animals and birds, running their roots deep into the soil to keep them strong. From ancient times the call of the trees has covered the earth with a mystical calm keeping us in tune with nature and helping us stop and catch our breath in this often mad world...

Flying Home

Flying Home by Kerry Darlington

Kerry's motto is that she 'paints everything she can't see and a little of what she can'. The fairy folk feature strongly in many of her works and this piece is no exception. The immaculate presentation and attention to detail is incredible, 

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet by Kerry Darlington

Shakespeare's tale of the star-crossed lovers is the subject of this final piece, with a stunning array of swirling colourful galaxies and bright shining stars... 

 Who is to know which will be the next Ophelia...?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

NEW ARTIST MrGo is the Go To Man of the Moment!

MrGo is the intriguing name of the latest addition to the Acorn stable! Hailing from the south of England and now living and working in the busy metropolitan hub of our capital city, MrGo has found his way on a journey which has taken him right through school and university and several jobs before he finally found his calling...

His exciting Debut Collection, launched through the innovative Wishbone Publishing, has a varied theme but each piece has something to intrigue us...
'Love You to Death'
'Love You to Death' is bold and striking and the contrast of the 'happily ever after' pretty pink roses contrasts with the dark skull... the normality of the light 'sky' compared to the dark patterned 'underground' really makes you look harder and yet what might first repel you now draws you in and intrigues you still further...
'We All Scream'

The photo-realistic quality of 'We All Scream' is stunning, created with a digital painting programme and every stroke done by hand... the deliciousness of strawberry, raspberry, dark cherry and vanilla is all too obvious from the luscious red lips but is this a reminder that we indulge all too often and the scream surrounding the chocolate flake is maybe the helplessness we all feel when faced with the inevitable dilemma of the local ice-cream parlour...
'Bang' Gold-Leaf Edition
The farsical use of a gun which fires a 'BANG' flag from the end is well known in comedic circles but imagine it pink with a half peeled banana for its grip and suddenly the laughter is almost hesitant as we wonder why the clash of shapes and colour... the addition of gold-leaf on the wording of this very limited edition adds class and a certain 'je ne sais quoi'... intriguing...
'Great Escape - Acquiesce'
From the photo-realistic to the cartoon-like, MrGo has shown us the width and breadth of his talent but yet there is still more... In the 'Great Escape' series 'Acquiesce', 'Empire' and 'Shine On' MrGo shows us he is also an incredibly talented figurative artist with a clear natural ability to draw...

The ten pieces in this edition are all limited to just 25 or 45 pieces each and with the ultra-keen prices of this debut collection we are sure to see a fantastic response to the opening song of this most impressive young man!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hide and Seek...?

One of the most common comments about the work of Bradford born 
Danny Abrahams is how the paintings remind you of your childhood... 
or of family days out... 
they seem to connect people on so many levels... how can it be that these beautiful landscapes work just as well? 
As the Day Draws to a Close

They are hauntingly beautiful and bring a peaceful silence... there are no children, no couples and no dogs... and yet the same familiarity is there!

Danny says that these pieces are painted as though the viewer is the child, the walker, the person who is looking into the distance to see where the path will take them... 

As the Evening Sun Goes Down

These two new pieces are now on display here
at The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington.
If you can't get in then it's worth knowing that
and can easily provide photos of the framed piece if required.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Wonder of It All!

After 12 long years as a published artist Alexander Millar has taken the next step and is now totally independent!

Having taken back the reins Alex now has total control over his work 
and as such we are delighted to welcome him back to The Acorn Gallery!

Having complete control over his work has given Alex the freedom to release 'Wheee!' 
taken from his best loved and most collectable print.
This piece now available as a beautiful bronze sculpture!

The superb NEW Collection also comprises of 
7 superb colour limited edition prints
4 timeless sketches!






The Wonder of it All!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Still Haven't Found What You're Looking For?

We all know Kerry Darlington and her beautiful figurative and dreamlike paintings. Kerry has become a household name and in recent years collectors have seen her work go from strength to strength!

Works of incredible beauty such as 'Ophelia' and pieces of playful mischief like 'The Eccentric Machines' are just two of the strings on the bow of this very talented Welsh artist!

Here at The Acorn Gallery we are delighted to welcome a beautiful new Kerry Darlington original painting entitled 'Pendan'. 

The gorgeous colours merge together giving a stunning oil on water effect. The haunting abstract meld of colours are relaxing and yet at the same time boldly strike a chord! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

It isn't Art that's elitest - it's all the hangers on!

A fascinating read from Middlesbrough artist Mackenzie Thorpe, 
who once promised never to get too big for his boots...

Click the image for the full article!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

An Interesting Babblement!

Stephen Hanson has had a prestigious career as an artist working in film and television. He was responsible for the drawings which led to the creation of 'Arthurs Christmas' an animated movie, released in 2011. You will also have seen his drawings in the animated story of Roald Dahl's 'BFG' and even in 'DangerMouse'! (You remember Penfold right?) He has worked on 'Despicable Me' which has it's sequel 'Despicable Me 2' out this month in cinemas across the country! Stephen has also had his own TV series 'The Ink Thief' starring Richard O'Brien and he has written and illustrated a childrens book.

Stephen has approached the Acorn Gallery with a view to us showing his work and we are delighted to say yes! Many of Stephens prints feature a family pet named Toby, who was bought as a Labrador but as you can see is of mixed heritage. Toby always loved to have his red ball close by and often got into mischief! Haven't we all had that moment when we know we should be cross but we always find it in our hearts to forgive them!
Stephen thinks of himself as a digital artist, working on a computer tablet to create his final work. Elements of each print are hand drawn in pen and ink or painted using paper and paint as you would expect. These individual elements are then scanned into the computer and Stephen brings them together to create his final piece.

It is a very clever technique and one which has been famously used by local artist David Hockney.

The resulting image is stunning in detail and in quality and is a brilliant manifestation of natural talent and a mans quest for perfection. The work is fascinating and endearing and we can't help but lose our hearts to Toby, as we share in his scrapes and adventures!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Search - An Interview with Mackenzie Thorpe

Q, What was your inspiration for the title 'The Search'?
A, The title was from the 1956 John Ford Movie 'The Search' What makes a man to wander, what makes a man to roam, what makes a man turn his back on bed and board, what makes a man turn his back on home.

Q, Is the duffle coat characters search over?
A, No the search lasts forever.

Q, What music were you listening to when you painted this piece?
A, Vera Lynn's 'Harbour Lights'

Q, Is the painting set in a particular place?
A, No

Q, Is the path red for a reason?
A, Yes, it is the passion of the journey.

Q, The colour spectrum in the sky is amazing, how did you know it would turn out so powerful?
A, I knew because I painted the rainbow colours of the sky as homage to Tom Wall, my tutor and my friend.

Q, Do you think you will use new techniques after using lacquer and varnish on this piece?
A, Yes! I have just found new metallic inks with patterns such as fish scales, which I am really excited about using!

Q, Can I buy this piece?
A, You can buy the original! It's big, like you!

This interview took place by phone whilst Mackenzie was drawing new works for his November show in New York and Mackenzie likes quick conversations on the phone so it was pretty good that it lasted this long!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Katy and her Amazing Technicolour Palette!

In this world of neutral minimalist furnishings and 
carefully chosen muted mood boards 
you will find East Yorkshire artist Katy Jade Dobson 
who has burst onto the scene 
with bold and glorious colour!

Katy's latest works include this magnificent
Siberian Snow Tiger 'Felid I' 
(taken from the Latin meaning 'Big Cat'). 

Felid II
Jungle Leopard

These two pieces directly support the Born Free Foundation,
a superb link for this exciting new artist!

The Born Free Foundation has now 
made Katy Jade their 'go to' artist for 2016 
and a celebrity charity auction will be held in the Spring! 
This girl is really going places so remember her name... will see her again and again!