Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recent History and Todays Tomorrows...

Here at The Acorn we like to let you know who's hot and it's come to our attention that we've slipped a little in our reporting! Something to do with having Keith Proctor here last weekend I shouldn't wonder :)

Right then... top sellers for the last two months... Well its hard to ignore the presence of Bob Dylan along with top three constant companions Peter Smith and Alexander Millar... no surprises there you might say but it is nice to see Sarah-Jane Szikora creeping in there too with a couple of old favourites tickling the fancy of a very impressed admirer :)

Hamish Blakely has made a triumphant statement this month too with the sale of three superb original pieces to an offshore collector...

We have also seen fantastic interest in the watercolour work of Mike Jackson (also known for his Quirky Houses) with several originals being sold in recent weeks!

Maureen Crofts is also getting alot of interest for her carefully detailed pencil work.

St Pauls Original Graphite by Maureen Crofts

So, what's hot at the moment you may ask... well Mike Jackson and Hamish Blakely for sure with Keith Proctor also taking an easy romp through the line-up! Since Keith's appearance here on the 15th October we have seen a noted increase in sales of his gorgeous prints of Jack the Lad!

Love Heart by Keith Proctor

And that's it from the newsroom here at Acorn Radio...

Tune in next time for your catch-up on recent history and your insight into todays tomorrows...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet Shueya...

And so here she is... safely arrived in all her glory and not a papparazzi in sight... except me! Good job she was dressed to impress... :)

Shueya and her Entourage...

Tuesday 17th October - Estelle to Acorn

Good news! The Shueya is safely cocooned and ready for her trip to Pocklington! Lucky her, it would have been so lovely to meet you in person, hopefully we’ll get opportunities for this in the future. I do have to apologise in advance for the imposed game of “pass the parcel” that John and you will have to endure to get to the painting, there are a few layers! I am sending 2 parcels, 1 for the Shueya and 1 for the 3 B’s. It’s ready when you are!

Tuesday 17th October - Acorn to Estelle

Wow! How exciting! I love Pass the Parcel :) If you're happy to send her off along with the 3 B's then we're happy to receive them :)

Wednesday 18th October - Estelle to Acorn

The courier is booked and she is ready for collection. There are 2 parcels and more tape and cardboard than paintings!

Wednesday 18th October - Acorn to Estelle

Thankyou for the shipping info, we'll let you know when she and her entourage arrive :) We'll watch and wait for her...

Thursday 20th October - Estelle to Acorn

The parcels have been picked up and hopefully, should arrive to you tomorrow. Loved your line about "her and her entourage"! :-)

Thursday 20th October - Acorn to Estelle

Our Special Guest has not arrived yet but we are keenly watching for her vehicle and will let you know when she arrives…

Monday, October 3, 2011


15th OCTOBER 2011
Between 12PM-3PM

The Acorn Gallery are pleased to announce that Keith Proctor will be making a live appearance at the gallery on the 15th October 2011 between 12-3pm to discuss his ideas and inspirations behind his latest tour 'Making Memories'.

Leave Me Be by Keith Proctor RRP £495.00

Keith will be happy to dedicate any purchases made on the day. Drinks and nibbles will be served. As a special thank you for your attendance you will be entered into a FREE PRIZE DRAW to WIN a signed limited edition by Keith!!