Saturday, April 11, 2009

...and not a Pina Colada in sight!

As you may know I am doing two big sponsored events this year as part of my 40th Birthday Year of Challenges! Although I have done some of my personal challenges already the Playtex Moonwalk is the first of two big sponsored events!

It is a walk of 26.2 miles through the heart of London starting in Hyde Park at midnight on Saturday 16th May - hence the name (nothing to do with walking backwards!).

My training is ongoing and last Thursday afternoon I had arranged to do a training walk with my friend, Val. I do mid-week walks which are only 3-4 miles and a once-a-week long-distance walk which increases in duration as the mileage increases...

We are averaging a walking speed of 4mph so the 14 mile walk we had planned for this particular afternoon was due to take us 3.5hours ... trouble was that we hadn't planned for it to rain!

The walk was good to start with, although pace was a little slower than anticipated we got into a rhythm and set off.

About half-way through the walk it started to spot with rain but this was soon replaced by a definite shower and then a much heavier rain which certainly qualified as a downpour!

We had no choice but to soldier on ... cars passed us and looked at us as though we were totally mad!

We strode on with our clothing soaked right through, our joggers were so wet they were plastered to our legs and it made the walk hard going! The rain was stinging our faces and the wind was howling round our soaking wet clothes - good job we were active otherwise it would have been seriously cold!

As we followed our chosen route the rain eventually slowed and stopped. For three miles we had walked in the rain, about 50 minutes! But now the sun was trying to shine and our joggers, although still moulded to the shape of our legs, even started to dry a little!

We walked the final stretch of the walk, alongside the main road, turning away from the big trucks who thundered past with a strong side-draught and showered us in muddy water from the roadside!

Eventually we arrived back at mine where my thoughtful boy found us each a big bath sheet and handed us each a steaming hot drink!

We removed our squelching wet trainers and sat down wrapped in our towels and felt the heat from our drinks as it ran down inside us...

Energy was distinctly lacking and so I was very thankful that I'd had the forethought to buy a pack of pink iced doughnuts that morning - they absolutely hit the spot and gave us the boost we needed!

Training is fabulous on hot sunny days but we needed a day like this one to remind us that it is possible that it may rain for the big event and it was good that we have had the experience - but it also made us add 'spare set of clothes' to our list of stuff to take ... just in case :-)

I have now set up my Justgiving page for donations and so if you would like to sponsor me for this event then please visit

Alternatively just pop into the gallery where a sponsor form is on hand - you can sponsor me per mile or just an overall amount - all donations are gratefully received!

I have set a modest target of £262.00 (which is £10 per mile) but would be delighted to smash through it :-)

Thanking you (cheekily!) in advance!
Diane :-)

Diamond Opportunity...

The Diamond Dust Collection by Simon Claridge is a stunning new release from the Spring Fair and with its bang up to date colouring and contemporary styling each piece is a stunner in its own right!

Imagine then what it would be like to have the full set of three superb images... well one local couple have done just that - the complete set of three and all matching numbers too!

Can you imagine what an impresive room that will make? Simply stunning!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What A Day!!

It all began with Alex advising us that his train would be arriving in York at 11.25 and could we pick him up!! Yes we said and then panic set in, still lots to do and I had to leave Diane and Emily to put the final touches to the gallery as I dashed into York to the train station. After being told to move three times by the police and assorted traffic wardens I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw Alex emerge from the train station looking calm and relaxed.

I managed to get through the busy traffic and get Alex to the gallery by 12.10pm where some collectors were already eagerly waiting to chat with him.

Alex entertained questions about his ideas and inspirations and was kept busy all day chatting and dedicating prints and purchases!

We were delighted to welcome a gentleman who travelled all the way from Glasgow to purchase Whee - a very rare piece - which Alex was happy to dedicate for a special ladys birthday!

We have had superb interest in the new original oils and everyone could identify with the small red trike! Childhood stories were recounted and it is obvious that this painting brings out the smile in all of us!

By 3.30pm Alex had to leave as he had further comittments and so I dropped him back in York. Alex thanked me for a lovely day and said that he would love to be invited back someday!

Thankyou to everyone who came along - and for those of you who would like to be told of future gallery events then please let us have your details and we'll make sure you are kept 'in the picture'!

Saturday 4th April 2009 what a day!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

On Your Marks...

I really can't believe it's been so long since the last entry! (You're probably all thinking the same!).

Well we're getting ready for Alexander Millar who is due to appear at the gallery today - in fact he should be on his way now as John has gone to collect him from York Station.

The sun is out, the glasses are polished and the champagne is sparkling... the gallery has been dusted to within an inch of its life and there is an outstanding display of Alex's work on the wall!

There are all of his latest pieces along with some classics, including the highly sought after 'Whee' and nestled among them are three superb Original Oil paintings! 'Rhythm and Blues', 'Convoy' and 'Dance with the Devil' all have their own unique charm and each shows off Alex's style to its best!

So, now I need to sign off and make sure everything is in place, yes - just one more check :-)

If you are coming over then we'll see you later! If not then that's a shame but check back here later tonight for an update on the day...