Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dylan 2009!!

Friday 24th July - Diane & I stayed later than usual in order to move the gallery around and hang the Bob Dylan signed graphics! We got stuck in with great gusto, taking down framed pieces for storage before hanging and unveiling the new Dylans!

Saturday 25th July - Diane & I arrived at the gallery early and shut ourselves in, we even put the shutters down! We still had bits and pieces of paperwork to do in readiness for the launch. At precisely 10am we put the shutter up, hoping to see at least a few people waiting to come in but the street seemed no busier than usual.

By 10.30am however we were well underway with enquiries starting to come in via email and the telephone! People calling into the gallery were keen to discuss this latest collection and compare it to the debut pieces from 2008 - their verdict? Most people agreed that this is an even stronger collection than last year!

We did manage a cuppa about midday - something we didn't get at all last year!

Over the day we had fans of all ages coming in to see and many had been with him 'man and boy'! Before we knew it it was 4pm and the gallery had another quiet spell so we took the chance again to put the kettle on!

By 5.30pm on launch day we had sold a total of 12 images, with sales as far away as the USA! Our decison to be in on the 2009 Dylan launch had paid off! Sales for the day were fantastic!

So, now we have only four Dylan pieces left and we think that even they will be soon gone! Anyone wanting to be a part of this journey needs to get on board fast!

Diane & I would just like to say a massive 'THANKYOU!' to all those people who came along and especially to those who bought!

Will there be any more Dylan prints in the future - we hope so because there will be alot of disappointed people out there if not!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

25th July 2009 10am!!

Saturday 25th July - 'mark it in your diary!' This is the launch date for the eagerly awaited 2nd release from The Drawn Blank Series by Bob Dylan.

There are only eight images being released all images are HAND SIGNED limited edition graphics and we are expecting the media interest in this to be huge!

Those who wish to receive an invitation to this event can contact us either by telephone 01759 307652 or email:- info@theacorngallery.co.uk

We can see already that interest in these new images is such that early contact is essential if you are keen to reserve a piece from this release.

Do not miss out on the chance to own a fabulous piece of art from this iconic music legend!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Box Building for Beginners!

Following the auction on Friday evening we had a more complicated box to build than usual!

Since box building is an interesting pastime and needs careful attention at all times, we thought you would be interested to see what processes we go through in order to properly package your purchases which are to be entrusted to a courier!

Watch the video for an interesting overview!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fine Art Auction

Just a quick entry to let you know about our Fine Art Auction which will be held on Friday 10th July from 6pm at The Acorn Gallery, 5 Market Place, Pocklington.

There will be a superb selection of work and even some 'treasure' in the form of items which are no longer generally available!

Please email info@theacorngallery.co.uk or ring 01759 307652 for a sale catalogue!

Champagne will be flowing and Chris Clubley is sure to entertain so come on down and bid for a bargain!!

A donation will be made to Marie Curie Cancer Care on proceeds raised on the evening.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A bridge too far...?

Bob Barker is known for his fabulous warm palettes and his combination of light and dark that brings out the very best in your imagination!

The gallery was sparkling almost as much as the chilled champagne! A stunning selection of Bobs prints were adorning the wall, including two fabulous originals entitled 'Going Steady' and 'Lost in Memories'.

Just as we checked our watches a cheery face looked in and there he was, smiling and nodding hello - the man himself!

With his easel under his arm and managing with paints and canvas he calmly walked in and started setting up his easel, there must be a knack to it - it looked a little tricky!

It wasn't long before he was set up and ready but it was a while before he started painting ... well, people do like to talk and Bob's a very interesting man :-)

He had brought along a canvas which he had already made a start on, with a black background and with the cloud and buildings already begun. So when he laid out his palette and started to paint we were keen to see where he went next...

As he painted Bob chatted along and answered questions, happy to explain what he was doing and the techniques he was using.

We stared in awe as the reflections on the water took on a light and a movement of their own, as the moon dazzled and shone in its aura - is there such a thing as a Moonbow?

A discussion started - should there be a bridge? It did seem to need something on that left side ... a bridge would seem to hit the spot! And so it was ... out came the palette knife and sure enough a bridge loomed from the darkness and reached out across the water, its lights sparkling in the stillness of the night...

It was amazing to watch the painting grow, people came in from the street to watch (and to drink chilled champagne!) the atmosphere was great!

And so the only remaining task is to name this stunning painting - does it take its name from the calm and the stillness of the night? Or from the thriving city rising into the night sky...? Or for the music and laughter behind those waterfront lights?

Who knows? You decide!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It 'Ain't Half Hot Mum!!

It's been a hot one today as I'm sure you know but we seemed to especially feel it in the gallery as we've had a very busy day!

Today we have moved the walls and hung a superb selection of Bob Barker prints and original paintings in readiness for his PAINTING LIVE session on SATURDAY!! That's THIS SATURDAY 4th JULY 2009 between 12-3pm - champagne will be on ice so come on down :-)

Diane and I had a helper today! Our daughter Emily came along to offer a hand. She has now finished school and is awaiting her exam results and so we 'encouraged' her to come along and help get the gallery ready. I have to say she did good but she did moan!!

It really has been too hot today to be having a changeover but needs must. We have therefore swept the floor, dusted everything (you'd never believe the dust that gathers simply from having the door open!!). We've moved the walls and hung nine FANTASTIC pieces!!

The one, single drawback to all of this activity is that there has been absolutely no air circulation at all! We have had the door open, all the windows open and even a fan blowing today to try and get some air moving ... it all failed miserably but we survived!

Emily's payment for her days work was a large waffle cornet with two scoops of mint-choc-chip and caramel ice-cream from The Deli. Bargain price for a days labour I thought!

After putting Emily in a bear hug I managed to get a quick lick before I was shooed away and told by Diane to leave Emily and the ice-cream alone!! According to Emily it was fab!!!

Anyway, moving on ... I can now update you with the top sellers for June. They are as follows:-

1. Govinder Nazran
2. Toni Hargreaves
3. Mike Jackson
4. Caroline Shotton

Posthumous Congratulations go to Govinder and also well done Toni on second!!

We still have lots to do to be ready for Saturday, nibbles to organise, champagne (and ice!) and glasses to collect from Threshers ... I wonder if Bob is a messy painter - perhaps I should have a large plastic sheet on standby :-)

Diane & I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday to see Bob painting live. It's promising to be a lovely afternoon and Bob is a great chap so pop along, enjoy a glass of chilled bubbly (or fresh orange if you prefer) and do some chilling of your own :-)