Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some like it hot...!

This year the Bob Dylan Drawn Blank Series comprises of 21 images and we started the day with the framed standard edition graphics on the wall - stunning!

The two portfolio sets and the four medium graphics were beautifully laid out in their presentation wallets on a large table especially brought in for the occasion! Atop the folders was a pair of pristine white cotton gloves, for showing off the work and protecting the Hannemuhle paper.

We arrived in plenty of time for the specified opening time of 10am and we nipped out to get a large bag of ice before sealing ourselves in! Down came the shutters and the champagne went on ice...

We busied ourselves with final preparations and watched nervously as the hour approached... Before long a familiar face appeared at the window and we saw a customer waiting by the door, soon joined by another... we had a queue!

Even with the phenomenal success of the 2008 and 2009 collections we had never had a queue! Excitement grew... At 10am on the dot we opened the door and our queue made their way inside - yes, two customers officially make a queue :-)

Both had both come with images in mind but were keen to see the entire collection and we happily donned white gloves and proceeded to show off the work. Very soon we had made our first two sales :-)

The morning progressed steadily and we had a constant stream of people coming in to admire the work, a few more sales followed and by lunchtime we were very pleased with the day so far...!

Outside the sunshine was getting stronger and the heat was intensifying.... fewer people were coming in and we joked that they were all staying home for the weather!

The things is ... we were right! Pocklington became a ghost town and the usually bustling street was half empty! A sight rarely seen in this busy market town!

For the rest of the afternoon we had only a few visitors and as a result we still have a superb selection of work to look though!! This is a first because in previous years we have sold out so fast that of you have been disappointed - so now you have your chance!

The work will remain in the gallery only for as long as it takes to sell - so step up and make your choice!

By the way... Happy Birthday, Mr Dylan, for Monday :-)  

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh my word...

Bob Dylan is in the building!!

(Well, his artwork is anyway!)

The stunning graphics from this years Drawn Blank Series 2010 release have finally arrived and were quickly whisked away, shrouded in secrecy, ready for tomorrow unveiling at 10am!

Almost everyone in the gallery today has been asking about the new Dylan release and we are getting very excited!

Come and join us tomorrow at 10am :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bob Dylan - Go on Ask Me!!

So, back to news in the gallery and we can let you know that the top sellers for April were:

1. Keith Proctor
2. Paul Horton
3.Alexander Millar

Congratulations to Keith - that's the third month in a row that he has been our top seller! Can he maintain this run or will what I am about to tell you change everything...?

The Drawn Blank Series 2010 by Bob Dylan
World wide launch 22nd May at 10am!!

We still have a few 2008/2009 Brochures available - please ask for details!

The continued interest is this superb body of work is unprecedented and already we are getting interest from around the world!

Once again each image is limited to a selective 295 worldwide and each individual graphic is personally hand signed by the man himself, Bob Dylan!

More information and images from this very special release will be available soon and if you are registered as interested then we will make a point of telling you first! So, don't be shy, let us have your name and email address and we'll keep you bang up to date!

Once the images are released early reservation will be essential so if you are familiar with the collection so far and are waiting for a particular piece - then let us know - this could be your lucky day!!

I Want to Ride my Bicycle...

Diane and I spent Sunday on our bikes taking part in the Great Selby Bike ride, cycling a total of 50.4 miles!!

Great Selby Bike Ride - Over 1000 people took part this year!

It was a brilliant day and good training for Dianes charity cycle ride next month to Amsterdam! If you would like to sponsor Diane then please contact us with your pledge or pop in and leave her a donation. Or you can click on the title of this entry to donate through JustGiving!

Diane's enthusiasm for this fantastic event is such that she even has me considering signing up for next year - it'll have to be the guys ride though - I don't think they'd let me ride with the ladies ;-)

Stopping halfway for a well earned break :-)