Friday, November 27, 2009

Diane Makes Me Proud:-)

Well Saturday 21st arrived and for the first time in a long while I didn't have to be up to open the gallery as Diane had made me close for the day as it was her Triple Whammy Adrenaline Experience at Magna, Rotherham!

We had to get Diane checked in by 2.30pm ready to start at 3pm and so we all jumped in the car and headed off to Rotherham and arrived an hour earlier than we needed to!

I have to say 'The Abyss' is big!! It is high and very dark inside with large video screens and music playing with the odd body flying through the air as people throw themselves off a gantry 150 feet above us!!!

We stood for a few minutes, watching and then returned to check-in. The queue wasn't huge but it did seem to take ages! At this point I was berated by Emily our daughter wanting to know what I was thinking when I purchased the voucher for the afternoons events!!!

We eventually got to the signing in desk and Diane signed away her right to sue them if anything went wrong! We were then directed back inside and told to head for the zip wire first!!

The kids and I armed with cameras followed Diane and watched her get strapped into the harness for the zip wire. The kids were offered the chance to have a go but they said no as it was her day!

The zip wire was 250 feet long and stretched away into the darkness. The kids and I had trouble making out Diane in the darkness and we almost missed catching her on the camera as she came whizzing down and past us to the landing area!!

Diane thought it was fab and not scarey and told the kids they should do it!  Next it was the abseil... This time with gloves to protect her hands on the rope, she was pointed in the direction of a staircase, a steel tread staircase made up of many flights of stairs!

The abseil was 150 feet free fall no wall to walk down just Diane, the rope and 150 feet of darkness!!

So, back to the harness area for a re-fit with the adrenaline pumping through her, before the power fan! Diane was strapped up again and once more pointed in the direction of the stairs!! It's a good job the power fan was last as this made us all nervous!!


All I got was this photo above as Diane came hurtling 150 feet towards the ground!! She was busy screaming but I didn't know if it was fear or excitement!!

As you can see from the photo above she had an amazing time and the kids and I are so proud of her :-)

Diane said she loved it... But the adrenaline has gone! What's next I ask myself?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Already!!

I cannot believe we are already into November!! Where did October go?

October was a busy month with Peter Smiths appearance and we are hoping that November will continue at the same pace :-)

Well, whats new this month? The NEW Fine Art Collector is now in the gallery!! It's packed with all the latest work and has some great articles and fabulous new accessories - perfectly in time for Christmas!!

The fantastic new Paul Horton cufflinks and keyrings have now arrived and seem to be leaving just as quick! We are also expecting delivery of the new cufflinks and gifts by the late Govinder Nazran, Simon Claridge and of course the cheeky Drew Darcy!!!

We have also taken delivery of some fantastic Lawrie Williamson original pieces including oils, watercolours and a superb pencil sketch!!

'Pregnant Bitch' by Lawrie Williamson
Original Watercolour

Washington Green have just released 8 fantastic new pieces by four of their top artists! The new release are by Caroline Shotton, Paul Kenton, Paul Horton and Peter Smith, checkout These superb items have been released just in time for Christmas!!

Speaking of Christmas The Acorn Gallery are very proud to be hosting the very first visit by Paul Horton on the 10th December between 5-8pm to showcase his new work entitled 'Love Is Life', put the date in your diary and if you would like a complimentary brochure and invite then just ask :-)

Anyway, moving on ... I can now update you with the top sellers for October. They are as follows:-

1. Peter Smith
2. Alexander Millar
3. Paul Horton

Congratulations Peter, you stormed to first spot with ease and we can all see why as your latest releases are superb...

..... And finally, please note that the Gallery will be closed on the 21st & 22nd November as Diane is tackling her Triple Whammy Adrenaline Rush (!) which includes a 250ft zip wire, 250ft indoor parachute jump and an abseil!! This is not likely to be repeated and so I need to be there to capture this crazy moment!!

No doubt I could be pursuaded to post an entry after the event... :-)