Monday, October 29, 2012

Skyfall needs no windfall...

One of the most iconic movie legends of all time has to be James Bond. The James Bond legacy has been going for decades and is still just as strong today. Generations of people have enjoyed the movies both as children and as adults.

Here at The Acorn Gallery we are delighted to bring you a very special James Bond Collectable item which we feel you will agree will be treasured for years to come!

This superb limited edition print is by the very talented Nicholas Smith and shows the Aston Martin DB5 which was once voted the 'most treasured object' from the Bond series.

Included in this fantastic offer is a 1:36 scale replica of the official Skyfall movie car produced by world famous model makers, CORGI.

This piece is ideally timed as the Bond legacy commemorates its golden anniversary and to add even more oomph to this unique combination the number plate on the car will be personalised for you free of charge if you order before 15 November!

You can choose up to 3 letters and 2 numbers to personalise this amazing car with the plate of your choice. If you can't make up your mind then why not use the original Bond plate BMT 216A.

This fantastic piece is collectable in its own right and will make a fantastic addition to any study or stairway and is available for the fantastic price of just £195.

Order yours today and it will be with you in plenty of time for Christmas - the perfect gift for any enthusiast!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

An Art Explosion!

Last night we hot-footed it over to Manchester at the personal invitation of explosive portrait artist Paul Oz.

Paul was holding his latest exhibition at Generation Gallery and as we are hoping to have some of Paul's work here at The Acorn he issued an invitation to join him!

When you see his work up close you realise why he styles himself as 'explosive'.
'Mr Bean'

The Paul Oz style involves massive quantities of paint on impressive sized canvases applied in such a carefully thought out slapdash manner that upon close inspection you would wonder how anything could take shape... however when you take a step back the colours and the shapes meld together to reveal some of the strongest portrait work you will ever see!

Paul specialises in celebrity, people whose characters have become an iconic part of our world, interwoven with our memories. People of sport, of music and of television. People who, without trying, have become a part of our lives.

Of the 18 canvases that were displayed last night there were characters as wide-ranging as Ed Sheeran, Spock and Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Lewis Hamilton, the legendary Muhammad Ali and long-time childrens favourite Miss Chatterbox!

As a massive Formula 1 fan, Paul finds that these personalities feature regularly and indeed one piece which caused alot of attention last night featured Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna capturing the moment when Mansell picked up Senna at the side of the track and carried him on the wings of his car back to the pit at the end of the race. An iconic moment which many fans will remember...
'Senna and Mansell'

Whenever possible Paul likes to gain the approval of the celebrities he paints and will usually make a point of contacting them for signature or other endorsement. The painting of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was autographed with 'Big Love' and Paul explained that he had recently donated a painting to one of Jamie's favourite charities.

We would like to thank Paul Oz and the staff of the Generation Gallery for their warm welcome and thank you for hosting such an entertaining evening!

We are very excited and look forward to seeing some Paul Oz work here at the Acorn Gallery soon!
'Lewis Hamilton'

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Farrow and Ball in the Frame...

We've all heard of Farrow and Ball... the company whose subtle colours adorn walls and doors all over the land in shades of Elephants Breath (229) and Breakfast Room Green (81).
Aberdovey (Original)

Well now you can adorn your walls in beautiful original paintings to match - literally!

Artist Louise Rawlings uses Farrow and Ball's beautiful range of colours to create her own unique style of paintings. She says that their mini-matchpots of household emulsion are exactly what dreams are made of and they fit her ideas perfectly!
Winter in the Village (Original)

Louise creates intimately detailed gardens and beautiful snowy villages using some of the most delicate colours known to woman (well, lets face it, it's usually us who choose the colour schemes, isn't it ladies?)

Treat yourself to a Farrow and Ball Original...
Vintage Caravan (Original)