Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too many shoes...? Impossible! ;)

Email from Estelle...
Hi Diane, I am releasing a series of small paintings on paper. They are a more affordable version of the shoe paintings, and are limited edition original oil paintings (only 30 of each). One full set has already been sold! I like their feel, it looks cute and fun so I’m planning on doing a collection of them!

I hope that the Shueya is flirting enough with your customers… otherwise I might have to have a word with her ;-)
Reply from Diane...
Wowee! How fabulous! Totally individual original oils... in miniature!

They sounds absolutely stunning and yes please I would like the full set to hang alongside and support Shueya and her entourage... after all, a girl can never have too many shoes ;) Do please dispatch at your earliest convenience and I shall wait with baited breath... :)

I should tell you that Shueya is much admired but hasn't yet seen anyone she's fancies enough to go home with... ;)