Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thank You

Well it took two years to get him here but Paul Hortons first visit to The Acorn has been a huge success!

Paul's latest collection of nine stunning limited edition prints and a beautifully proportioned sculpture, is entitled 'Love is Life' and the interest in this work has been incredible!

We could tell by the number of advance orders that we could be in for a busy evening but you surprised and delighted us by keeping us busy all night!

Paul arrived early at 4.30pm and turned down a cuppa, eager to get a head start on the advance-order dedications we had waiting for him but we soon had our first customer arrive to pick up his copy of 'When The Circus Comes To Town' which Paul duly dedicated... and so it began...

There was a steady stream of people coming in, happy to stay and enjoy a glass of bubbly whilst listening to the tales behind the work. Paul was kept busy throughout the night, answering questions, signing dedications and generally being the star of the show!

Paul has been 'on tour' since September and we were his 33rd appearance! Many galleries have already sold out of some images and he knows already that some of the remaining pieces will not last for his few remaining appearances!

Eventually about 7.45pm we managed to put the kettle on and make him a cuppa!! A couple of times we had enough of a breather to look around a share a grin but the rest of the night was just buzzing! To have so many people in at once, chatting, comparing and admiring his work was amazing - the atmosphere was great!

Some of you knew exactly what you wanted and some of you waited to chat with Paul before making your choice.

Several of you were left disappointed at the lack of availability on the piece entitled 'Love is Life'. This is the image which gave its name to the tour and it has been incredibly popular - so much so that we had sold out of it last month and many galleries were already sold out before us!

We have it on good authority that another seaside piece will be coming at some point so do register your interest with us now if you want advance notice of this.

Paul told us that he enjoyed his visit to the gallery immensly and would love to come back if we want him - you  can guess our answer! Paul you are welcome back anytime :-)

And before I forget - I can now update you with the top sellers for November, sorry they are late!!

They are as follows:-

1. Paul Horton
2. Peter Smith
3. Tim Fowler

I can already predicte that Paul will be top seller for December too!!

Thank you all for coming along on Thursday evening - we know Paul had a fantastic night and we hope you did too!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!!!

The Acorn Gallery is celebrating its 2nd birthday today!! There are those who doubted that we would survive but it is with credit to the superb work that we sell and due also to you, our fantastic loyal customers.

Diane and I would just like to say THANK YOU for your support and to help us celebrate our birthday we have Paul Horton appearing at the gallery on the 10th December between 5-8pm to discuss his latest releases from his 'Love Is Life' Tour.

We will be holding a raffle on the night to win a signed limited edition print by Paul Horton - there will also be a runners up prize!

We will have champagne and nibbles so come on down and join in the celebrations! It will be a good night and Paul will be happy to dedicate any pieces purchased!!

Happy Birthday Acorn :-)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Diane Makes Me Proud:-)

Well Saturday 21st arrived and for the first time in a long while I didn't have to be up to open the gallery as Diane had made me close for the day as it was her Triple Whammy Adrenaline Experience at Magna, Rotherham!

We had to get Diane checked in by 2.30pm ready to start at 3pm and so we all jumped in the car and headed off to Rotherham and arrived an hour earlier than we needed to!

I have to say 'The Abyss' is big!! It is high and very dark inside with large video screens and music playing with the odd body flying through the air as people throw themselves off a gantry 150 feet above us!!!

We stood for a few minutes, watching and then returned to check-in. The queue wasn't huge but it did seem to take ages! At this point I was berated by Emily our daughter wanting to know what I was thinking when I purchased the voucher for the afternoons events!!!

We eventually got to the signing in desk and Diane signed away her right to sue them if anything went wrong! We were then directed back inside and told to head for the zip wire first!!

The kids and I armed with cameras followed Diane and watched her get strapped into the harness for the zip wire. The kids were offered the chance to have a go but they said no as it was her day!

The zip wire was 250 feet long and stretched away into the darkness. The kids and I had trouble making out Diane in the darkness and we almost missed catching her on the camera as she came whizzing down and past us to the landing area!!

Diane thought it was fab and not scarey and told the kids they should do it!  Next it was the abseil... This time with gloves to protect her hands on the rope, she was pointed in the direction of a staircase, a steel tread staircase made up of many flights of stairs!

The abseil was 150 feet free fall no wall to walk down just Diane, the rope and 150 feet of darkness!!

So, back to the harness area for a re-fit with the adrenaline pumping through her, before the power fan! Diane was strapped up again and once more pointed in the direction of the stairs!! It's a good job the power fan was last as this made us all nervous!!


All I got was this photo above as Diane came hurtling 150 feet towards the ground!! She was busy screaming but I didn't know if it was fear or excitement!!

As you can see from the photo above she had an amazing time and the kids and I are so proud of her :-)

Diane said she loved it... But the adrenaline has gone! What's next I ask myself?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Already!!

I cannot believe we are already into November!! Where did October go?

October was a busy month with Peter Smiths appearance and we are hoping that November will continue at the same pace :-)

Well, whats new this month? The NEW Fine Art Collector is now in the gallery!! It's packed with all the latest work and has some great articles and fabulous new accessories - perfectly in time for Christmas!!

The fantastic new Paul Horton cufflinks and keyrings have now arrived and seem to be leaving just as quick! We are also expecting delivery of the new cufflinks and gifts by the late Govinder Nazran, Simon Claridge and of course the cheeky Drew Darcy!!!

We have also taken delivery of some fantastic Lawrie Williamson original pieces including oils, watercolours and a superb pencil sketch!!

'Pregnant Bitch' by Lawrie Williamson
Original Watercolour

Washington Green have just released 8 fantastic new pieces by four of their top artists! The new release are by Caroline Shotton, Paul Kenton, Paul Horton and Peter Smith, checkout These superb items have been released just in time for Christmas!!

Speaking of Christmas The Acorn Gallery are very proud to be hosting the very first visit by Paul Horton on the 10th December between 5-8pm to showcase his new work entitled 'Love Is Life', put the date in your diary and if you would like a complimentary brochure and invite then just ask :-)

Anyway, moving on ... I can now update you with the top sellers for October. They are as follows:-

1. Peter Smith
2. Alexander Millar
3. Paul Horton

Congratulations Peter, you stormed to first spot with ease and we can all see why as your latest releases are superb...

..... And finally, please note that the Gallery will be closed on the 21st & 22nd November as Diane is tackling her Triple Whammy Adrenaline Rush (!) which includes a 250ft zip wire, 250ft indoor parachute jump and an abseil!! This is not likely to be repeated and so I need to be there to capture this crazy moment!!

No doubt I could be pursuaded to post an entry after the event... :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

'Twas the best of days...

11.20am on the morning of the BIG DAY! Peter Smith had agreed to an exclusive visit at the Acorn Gallery! Back by popular demand! The invitations and the press releases had all been sent, the fabulous new work adorned the carefully hung walls... so where was everyone?

We'd had a couple of people in, looking around and chatting, there'd been a gentleman with his little girl, busy on the Saturday kids clubs runaround, keen to pop back but couldn't be sure... and not a sign of anyone else!

Pocklington was quiet, not many souls about, although at least we knew Peter and Jayne had arrived because they'd popped in to say 'hi' before going next door to The Deli for a coffee. (They have great coffee at The Deli!).

Let's just say John and I were getting a tad nervous, looking round at the beautifully spick and span gallery, carefully dusted, hoovered and mopped and with plates and bowls of carefully chosen nibbles located at suitable intervals!

Peter and Jayne arrived, suitably refreshed after their journey, they had made good time and the traffic was good! We welcomed them with open arms and then it began!

A steady trickle of savvy collectors came through the door, keen to get here early for anything special! For one very special couple they were suitably rewarded for being so prompt! Following their wedding just one week ago, this very lucky couple came along to choose a gift from their wedding guests!

They were able to say 'yes' to two fantastic brand new pencil sketches made available to The Acorn Gallery at the very last minute on Friday!

Champagne flowed and the people just kept coming! Sometimes in two's and sometimes they just poured in! The gallery got pretty full at times and we were kept busy not just chatting and topping up glasses... but selling too! Peters latest work proved incredibly popular with 'Hug Me' and 'Cuddle Me' taking an early lead! 'For The One I Love' caught up quick and 'Sofa Loafers' and 'Together We Make A Family' made a good stand too!

The gallery got very full indeed - so full that I just didn't get chance to take any photos until after it quietened down!

You think this is busy? This wasn't the busiest!!

Peter was fantastic - he spent good quality time with everyone who wanted him and his stories were told over and over again!

John and I were kept on our toes with sale after sale. Peter was signing and dedicating left, right and centre!

Good job he brought a good selection of markers with him - they were put to very good use!

Here are just a few of the lucky people whose chosen images were remarqued on the day!

Two fantastic originals found a home as a result of todays event too - here are the proud owners of 'All You Need Is Love' who came over to Pocklington especially to meet Peter and collect their brand new piece!

Sales came fast and furious and we even had a queue at one point - many thanks to those who waited so patiently :-)

About 2pm we had a lull for 5 minutes - just long enough to catch our breath and bring down some fresh glasses!

We loved it! It is great to see so many people happily chatting and enjoying the work on display! I'm sure the sunshine and the champagne helped but everyone was in good mood and the gallery was buzzing!

Finally, long after the 3pm finish time had passed, Peter and Jayne were able to take their leave. They had seen and spoken with a significant number of collectors! It is always nice to meet up again with regular customers and collectors but it's lovely to meet new people too! There had been plenty of both that day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Art on all levels...

Last night Diane & I closed the gallery a bit earlier than normal as we were going up to Gateshead to The Sage building to support Kevin Day one of our artists who was exhibiting at The Gateshead Art Fair 2009.

The Sage is an amazing place to look at from the outside. Unfortunately by the time we got there it was too dark to take any photos!!

Once inside the building it was full of art and people. Free drinks were available on arrival however we did not participate instead we elbowed our way through the crowds to search for Kevin.

We eventually found him upstairs on one of the balcony wings and as you can see from the photo below he had a good crowd standing and looking at his new work!!

We managed to grab Kevin & Nicki for a few words and Kevin said that he had already sold 4 pieces and that there was lots of positive comments and great feedback.

Diane & I then had a look at the new work and have pencilled in about half a dozen that we would like to see in the Acorn Gallery if Kevin doesn't sell them at the fair!!

After saying our goodbyes we had a wander round and found the following sculpture:-

These sculptures were made from scrap metal and were amazing to look at. The detail on them was outstanding. The company who made these are called Metalic Creations and we were reliably informed by Tony that they are hoping to do a sculpture of the STIG from Top Gear and also hopefully create sculptures of athletes for the 2012 Olympics!!

As we were heading towards the exit we bumped into Alexander Millar who lives nearby and decided to pop in and see what his former apprentice Kevin Day is up to!!

We had a good chat and left him to speak to other people who were waiting. As we left Alex we spotted Jeff Rowland so stopped and had a chat with Jeff. Jeff is currently unwell and it was nice to see him up and about, however he is not yet up to full strength to get back to the easel so we will be waiting a while for any new work! Take it easy Jeff!

Diane and I also managed to speak to Phil George who is an artist we are keen to showcase in the gallery and whose work we have been watching for a while. We will let you know if anything develops on that front.

Well what can I say? What a fantastic night, hob-nobbing with the top artists from Washington Green, seeing Kevin so busy with lots of people keen to get hold of his superb work and having the chance to see so much art on all levels!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October? Are you sure???

Well so much for September? Where did it go? I swear the days are just flying by!

Just to keep you up to date the TOP 3 for last month are:

1.Alexander Millar
2.Bob Dylan
3.Peter Smith

Congratulations to Alex, as included in these stats is the sale of a fantastic original!! Numbers were very close but it will be interesting to see how that changes this month!

So, it's October already and appropriately enough we have a stunning new original entitled 'Tangled (October)' to show you!

Lawrie Williamson is the artist and we have a really good feeling about this guy! This piece is very impressive and if you have chance you really should come in for a look! We have a couple of prints in the same style too!

Now that it is October we are only 10 days away from Peter Smiths exclusive appearance! His new images are really causing a stir and the advance interest has really been something!

We have even sold TWO originals in the space of a week so you can tell that he is just RED HOT just now!

Do remember that this appearance is not part of a tour and is especially for us! You all made him feel so very welcome last year that he is genuinely looking forward to coming back :-)

See you on the 10th between 12-3pm...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Already!!

Well, we are back from our holiday and I have to say it was fab. The drive down with our caravan on the back was fine and I have said I would do it again!!

September is here and Diane and I are looking forward to going to the ICC event hosted by Washington Green on the 6th September which also happens to be my birthday! What a way to spend your birthday... hob-nobbing with the artists and having the chance to see all the fab new product firsthand!!

We're hoping to get the chance to catch up with Alexander Millar, Peter Smith, Paul Horton, Caroline Shotton, Jeff Rowland... ooh the list goes on! It's a great chance to see what they'be been up to and what they're planning for the year ahead!

Don't worry - we will update you all with as much as we can when we get back!!

On Saturday 12th September we have The Tour Of Britain Cycle Race coming through Pocklington so we are expecting large crowds in town that day! The atmosphere will be great and I am sure all the eaterys will be busy!!


We can reveal that Peter Smith will be appearing here at The Acorn Gallery on Saturday 10th October between 12-3pm!! Be sure to note the date in your diary!

We will be showcasing his new images and hopefully have an original or two :-) If last years appearance is anything to go by then we should have an excellant day!!

If you would like to be included in the guest list then please contact the gallery either by telephone or email to with your details.

Anyway, moving on ... I can now update you with the top sellers for August. They are as follows:-

1. Peter Smith
2. Jeff Rowland
3. Caroline Shotton

Congratulations to Peter for taking the top spot. Can he maintain top spot in the run up to his appearance in October? All will be revealed at the end of September!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer's Here!!

August is upon on us which means our annual holiday is less than a week away!! We will be closed from the 16th-24th August and re-open on the 25th at 9.30am.

We are heading to sunny Cornwall for sea, sand and relaxation!! However we are not stopping in a static caravan this year we have decided to take our tourer with us!!

I must be mad as it is a long way to take it and it will be the furthest I have towed with it and I am not looking forward to the drive!!

Meanwhile back in the gallery...

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the superb, breathtaking, awesome original Truly, Madly, Deeply by Peter Smith!! (We love it - can you tell?)

If you can get in to the gallery then you really should come in and have a look for yourself and I am sure you will agree with me that its a cracker!!

The results are now in for the top sellers for July and they are:-

1. Bob Dylan
2. Peter Smith
3. Paul Horton
4. Govinder Nazran

Congratulations to Bob Dylan who predictably took the top spot, only four pieces left now and no more are available from the publisher, so if you would like to ride this train then get on board quick :-) It's nice to see Govinder stay in the top four too!

We are delighted to announce the release of some fantastic NEW CUFFLINKS!!
Check these out...
One Man & His Dog by Alexander Millar

Mooona Lisa by Caroline Shotton

Moody Blues by Neil Dawson

Shiny Happy Campers by Sarah Graham

Checkout the website and see the slideshow of the new cufflinks. RESERVE YOURS NOW!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dylan 2009!!

Friday 24th July - Diane & I stayed later than usual in order to move the gallery around and hang the Bob Dylan signed graphics! We got stuck in with great gusto, taking down framed pieces for storage before hanging and unveiling the new Dylans!

Saturday 25th July - Diane & I arrived at the gallery early and shut ourselves in, we even put the shutters down! We still had bits and pieces of paperwork to do in readiness for the launch. At precisely 10am we put the shutter up, hoping to see at least a few people waiting to come in but the street seemed no busier than usual.

By 10.30am however we were well underway with enquiries starting to come in via email and the telephone! People calling into the gallery were keen to discuss this latest collection and compare it to the debut pieces from 2008 - their verdict? Most people agreed that this is an even stronger collection than last year!

We did manage a cuppa about midday - something we didn't get at all last year!

Over the day we had fans of all ages coming in to see and many had been with him 'man and boy'! Before we knew it it was 4pm and the gallery had another quiet spell so we took the chance again to put the kettle on!

By 5.30pm on launch day we had sold a total of 12 images, with sales as far away as the USA! Our decison to be in on the 2009 Dylan launch had paid off! Sales for the day were fantastic!

So, now we have only four Dylan pieces left and we think that even they will be soon gone! Anyone wanting to be a part of this journey needs to get on board fast!

Diane & I would just like to say a massive 'THANKYOU!' to all those people who came along and especially to those who bought!

Will there be any more Dylan prints in the future - we hope so because there will be alot of disappointed people out there if not!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

25th July 2009 10am!!

Saturday 25th July - 'mark it in your diary!' This is the launch date for the eagerly awaited 2nd release from The Drawn Blank Series by Bob Dylan.

There are only eight images being released all images are HAND SIGNED limited edition graphics and we are expecting the media interest in this to be huge!

Those who wish to receive an invitation to this event can contact us either by telephone 01759 307652 or email:-

We can see already that interest in these new images is such that early contact is essential if you are keen to reserve a piece from this release.

Do not miss out on the chance to own a fabulous piece of art from this iconic music legend!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Box Building for Beginners!

Following the auction on Friday evening we had a more complicated box to build than usual!

Since box building is an interesting pastime and needs careful attention at all times, we thought you would be interested to see what processes we go through in order to properly package your purchases which are to be entrusted to a courier!

Watch the video for an interesting overview!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fine Art Auction

Just a quick entry to let you know about our Fine Art Auction which will be held on Friday 10th July from 6pm at The Acorn Gallery, 5 Market Place, Pocklington.

There will be a superb selection of work and even some 'treasure' in the form of items which are no longer generally available!

Please email or ring 01759 307652 for a sale catalogue!

Champagne will be flowing and Chris Clubley is sure to entertain so come on down and bid for a bargain!!

A donation will be made to Marie Curie Cancer Care on proceeds raised on the evening.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A bridge too far...?

Bob Barker is known for his fabulous warm palettes and his combination of light and dark that brings out the very best in your imagination!

The gallery was sparkling almost as much as the chilled champagne! A stunning selection of Bobs prints were adorning the wall, including two fabulous originals entitled 'Going Steady' and 'Lost in Memories'.

Just as we checked our watches a cheery face looked in and there he was, smiling and nodding hello - the man himself!

With his easel under his arm and managing with paints and canvas he calmly walked in and started setting up his easel, there must be a knack to it - it looked a little tricky!

It wasn't long before he was set up and ready but it was a while before he started painting ... well, people do like to talk and Bob's a very interesting man :-)

He had brought along a canvas which he had already made a start on, with a black background and with the cloud and buildings already begun. So when he laid out his palette and started to paint we were keen to see where he went next...

As he painted Bob chatted along and answered questions, happy to explain what he was doing and the techniques he was using.

We stared in awe as the reflections on the water took on a light and a movement of their own, as the moon dazzled and shone in its aura - is there such a thing as a Moonbow?

A discussion started - should there be a bridge? It did seem to need something on that left side ... a bridge would seem to hit the spot! And so it was ... out came the palette knife and sure enough a bridge loomed from the darkness and reached out across the water, its lights sparkling in the stillness of the night...

It was amazing to watch the painting grow, people came in from the street to watch (and to drink chilled champagne!) the atmosphere was great!

And so the only remaining task is to name this stunning painting - does it take its name from the calm and the stillness of the night? Or from the thriving city rising into the night sky...? Or for the music and laughter behind those waterfront lights?

Who knows? You decide!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It 'Ain't Half Hot Mum!!

It's been a hot one today as I'm sure you know but we seemed to especially feel it in the gallery as we've had a very busy day!

Today we have moved the walls and hung a superb selection of Bob Barker prints and original paintings in readiness for his PAINTING LIVE session on SATURDAY!! That's THIS SATURDAY 4th JULY 2009 between 12-3pm - champagne will be on ice so come on down :-)

Diane and I had a helper today! Our daughter Emily came along to offer a hand. She has now finished school and is awaiting her exam results and so we 'encouraged' her to come along and help get the gallery ready. I have to say she did good but she did moan!!

It really has been too hot today to be having a changeover but needs must. We have therefore swept the floor, dusted everything (you'd never believe the dust that gathers simply from having the door open!!). We've moved the walls and hung nine FANTASTIC pieces!!

The one, single drawback to all of this activity is that there has been absolutely no air circulation at all! We have had the door open, all the windows open and even a fan blowing today to try and get some air moving ... it all failed miserably but we survived!

Emily's payment for her days work was a large waffle cornet with two scoops of mint-choc-chip and caramel ice-cream from The Deli. Bargain price for a days labour I thought!

After putting Emily in a bear hug I managed to get a quick lick before I was shooed away and told by Diane to leave Emily and the ice-cream alone!! According to Emily it was fab!!!

Anyway, moving on ... I can now update you with the top sellers for June. They are as follows:-

1. Govinder Nazran
2. Toni Hargreaves
3. Mike Jackson
4. Caroline Shotton

Posthumous Congratulations go to Govinder and also well done Toni on second!!

We still have lots to do to be ready for Saturday, nibbles to organise, champagne (and ice!) and glasses to collect from Threshers ... I wonder if Bob is a messy painter - perhaps I should have a large plastic sheet on standby :-)

Diane & I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday to see Bob painting live. It's promising to be a lovely afternoon and Bob is a great chap so pop along, enjoy a glass of chilled bubbly (or fresh orange if you prefer) and do some chilling of your own :-)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Painting Live 4th July 2009

The Acorn Gallery is delighted to invite you to meet talented contemporary artist Bob Barker who will be PAINTING LIVE in the gallery SATURDAY 4th JULY between 12-3PM.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to talk to Bob about his fantastic collection of signed limited editions and original paintings. Bob will be pleased to dedicate any purchases made on the day with a personal message.

We have no idea what Bob will be painting but it will be interesting to see him create an image before our eyes!!

Champagne and nibbles will be served so why not bring the family as Pocklington has ample parking and the town has lots of things to see and do!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Huge Thanks!!

We have now made the draw for the raffle and we can reveal that the winner is ... BECKY MACKENZIE of Becky MacKenzie's Homemade Cakes in Pocklington!! Congratulations Becky :-)

We raised an impressive £184 all of which will be donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care following Diane's fundraising bike ride to Amsterdam earlier this month.

Diane & I would like to say a huge THANKS for your support with sponsorship and raffle tickets over the last few months!

You will be pleased to know that there are no more sponsored events in the pipeline but there will still be plenty happening here at The Acorn Gallery over the Summer so keep watching the blog for news!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amsterdame09 Last Day!!

The ferry landed at 8am in Hull and once they had cleared customs they were off!! The three groups kept to the original route up to Brantingham where they stopped for an hour and had a great write up on the pubs website. Check out the article headed Daffodil under the news link.

From there they headed to Howden through some pretty villages. After a very nice pub lunch they headed towards Knedlington and on to Barmby On The Marsh, cycling along the river bank. Whilst on the river bank Diane asked Craz, leader of Team Chaos ( this was the name they gave themselves!!), if she could ring our daughter Emily, as they were going to go through Hemingbrough. Craz said yes so Diane rang ahead and announced that Team Chaos would be riding through the village! The whole team stopped outside the church and Emily managed to get a hug from Diane and also gave hugs to Lisa, Jayne & Lianne.

Diane told me later on that the whole team was in tears when hugs were being handed out and that after she received her hug it spurred her on and she flew the rest of the way!!

At 6pm 54 ladies could be heard singing 'Here Come The Girls' and as they rounded the corner in to the car park they were honking their horns, waving their arms and shouting 'Woop Woop!' at the tops of their voices! Immediately there were party poppers going off, champagne corks being popped and lots of cheering and clapping. You should have been there it was amazing!!

For the next hour there were lots of photos and hugs and tears as the girls greeted family and friends but also as they said goodbye to each other - who knows if they will all meet up next year for Amsterdame10??

Diane has had an amazing trip and is still on a high. What an achievement 250 miles in 5 days! A lot of hard work by all the ladies but special thanks must go to the ride guides, Craz, Gaz, Matt, Ginny, Michelle and Sian and to Mitch & Simon from Red Courier who provided the support vehicles and who according to Craz were fantastic!!

The Ride Guides!!

Diane & I would like to thank everyone who has made a donation and I can tell you all that as I write this entry the total currently stands at £22,431.70 which is an amazing total!!

If you feel inspired by the ladies and want to donate then please go to and if you want to do the ride next year then look up Charity Adventure who organise these events at

All I can say is ... what's next???

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amsterdame09 Day 3

Spoke to Diane who advises that the ride back from Amsterdam to Rotterdam was fine and that they made good time as they were at the ferry terminal by 6pm however she did have a bit of a tumble but is ok.

Spoke to Diane later on around 10pm after she had managed to get a shower and some food. Diane says the whole team is in high spirits and that a few of the ladies are now feeling the aches and pains. I wonder if the bottles of champagne had anything to do with the high spirits!! Diane says they are all looking forward to docking in Hull and the final leg back to York.

The ladies are aiming to be back in York for 6pm. You can still donate on line at

I will update you tomorrow on the last leg of the journey.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Amsterdame09 Day 2

Just a quick update, spoke to Diane on Saturday evening at around 6.45pm she advises that they had docked at Rotterdam around 8am but had only just arrived due to delays getting off the ferry and through passport control!!

Diane advises that they had covered 75 miles today and that she was feeling fine. They stopped on route and had a fantastic pack up thanks to P & O Ferries. Lunch was at the waters edge to a lake where they sat and watched people water sking, sailing and having a swim!!

Diane informs me that Holland is so cycle friendly it is fantastic and I get the feeling that if our kids were not in the middle of exams etc we could be moving!!!

Sunday was a rest day so Diane has had a cruise on one of the canals and sat and relaxed had a meal out and took a walk round Amsterdam taking lots and lots of photos!!

Today Monday is the return cycle back to Rotterdam. I will update you all after I have spoken to Diane tonight.

In the mean time please donate on line at

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amsterdame09 Day 1

Up at 6am, had a shower then breakfast loaded the car with the bike and luggage and set off for McArthur Glen arriving bang on 8am.

We parked up and off loaded Dianes bike and luggage. Fitted her panniers and handlebar bag to the bike and Diane had a quick ride round the car park to make sure everything was working ok.

We then had many photo opportunities before Gary & Richard the lead ride guides called all the ladies together and give them a safety briefing, more photos were taken and then the ladies were told to go to the toilet and make sure they filled their water bottles up!!

After lots of hugs and kisses from family and friends the ladies were all lined up at the start line. The ladies have been split into three groups and to avoid any crashes at the start they were set off at 5 minute intervals.

I am able to track the ride and noticed after about an hour and a half Dianes group had stopped. Diane informed me that one of the ladies had got a puncture and so they were busy fixing it and taking the chance to take on board some water!!

The group arrived in Market Weighton for lunch at 12.30pm, had a tea break at 3.30pm at Brantingham and arrived on the outskirts of Hull at 5.30pm. They eventually arrived at the ferry terminal around 6.30pm

They boarded the ferry around 7.15pm and set sail at 9pm. Diane did say that the ride was hard due to a few hills and the pace was quicker than they were expecting but she is feeling good, she has no aches and no sore bits!!

Diane and all the ladies are feeling good and relaxed and they are even collecting donations on the way!!

Please sponsor them at The total needed is £30,000 and it currently stands at £21,500. This is a massive task and it will spur the ladies on if I can say the total has gone up again!!

More uodates to follow but in the mean time please sponsor the ladies :-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Arrivals...

We love it when we get a delivery but today was especially nice as we have been waiting for this little guy for months!

Peter Smiths latest sculpture 'My First Love' was released in February but has only just started to arrive in galleries - but he was well worth waiting for!

He sits perfectly with any of Peters prints and with the edition being limited to only 150 worldwide - well you can guess he won't be around for long!

Come in and say hello next time you're passing!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Amsterdame 09!!

Well May has been a funny old month! The odd day has been busy but mostly its been very quiet! Have you all been on holiday?

Having some quiet time has given us chance to plan some exciting events for the summer - make sure you get your name on the database so you can find out what's happening!

I know you like to know who's hot right now and so here are the top sellers for this month:-

1. Alexander Millar
2. Paul Kenton
3. Paul Horton

Congratulations Alex, top spot for the third month in a row. Well done!!

Well June is here and Dianes 250 mile bike ride is only 5 sleeps away. Diane, Lisa, Lianne and Jayne leave on Friday 12th and return Tuesday 16th. In total there will be nearly 60 of them going and it will be a sight to see them on their way!

I will apologise in advance as the gallery will be a little late opening on the morning of the 12th as I will be there to wave them off!! On Tuesday 16th the gallery will close a little earlier than usual as I want to be there to see them cross the finishing line!!

Don't worry - I'll get photos for the blog so you can see for yourselves!

To sponsor Diane please go to or call in to the gallery and make a pledge on her sponsor form. It is in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care and they are trying to raise £30,000!! They are already over the £10k mark so they are well on the way!!

Don't forget the PRIZE DRAW - If you haven't bought a raffle ticket yet then you still have time as the draw is not till the 19th June. The prize is a superb signed limited edition print by Paul Kenton (this months second top seller!) All proceeds from the sale of tickets are also going to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Well that's it for now - more entires will surely follow as I hear from Diane on her travels. Check back soon :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


On 12th June Diane is setting off on a bike ride to Amsterdam with 53 other ladies to raise much needed funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care! They are hoping to raise £30,000!!

The Acorn Gallery are pleased to announce a competition in support of their efforts and the prize is a signed limited edition print by Paul Kenton called Early Light Amsterdam - see picture below:-

This superb print will be framed and is valued at £199.00. All proceeds from the sale of the tickets will be going to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Raffle tickets are £1 each and are available from the gallery. Whether you want to buy 1 or 100 pop in and gets yours now and help Marie Curie reach their total of £30,000. Remember tickets are only £1 :-)

Diane will be setting off from McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in York at 9am on Friday 12th June and is due back at about 6pm on Tuesday 16th June.

The raffle will be drawn on Friday 19th June 2009 and the winner will be notified accordingly.

If you wish to sponsor Diane then you can do so on-line at Please mention her name in your message!

We will let you know how she gets on so watch this space for news...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Diane and Val!!

Moonwalk Tattoo!!

Dawn over the River Thames!!

26.2 miles done!!

Tired but very happy!!

The medal!!

Congratulations to Diane and Val for finishing in 8 hours 4 minutes!!!

Now you would think that Diane would be happy to put her feet up after 5 months of hard training and bask in the glory of finishing the Moonwalk - but she isn't!!

Diane is now in training for the 250 mile round cycle trip to Amsterdam which sets off on the 12th June 2009 in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

If you would like to support Diane you can donate at

Keep checking the website and the blog for details on how you could win a signed limited edition print titled Early Light Amsterdam by Paul Kenton!!

Once again Diane, many congratulations on finishing the Moonwalk and raising an amazing £375.50 for breast cancer charities!!

And thankyou to all of you who supported her in her challenge!