Friday, February 13, 2009

Changeover Day!

We like to keep things looking fresh in The Acorn Gallery and today was Changeover Day! No - this doesn't mean that we got to the end of our holiday and went home - it means that we take down some pieces and put up some new work and generally have a change around!

We had a chat yesterday and wrote a plan - very organised for us - so that we knew which pieces were coming down and which were going up. It made things so much easier!

...and so it began... the original ribbons were lined up on the desk ready to adorn their next masterpiece, the ladders were brought downstairs ready to hang the higher pieces, and eventually the kettle went on too :-)

It didn't take long, about 3 hours in all, it went really smoothly - and according to plan too! (Good job we made that plan!).

The NEW Paul Kentons are the first to greet you as you walk in and they look simply stunning - especially 'City of Romance' with its gold highlights!

Caroline Shottons new piece 'It Must be Love' has been hung too along with her other latest releases, making for a very eyecatching panel!

We also have some beautiful original oils by Toni Hargreaves and these make a gorgeous display by the window wall!

The Acorn Gallery is on FaceBook now too!! You can become a fan and keep abreast of things with our regular updates! Click on the title of this entry and check us out today :-)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Unexpected Visitor!!

I was sitting in the gallery on Friday, busy updating the website when I received an unexpected visitor!! Bob Barker was in the area and couldn't resist popping in to say hello!

We spent the next two hours chatting about his new releases and his techniques. I asked Bob whether he would be happy to come along to the gallery and paint live for us - he said he would be delighted! I will approach Washington Green on Monday about getting him booked in - watch this space for more details - hopefully another champagne event for your diary...

The rest of Saturday was spent finalising the updating of the website with all the images from the ICC event - we are sooo excited about them and can't wait to take delivery!

The pieces that stand out the most (although it is VERY hard to choose!) are the new releases by Peter Smith, Alexander Millar, Caroline Shotton and Jeff Rowland - there are so many great pieces but I know you like me to name names :-)

ON the website homepage any artist whose name has NEW beside it means that they have NEW images released and you should check out their gallery - I would urge you to contact us as soon as possible if there is anything that takes your fancy as the images are strong and we are expecting some images to sell out quickly!

Whilst I write this I can now reveal the top seller for January. Our congratulations go to Alexander Millar. Well done Alex!! Yey!

1. Alexander Millar
2. Govinder Nazran/Peter Smith
3. A J Callan/Paul Kenton

One of the final pieces Govinder worked on before his death was a sculpture called 'Lean on Me'. This is a beautiful two-piece design and has been produced in stunning stainless steel! It is AMAZING!

It is sooo beautiful that they are having trouble photographing it as the curves and the steel reflect everything around - simply stunning and a VERY LOW EDITION so it is imperative if you want this piece to get in early - simply leave us a deposit to secure your sculpture!

As always the new releases will start to arrive in the gallery over the next few weeks so do pop in when you're passing to see what's new - don't be afraid to ask us - we are always happy to answer questions - or simply chat about the new work! We're equally happy to leave you in peace if you prefer :-)

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Strange Few Days!!

Over the weekend I decided to give another coat of oil to the gallery floor and with the help of my brother in law this was achieved! And if I say so myself I think we did a good job!!

Monday came and the gallery was closed as we were due to go to Birmingham to the ICC to view the new releases by this seasons top artists, including Peter Smith, Alexander Millar, Caroline Shotton, Paul Horton and Bob Barker to name but a few.

Unfortunately we awoke Monday morning to 4 inches of snow and warnings not to travel if your journey wasn't essential! Although the trip was important we weighed up the odds and having looked at all available forecasts Diane decided that our trip to the ICC could wait until Tuesday in the hope of better weather.

Instead I decided to open the gallery and turned up to find myself sticking to the floor which hadn't dried as well as expected due to the very low temperatures!

As the schools were also closed I spent Monday with Diane and the kids! (When I was at school we were there in all weathers and all temperatures - in fact the teachers would make every effort to get there just to make us work!!)

Anyway, Tuesday arrived and surprisingly we awoke to find that the snow had pretty much gone and so off we went to Birmingham, before the weather changed its mind!

We arrived in good time to find the ICC beautifully laid out with all the new work - wow it looked stunning! Usually the place is packed out with artists and fellow gallery owners, however many had not been able to make it or had left early due to the weather! This meant that we almost had the place to ourselves!!

The new work is fantastic (but then we would say that wouldn't we?) but we are sure that when you see it for yourselves you will be impressed! Images have not yet been released for the website to be updated but I am itching to get going with it and you will know as soon as I have done it!

If you are not sure if we have your email address for updates then do please send a quick message asking us to include you - we'd rather have you twice than not at all!

Anyway, today we opened up and found the floor had dried beautifully - it looks as good as new! The smell of oil still lingers a little but it's too cold to have the door open for long to clear it so I am feeling a little light headed!!

As I say it has been a stange few days!!