Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bob Dylan - Copenhagen

Bob Dylan has recently completed some fabulous new paintings entitled 'Brazil'. These new images are only to be exhibited in Copenhagen, Denmark and will not be going on tour as previous exhibitions have done.

Diane & I have decided, in the interests of research, to visit the new exhibition and so the Acorn Gallery will be closed from Friday 26th November until Monday 29th November whilst we undertake this essential and fascinating mission...!

We have no idea whether any prints will be produced from this new work but we are looking forward to seeing the originals.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city and we are looking forward to seeing its stunning architecture and picturesque harbour... no doubt there will be a pavement cafe somewhere close to the museum so that we can partake of the local beverages and discuss what we have seen...

We would love to share with you what we find... so come back and visit the blog soon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Proctormaniacs Rule!!

Saturday 13th November 2010 was a day we had been waiting for...

For a long time we had been watching the blog of a man who painted his son, Jack. The paintings were quite charming and showed a certain understanding of small boys and their delight in the big wide world...

We asked the man if we could take some of his paintings for display in The Acorn Gallery but he explained that he had been signed by a publisher and so we couldn't take anything... the publisher was Washington Green and the man was Keith Proctor...  

In February 2010 when his work was published for the first time we were very excited and delighted to see it receive such a positive reaction! His pieces have sold consistently well since then and we were delighted to be offered one of only seven appearances he would be doing this year!

As the marketing was done the excitement was building and when the day dawned we had only to watch and wait... Keith arrived promptly with his wife, Deb, and of course Jack!

We had one of each image framed on the wall along with the three stunning originals, two of which had sold in advance of the day! The third had been reserved but became available again only to be sold to the first lady through the door that morning :-) She was delighted at her prompt attendance and good fortune - fate had a hand there we think :-)

That first sale paved the way and many more followed... print after print after print sold from off the wall (it's a good job we'd had the foresight to frame multiples of each image!).

Keith was chatting and laughing with the customers as he signed and dedicated his way through the backing boards, signing the odd invitation along the way...

The gallery went through stages of being packed to capacity and taking a breather, thankfully allowing us to catch up on wrapping and packing ready for those people who had gone off to explore Pocklington and were calling back later :-) 

It's always nice to enhoy a glass of something bubbly whilst having a look at the artwork!

 Keith was happy to pose for photographs with customers!
We believe that no piece left the gallery without a signed dedication on the back!

Jack was a complete star all day, chatting with people and signing his name on invitations... he even did a few pieces of artwork of his own, most notably this magnificent pirate ship...although they were all scereted away home with him at the end of the day - well apart from one, which he kindly left for our 'Priceless' gallery!

So, thankyou to Keith, Deb and Jack for joining us and thankyou to all of you who came along to join in with this phenomenon!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keith & Jack Proctor Artist Appearance

We are sooo excited!!

As you know we are looking forward to welcoming Keith Proctor on Saturday 13th November between 12-3pm... but now we are delighted to announce that Keith will be bringing a very special person wth him...

JACK will be coming too :-)

Since Keith was launched in February 2010 he has taken the art world by storm and we are very lucky to secure an appearance as he will only be doing 7 appearances this year!!

The prints of these charming childhood scenes are totally engaging and the market for original oils is very keen! In fact the three pieces we have for this event sold in less than 12 hours!!

So come along and meet Keith and Jack in person! Come and chat about his inspirations and ask Jack what he thinks about being famous!!

Keith Proctor has consistently been in the top three for each month since he was launched here at the Acorn and shows no signs of slowing :-)

It was a forgone conclusion that Peter Smith would take top spot for September and October though as we always have a fabulous time when he is here and we are hoping for the same with Keith.

So, mark the date in your diary and come along and remember Keith, and maybe even Jack, will be signing anything bought on the day!

If you can't make it then ring and reserve your piece and we can have it dedicated in your absence!

We look forward to seeing you then!

Monday, October 11, 2010

International Deliveries...

Box-building is always a matter for care and consideration and we take just as good care with the packing of anything but we worry just a little bit more when the parcel is going overseas!

The box we built today had to contain a framed canvas print and a mounted print and so had to be carefully constructed to keep them both in prime condition during travel - not that we're saying couriers are careless but accidents do happen and we'd rather be safe than sorry!

With double thickness corrugated cardboard front and back and thick wads of polystyrene all around we think that these items are extremely packed but just in case there is any doubt... we've plastered the outside with FRAGILE tape - just to remind the courier that what they are handling is precious!

So, how many miles will this parcel travel...?
Over two thousand miles because it is headed off to CYPRUS!

Happy Travelling :-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cupcakes and Caramels...

Wow! Peter Smith really knows how to pack them in!

Saturday 2nd October and we were expecting Peter here at The Acorn Gallery between 12-3pm so we busied ourselves with final preparations including collecting 100 cupcakes... :-)

Baked by Becky Mackenzie of Pocklington
We gave the gallery a last sweep through and dusted the prints... we laid out the glasses and put the champagne on ice...

Peter arrived early to check-in and say hi and so that he could pop into his favourite coffee house for a coffee and cake... Pocklington is fabulous for foodies ;-)

But fear not, he returned in plenty of time for his devoted public and they came in droves... Fans old and new and some who didn't even know him yet... They all came to see his work and hear his stories and to choose which piece or pieces they would have for themselves...

Peter Smith - Storyteller Extraordinaire

All of the images were much loved but slightly in the lead were Forget-Me-Not and Opposites Attract... The Lovers Sculpture is staggeringly beautiful and the quality is second to none...
The Lovers Sculpture by Peter Smith
With stories being told and heart strings pulled, emotion was high! One lady was almost in tears as Peter dedicated 'Baby on Board' for the child she carried within her...

Dedication after dedication followed and Peters pencil case really came into its own when he was presented with an Impossiphant from the recent Elephant Parade Charity Event. He touched it up superbly and we all watched with avid fascination!
Mission Impossiphant...
And so the afternoon went on... chilled champagne, fresh orange or Bucks Fizz, cupcakes and caramels... Caramels? Where? Well maybe next time... ;-)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Peter Smith 2nd October 2010

OMG its the end of the month and in 24hours we will have the fantastic Peter Smith in the gallery.!!

Peter is here to promote his fantastic new tour 'It's A Stripe Thing' and we can't wait!! The wall has been hung, the originals have arrived in time and look fantastic.

The Gift is absolutely stunning and is a bargain at £2250!!

As I sit here typing this entry I am looking at the wall and thinking to myself what a fabulous collection and we have already started pre-selling!! There is no clear leader but we have three pieces tying for top spot. It's all very exciting :-)

We have ordered, from Becky Mackenzies in Pocklington, freshly made cupcakes... thinking back to 'I Eat Cake' and of course the one on the fabulous free print 'Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake'

We are so looking forward to having Peter and Jayne back with us again. Peter is on top of his game and it is an honour that he will be with us for the third year in a row.

And finally just a quick update on the top sellers for August are as follows:-

1. Paul Kenton
2. Keith Proctor
3. Alexander Millar

Diane and I will be pleased to see you on Saturday, there will be bubbles and nibbles and one or two cupcakes will be floating around.

I know Peter and Jayne will be pleased to see you and Peter will be happy to tell you the stories behind each of the pieces in the tour and remember if you purchase a print or sculpture from the tour you will be entitled to the print 'Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake' as a thank you from Peter :-)

See you on Saturday... :-)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shop Local ...

Shop Local is a phrase which has been banded about for years, probably without a proper understanding of what it actually means!

The local economy depends on local support for the businesses who choose to set up in the area. Passing trade and the tourist pounds obviously make a valuable contribution but the lifeblood of a local business is the local people.

Now, as dramatic as that sounds, it can actually be used for illustration purposes: Money can be seen as the lifeblood of the community, flowing between the businesses, keeping them all pumping and supporting each other... keeping the Community alive!

Once money is spent outside the local economy then it never makes its way back, it seeps away like blood from a wound, slowing the pulse and potentially leading to the death of the local economy.

Now this black picture seems very dramatic but it is the chain of thought that goes through the minds of local businesses everywhere.

We look to support local economy whether it is here in Pocklington or away on Holiday in Scotland. We know that our choices will have a direct effect on the local community and it makes us feel good to know that we are doing all we can to support them.

Business in Pocklington has been tough this year however we are looking onwards and upwards to the Autumn Fair in early September where we will see all the latest work by your favourite artists!

We know you like to know everything as soon as we do so we'll be sure to get a newsletter out promptly telling you everything you need to know :-)

It won't be long before Peter Smith makes a welcome return to The Acorn Gallery! This will be Peters third visit here and although we will be sending out invitations nearer the time, we'd be delighted if you would pencil us in for Saturday 2nd October from 12-3pm :-)

We've not got around to telling you about the top sellers for the last two months so we've combined them together to show you the Top Summer Sellers:

1st Place ... Storeyteller Paul Horton
2nd Place ... Impossimalist Peter Smith
3rd Place ... The delicious Sarah Graham

So, watch out for the newsletter and look out for our new adverts in the Yorkshire Ridings Magazine, the regions fastest growing, paid for, quality magazine!

Oh and by the way... Think Local!
Thankyou :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Elephant Parade London 2010

At The Acorn Gallery we have been following this fantastic cause on Facebook and took a keener interest when we found out that Alexander Millar, Jeff Rowland, John D Wilson, Louise Dear, Paul Kenton and Peter Smith had been asked to take part.

The Elephant Parade was the largest outdoor art exhibition, displaying 258 life sized baby elephant sculptures, in locations all over the city of London. Created to support leading charity Elephant Family, each elephant is a unique piece of art hand painted by renowned artists and designers.

With an estimated audience of 25 million, the campaign aimed to raise over £1 million for the endangered Asian elephant. It was an innovative fundraising and awareness campaign that shone a multi-coloured spotlight on the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant. Elephant Parade’s mission is to become the world’s largest financial support organisation for elephants saving the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild.

After going on display in London, a select number of elephants were auctioned by Sothebys at a glittering event on Wednesday 30 June. The remainder were auctioned online and in a public event on Saturday 3rd July in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

We can now update you as to the amounts raised by our own Washington Green artists:-

Lover by Jeff Rowland £26,000
Iconic London by Paul Kenton £21,000
Tinkle by Louise Dear £18,000
Impossiphant by Peter Smith £13,001
Young At Art by John D Wilson £12,250
Nana by Alexander Millar £5,530

So, the 6 pieces donated by our artists raised an amazing total of £95,781 for a very worthwhile cause.

Congratulations to all the artists from Washington Green and we would just like to say WOW to the fantastic price paid for Jeff Rowlands elephant!!

Lover by Jeff Rowland

We are pleased to advise you that the sale of all the elephants at auction raised a total of £4,148,675 which far surpassed the target of £1 million which they were hoping to raise!

Long live the Asian elephant!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where Have All the Sunflowers Gone...?

Sunflowers by Bob Dylan was one of the most popular images from the 2009 Drawn Blank Series and a different portrayal of the image has been included in this years Drawn Blank release!
In keeping with the 'Drawn Blank' ideal, the use of colour to change the feel of the piece has proven that the popularity of the image remains constant!

We are one of a few galleries to still have this image available as a single item (ie, not part of a set) and so don't miss out if this is one of your favourites!

Other items from this years Drawn Blank Series are still available - click on the title of this blog entry to see the work for yourself!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its June!!!

Wow, its June already, what a busy month this is going to be!!

Diane sets off on Friday 11th June from York to cycle 250 miles to Amsterdam and back for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

She is hoping to help raise £30,000! Diane is not cycling this distance on her own, she is cycling with another 59 ladies and will be back in York on Tuesday 15th June, very tired but very pleased with herself.

If you would like to make a donation to her charity ride then you can pop in to the gallery and leave a contribution, every little helps :-). Alternatively you can donate online using this link to their just giving page please quote Acorn Gallery in the message box! The gallery will be late opening on Friday as I will be waving her off :-(

The town of Pocklington is awash with Red and White flags and bunting in the shop windows ready for the start of the World Cup!!


In keeping with the spirit of the game we have a few specially selected pieces in our NEW World Cup Gallery on line at

Also this month there is Fathers Day on Sunday 20th June and we have some fabulous gifts starting at just £35.00! Excellant value on superb business card holder, cufflinks and bottle stopper! Order online for fast delivery!

The latest release of work from Bob Dylan was held on Saturday 22nd May and was very well received with almost half the collection selling on the first day!! We do still have some pieces left but for how long who knows!!

Our top sellers for May are as follows:-

1. Bob Dylan
2. Keith Proctor
3. Drew Darcy

As you can see Keith has been knocked off top spot however without Dylan he would have been the top seller for the 4th month in a row - a first for us!!

We have just started a very special event for gallery visitors only... a few specially chosen items are available at a very special price but only for customers who purchase in store :-)

So, come along to Pocklington this weekend and BAG YOURSELF A BARGAIN!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some like it hot...!

This year the Bob Dylan Drawn Blank Series comprises of 21 images and we started the day with the framed standard edition graphics on the wall - stunning!

The two portfolio sets and the four medium graphics were beautifully laid out in their presentation wallets on a large table especially brought in for the occasion! Atop the folders was a pair of pristine white cotton gloves, for showing off the work and protecting the Hannemuhle paper.

We arrived in plenty of time for the specified opening time of 10am and we nipped out to get a large bag of ice before sealing ourselves in! Down came the shutters and the champagne went on ice...

We busied ourselves with final preparations and watched nervously as the hour approached... Before long a familiar face appeared at the window and we saw a customer waiting by the door, soon joined by another... we had a queue!

Even with the phenomenal success of the 2008 and 2009 collections we had never had a queue! Excitement grew... At 10am on the dot we opened the door and our queue made their way inside - yes, two customers officially make a queue :-)

Both had both come with images in mind but were keen to see the entire collection and we happily donned white gloves and proceeded to show off the work. Very soon we had made our first two sales :-)

The morning progressed steadily and we had a constant stream of people coming in to admire the work, a few more sales followed and by lunchtime we were very pleased with the day so far...!

Outside the sunshine was getting stronger and the heat was intensifying.... fewer people were coming in and we joked that they were all staying home for the weather!

The things is ... we were right! Pocklington became a ghost town and the usually bustling street was half empty! A sight rarely seen in this busy market town!

For the rest of the afternoon we had only a few visitors and as a result we still have a superb selection of work to look though!! This is a first because in previous years we have sold out so fast that of you have been disappointed - so now you have your chance!

The work will remain in the gallery only for as long as it takes to sell - so step up and make your choice!

By the way... Happy Birthday, Mr Dylan, for Monday :-)  

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh my word...

Bob Dylan is in the building!!

(Well, his artwork is anyway!)

The stunning graphics from this years Drawn Blank Series 2010 release have finally arrived and were quickly whisked away, shrouded in secrecy, ready for tomorrow unveiling at 10am!

Almost everyone in the gallery today has been asking about the new Dylan release and we are getting very excited!

Come and join us tomorrow at 10am :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bob Dylan - Go on Ask Me!!

So, back to news in the gallery and we can let you know that the top sellers for April were:

1. Keith Proctor
2. Paul Horton
3.Alexander Millar

Congratulations to Keith - that's the third month in a row that he has been our top seller! Can he maintain this run or will what I am about to tell you change everything...?

The Drawn Blank Series 2010 by Bob Dylan
World wide launch 22nd May at 10am!!

We still have a few 2008/2009 Brochures available - please ask for details!

The continued interest is this superb body of work is unprecedented and already we are getting interest from around the world!

Once again each image is limited to a selective 295 worldwide and each individual graphic is personally hand signed by the man himself, Bob Dylan!

More information and images from this very special release will be available soon and if you are registered as interested then we will make a point of telling you first! So, don't be shy, let us have your name and email address and we'll keep you bang up to date!

Once the images are released early reservation will be essential so if you are familiar with the collection so far and are waiting for a particular piece - then let us know - this could be your lucky day!!

I Want to Ride my Bicycle...

Diane and I spent Sunday on our bikes taking part in the Great Selby Bike ride, cycling a total of 50.4 miles!!

Great Selby Bike Ride - Over 1000 people took part this year!

It was a brilliant day and good training for Dianes charity cycle ride next month to Amsterdam! If you would like to sponsor Diane then please contact us with your pledge or pop in and leave her a donation. Or you can click on the title of this entry to donate through JustGiving!

Diane's enthusiasm for this fantastic event is such that she even has me considering signing up for next year - it'll have to be the guys ride though - I don't think they'd let me ride with the ladies ;-)

Stopping halfway for a well earned break :-)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Into Summer

The Acorn Gallery are delighted to present to you our ‘Spring into Summer’ range which features twelve brand new pieces available from May.

Paul Corfield takes us into his wonderful imaginary world away from the stresses of everyday life with his three new pieces.

Days By The Riverside by Paul Corfield

Paul Kenton exhilarates us with the hustle and bustle of his fast paced cityscapes of London and New York.

City Reflections by Paul Kenton

Paul Horton revisits his much in demand seaside scenes, as well as his ever popular street scenes.

Where My Heart Belongs by Paul Horton

Keith Proctor – a new artist to our portfolio earlier this year – brings us four endearing and charming pieces that bring a little bit of childhood nostalgia into our lives.

For the very first time Keith’s work  has been released in sculptural form with this fabulous hand painted resin sculpture entitled Yee-haa! which is a perfect compliment to his limited edition print of the same name.

Yee-Haa!! Sculpture by Keith Proctor

So why not head to The Acorn Gallery for artwork that is sure to brighten up your home this summer!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Originals Exhibition

The Acorn Gallery is having an exhibition and YOU'RE INVITED!

We'll have ORIGINAL Work by several of your favourite artists including Alexander Millar, Peter Smith, Phil George, Toni Hargreaves, Wendy Corbett.

We have been lucky enough to secure two very special original paintings by Kevin Day - see image below!

Theatre Dreams I by Kevin Day

The work will be available to view from Saturday 17th April and as a special offer we will be offering 10% off the price of any original in the show and bought between the exhibition dates!

Diane & I look forward to seeing you in the gallery so join us for a browse and a chat :-)

Just out of interest we'd like to update you with the top sellers for March!

1. Keith Proctor
2. Paul Horton
3. Alexander Millar

Congratulations to Keith for being top seller for the second month in a row! Woop! Woop! We must advise that 'It's A Man Thing' has now officially sold out and the other pieces have reached low availability so do say so quickly if you wish to reserve one :-)

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lambing at The Acorn... and Pigs... and Cows...

Spring is in the air and here at The Acorn we have a delightful display of new lambs eager to meet you!

Meet Alfie...

... and Boo Peep...

and ... watch them walk in Grandmas Footsteps...

... and not to be left out we have Rascal Flaps...

... and the gloriously decadent Haute Cowture...


She comes complete with genuine gold leaf on her ears and is a truly stunning piece of work!
Come and meet them all in person at The Acorn Gallery NOW!

(...or if you can't wait that long ... click on the title of this entry to find out more!)

Coming Soon ... to a Gallery Near You!

We have just received our gallery copy of the NEW Fine Art Collector Magazine!
It looks fantastic and features the superb work of Keith Proctor on the front!!

There is an excellant article about the man himself and some super write-ups on fellow artists John D. Wilson and new artist Joanne Panayi.

See what is SEXY and SASSY!

Learn what part of the world has a special place saved in the heart of Hamish Blakely...

Learn how you can help Alexander Millar and Jeff Rowland to support

This issue has some truly powerful pieces and we are sure you'll want to get your hands on it fast! So, as long as you are on our database then we'll be posting your copy out as soon as the boxes arrive on our mat!


Friday, March 12, 2010

March Madness!!

Spring has arrived and the weather has turned better, however March madness has set in at The Acorn Gallery!!

Diane has decided to do the Amsterdam bike trip again! It is a 250 miles round trip cycle ride from York to Amsterdam and back again raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care which Diane successfully completed in June of last year helping to raise more than £28,000 for the charity!!

So training has started in ernest!! At least I mean for me as I have agreed to train alongside Diane to give her moral support... but so far I am the only one doing the training as I have insisted that we get out at 6am every morning and unfortunately Diane is not a morning person!

Good job I have the dogs for company however Sophie is not too keen for such an early start but Samson is eager enough for the both of them!!

We have today received our copies of the fabulous new Paul Kenton releases and they are stunning especially London Red!!
London Red by Paul Kenton

You should really come and see it in the flesh - it is superb!!

With Mothers Day weekend upon us why not treat your Mum to some chocolate? Caroline Shottons Dairy Milk is superb and bound to raise a smile :-)

'Dairy Milk' by Caroline Shotton

Or why not make a promise of cake? Peter Smith's 'I Eat Cake' is superb and really hits the spot...
I Eat Cake by Peter Smith

And finally the top sellers for February are as follows:-

1. Keith Proctor
2. Caroline Shotton
3. Alexander Millar

Congratulations to Keith, what a debut to take top spot by selling more than any other artist - amazing!!

We have a growing list of customers waiting for Keith Proctor Original Oils so if you too would like to be added to the list then please feel free to contact us!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's A Man Thing!

Today was a good day!

It is always an uncertain time between having sent out the invitations, hanging the work and opening on the day of the event! Is the gallery clean and tidy? Have we remembered everything? Is the bubbly suitably chillled? (All the important questions!).

Well we needn't have worried! The first people came in almost as soon as we opened the door and we made a sale straight away! Jumping Jack was the first off the starting block!

A steady stream of people allowed us to spend quality time with almost everyone who came in and we are delighted to report that Jack the Lad has stolen several hearts today!

'It's A Man Thing' created quite a stir and we have had to order extra copies to fulfil demand! 'Bzzz' and 'Jumping Jack' were next in the popularity stakes! The oil on display was already sold but we've taken notes of interest from a few new people as a result of seeing it! Keith - I hope your brushes are clean and ready to go?

We had a few nicely timed lulls during the day - just enough to catch our breath and boil the kettle!

Everyone has been very impressed and we have had lovely comments. Sales have come both from those who came specifically and also from people who just popped in as they were passing! We have made sales across four counties and had visitors from all over - even a lady who had just flown in from L.A.!

Without a doubt we can say that today was a resounding success! Fifteen sales by the end of the day and that tells a story all of its own!

Today The Acorn Gallery was 'Bzzz'-ing ... 'It's A Man Thing!' ... and the man is Keith Proctor!

'I Have A Dream'

Friday, February 26, 2010

On Your Marks... Get Set...

Many months ago whilst surfing the web, we came across an artist whose work had an instant appeal... there was something about the innocence of the boy in the paintings... a charm which captured and held you... we followed the blog notes and picture posts with keen interest, finally approaching the artist to see if he would be happy for us to show some of his work... the artists name was Keith Proctor!

Tomorrow we are so proud to show you 'Jack the Lad' the first exhibition of work from Keith Proctor, published by Washington Green.

The collection comprises of three stunning canvases with four beautiful paper editions. Each image carries the figure of Jack, the completely charming young boy whose antics are sure to coax a smile from even the hardest of hearts.. he is a boy for all seasons with a charm for all ages and we hope his adventures will amuse us for years to come...

Ladies & Gentlemen... Keith Proctor with Jack the Lad!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Excitement is building...

Well at last the images have been released from Keith Proctors debut collection 'Jack the Lad'! Follow the link in the title (above) to see his charming studies of childhood...

 Interest in this new work is building and we have had more requests than usual for original work by this artist! Original oils are very scarce and even pencil sketches are hard to get hold of but we will have one of each on the wall on the day of the exhibition! If you have an interest in these original pieces then we recommend that you let us know as soon as possible!

Also released this week are the images for the fantastic new Spring Collections by all your favoutite artists!
One piece which is long-awaited is 'I eat cake' by Peter Smith - those of you who read Peters Blog or who follow him on Facebook, will be well aware of the excitement created by this subject!

Another piece we'd like to mention is the Charity piece painted jointly by Alexander Millar and Jeff Rowland. These two are great friends and when Washington Green asked them to work together they were delighted. Jeff, who needs regular dialysis, was keen to try and use the venture as a fundraising exercise for charity and Alex happily agreed.

The image which they created is called 'Singing in the Rain' and features Alexander Millars classic gadgie with his umbrella, splashing his way happily down the road in the pouring rain!

Artist royalties from the sales of this print will be donated to the Renal Ward at Birmingham Childrens Hospital and Washington Green are delighted to match this sum which means a sizeable donation if both editions sell out!!

The print is available on paper for £375 or on canvas at £425 and looks stunning!! (For now the website image for both options shows the paper version as no canvas image has been provided but it will be updated as soon as we have stock in the gallery.) One of each will be displayed for you to admire!
All in all an amazing selection of new work for you to enjoy - including this stunning Paul Kenton piece entitled 'London Red'...

... and the Caroline Shotton classic 'Shit Happens' shown below... so follow the link in the title (above) and have a click around the website :-)