Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Already!!

Well, we are back from our holiday and I have to say it was fab. The drive down with our caravan on the back was fine and I have said I would do it again!!

September is here and Diane and I are looking forward to going to the ICC event hosted by Washington Green on the 6th September which also happens to be my birthday! What a way to spend your birthday... hob-nobbing with the artists and having the chance to see all the fab new product firsthand!!

We're hoping to get the chance to catch up with Alexander Millar, Peter Smith, Paul Horton, Caroline Shotton, Jeff Rowland... ooh the list goes on! It's a great chance to see what they'be been up to and what they're planning for the year ahead!

Don't worry - we will update you all with as much as we can when we get back!!

On Saturday 12th September we have The Tour Of Britain Cycle Race coming through Pocklington so we are expecting large crowds in town that day! The atmosphere will be great and I am sure all the eaterys will be busy!!


We can reveal that Peter Smith will be appearing here at The Acorn Gallery on Saturday 10th October between 12-3pm!! Be sure to note the date in your diary!

We will be showcasing his new images and hopefully have an original or two :-) If last years appearance is anything to go by then we should have an excellant day!!

If you would like to be included in the guest list then please contact the gallery either by telephone or email to with your details.

Anyway, moving on ... I can now update you with the top sellers for August. They are as follows:-

1. Peter Smith
2. Jeff Rowland
3. Caroline Shotton

Congratulations to Peter for taking the top spot. Can he maintain top spot in the run up to his appearance in October? All will be revealed at the end of September!!