Monday, February 21, 2011

Hamish Blakely - Muse

Hamish Blakely is an artist whose paintings have steadily grown in popularity and stature and now he is to show an exhibition of over 30 original paintings at Harrods in London later this month!

This stunning collection entitled 'Muse' shows his extraordinary talents at their best and several paintings have already been sold in advance of the exhibition opening on 24th February!

To celebrate this outstanding collection Washington Green have produced six superb giclee prints in an extremely limited edition of just 25. Each of these breathtaking pieces has been chosen for its appeal and stunning depiction of the elegance of the human form... Professionally presented in a stunning gold swept frame, each of these gorgeous pieces will stop you in your tracks!

The Acorn Gallery is proud to be able to offer you these six images - and with only 25 sets available, worldwide, this is indeed an accolade!

If you are interested in receiving more details about this very special collection then call us now on 01759 307652 or alternatively pop into the gallery where we can show you the images available. Images will not yet be released online...

To read more about the 'Muse' Exhibition please click on the link below:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NEW from Peter Smith...

Wow! What a weekend!

John and I have been to the ICC, Birmingham for the Washington Green Spring Fair - a chance for us to see the BRAND NEW images from all of their top artists!

None of the images have been released to the galleries yet for on-line viewing but Peter Smith has just updated his blog and included his fabulous five NEW images which we were priviledged to see this weekend.

Follow this link to read his blog and see the images:

Pre-ordering is recommended as this release is very strong - ring us for details on 01759 307652

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Night... Fantastic Food and Moodful Music...

We usually try to talk about art on the blog but we've had a fabulous night out tonight and just had to share it with you!

First of all we went to Judsons Bar just a few doors away from The Acorn Gallery, meeting friends for a meal before attending a gig at The Arts Centre. Judsons Bar is located in the building formerly known as The Square but this new business is a world away from the old one! The newly converted building is spacious and airy with large sofas and a stylish contemporary setting. It is uncluttered and very relaxing!

The menu is simple but promises well put-together meals and we were not disappointed! I ordered the braised beef with mushrooms, shallots and horseradish mash and with a red wine sauce... It was the best plate of food I have had in a long time! The beef was beautifully cooked and so tender that it just fell apart... the rest of the plate was full of flavour
and the delicious sauce complemented it all!

John had the slow cooked shoulder of pork with black pudding and was very impressed - he swears it was the tastiest black pudding he has ever had... and he is somewhat of an expert! Our friends were equally impressed with their choices!!

Puddings - what can I say? OMG! Amazing! The chocolate fondant with caramalized oranges and ice cream was simply fabulous, however John states very strongly that the sticky toffee pudding covered in toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream is to die for!! (I think we will always differ on this point!)

At £97.50 for 2 rounds of drinks, 4 main courses and 4 deserts with coffees, it is a little pricey but we all agreed it was worth every penny! The quality of the food was outstanding and the surroundings and the attentive staff made for an overall first class service. We recommend everyone to try out Judson's!!

From Judsons we went to The Arts Centre where we had tickets to see a young singer/songwriter called Sean Taylor. With reviews such as '''absolutely superb guitarist ... reminiscent of John Martyn' ' by BOB HARRIS Radio 2 and "Sean Taylor is the finest acoustic blues talent to appear in the UK for many a year...The eleven tracks on Calcutta Grove are a beautiful body of work … catch him before he goes stella" by LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM we were intrigued to see this guy in action...

This nimble fingered guitar playing singer was totally awesome, with his unique voice keeping our attention throughout... he introduced each song with a few words about where and when he wrote it and proceeded to knock our socks off with his incredible ability on the guitar which often seemed like an extension of himself...

With his guitar and harmonica and singing many of his own words, it is no wonder that Sean Taylor has been compared with Bob Dylan... watch this guy - you will hear his name again!

So, Pocklington you did it again, great food and great entertainment!  What a superb evening!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Immortalised In Oils!!

'I Never Touched Him' by Peter Smith

Once upon a time there was a huge fan of Peter Smith... his name was John Wass. He loved to buy the prints and soon had quite a collection... Whenever Peter was due to do an appearance John and his wife Diane (also a huge fan) would attend to say 'hi' and have a chat about the latest releases!

One year Peter brought out a series of prints under the banner of 'Smithy's World Cup' and one of the prints was called 'I Never Touched Him'... The image was taken from a famous incident between David Beckham and the referee in an England vs. Argentina World Cup match .

John learned that he was the person being thought of for inspiration when Peter was painting the referee... with that larger than life character towering above the footballer...

Armed with that information John set about tracing the original to the print and finally managed to aquire it for his own collection!

This is the dedication on the reverse of Johns copy of the 'I Never Touched Him' print - showing the naming of the characters!

John is immensely proud of these two pieces and we both continue to be big fans of the work of Peter Smith!

With all the excitement surrounding 'The Bimps' Peter Smith is going to be a bigger name then ever so watch this space for news...