Saturday, March 23, 2013

Not By Royal Command!!

I can't believe that Good Friday is only a week away!

Good Friday, 29th March this year, might not hold much significance for many, apart from the start of Easter weekend and the thankful end to rows of easter eggs in our shops taunting those of us who foolishly gave it up for Lent! (What do you mean I was the only one?!?)

On Good Friday we are having a few drinks here at the gallery to launch our new exhibition with artist James Milroy, entitled 'Waving Royals and other paintings'.

James is travelling up from Stroud to bring the work to us and will be here for the evening from 6.30-8.30pm. We are hoping to pry from him some stories about his experiences painting during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations last summer, not every artist can say they had a Right Royal Summons!

Join Us from 6.30pm... beer, wine and soft drinks will be available along with some tasty treats (not including cucumber sandwiches!)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spies and Peas...

Last night John and I took a drive up to Saltburn-by-Sea, not just for a merry jaunt, although it was a merry jaunt indeed! We took the scenic route over the North York Moors which were covered in snow and rather beautiful, if a little wild in places!

We arrived in Saltburn just before dark, the sky was turning orange and the waves were pounding on the shore...

We found the gallery very easily, yes I said gallery! Last night we attended the Arts Bank Gallery for the launch of Mackenzie Thorpe's Game of Life Tenth Anniversary Celebration. 

We had been invited by Debbie and Brian to meet Mackenzie Thorpe and his wife Susan at the launch event. Knowing that we are new to working with Mackenzie they thought it would be nice to invite us, how very kind!

The event started at 6:30pm and people were very prompt to arrive. Mackenzie and Susan were soon in the midst of a bubbling mass of people, excited, chatty and eager to talk.

The range of people attending was wide with old and young mixing and chatting together. The atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable with a selection of drinks and a pie and peas supper promised!

The evening got off to a fantastic start, Mackenzie's Game of Life pieces were on display downstairs along with the remarked book which is being auctioned off (please see yesterdays blog entry for details). 

We were keen to see everything but especially the original pieces for the two new releases 'In Dads Boots' and 'Man of the Match'.

We strolled through the myriad of rooms and along the corridor's, passing excited collectors as we went. Everyone was happy to talk to each other and to us about their collections and their favourite pieces. 

We soon came to 'In Dads Boots' which was beautifully framed in a narrow black moulding. The innocence and simplicity of this piece is highlighted with the vibrant red of the ball and it holds your eye without needing further explanation.

'In Dads Boots' 
Limited Edition of 195 with 8 A/P's, 8 H/C's

'Man of the Match' once again captures the innocence, the simple figure standing there with his oversized boots, obviously inherited to fill his need to play the game. The look on his face says it all...
"Man of the Match? Me? In these boots?" 
'Man of the Match'
Limited Edition of 75 with 5 A/P's, 5 H/C's

Mingling and chatting we enjoyed the atmosphere, meandering around before being drawn back to the ground floor by the smell of pie and peas. Sure enough everyone was tucking in and there was even a polite huddle of a queue, waiting for the next batch of piping hot pies...

Being an evening focused on football it was the perfect supper! Isn't it strange how people from all walks of life can be drawn together by pie and peas just in the same way as they are by 'The Game of Life'

John and Mackenzie Thorpe... and me!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bid Now on the 'Game of Life'!

Today sees the launch of a very special CHARITY AUCTION which will not only capture the attention of  Mackenzie Thorpe collectors but which may also catch the eye of the stars of the Game of Life itself!

The Game of Life Book was released in 2003 to accompany the set of paintings of the same name. Ten years on the book has sold out and artist Mackenzie Thorpe has managed to keep one to himself for long enough to sketch and annotate it all the way through! 

You will find quotes and little drawings on ad hoc pages and in places you will even see him fill in a little more of an otherwise complete painting!

This is your chance to own this very UNIQUE book by placing a bid in the auction. It is very easy to do and we will stay in touch the whole time to let you know if are outbid.

Ten Charities will benefit from the proceeds including York House Ventures which has been nominated by The Acorn Gallery. York House helps people with a non-progressive acquired brain injury who need help and support to live more independent lives.

BID BY PHONE on 01759 307652
BID IN PERSON here at The Acorn Gallery, 5 Market Place, Pocklington YO42 2AS.

BIDDING STARTS 19th March 2013 and BIDS CLOSE 15th May 2013. 

Good Luck!

To view the book on-line PAGE BY PAGE please CLICK HERE 
To learn more about York House Ventures please CLICK HERE 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Morning Grandad!

As John and I walked into the gallery this morning we couldn't help but smile at 'Snowy Tops' which looks amazing hanging on the end wall beyond the desk... seeing it there just reinforced how proud we are to be working with Mackenzie Thorpe. 

After hanging the original yesterday we also unpacked and placed two sculptures. 'Grandad's Little Finger' is a gorgeous bronze sculpture. It shows a little boy and his Grandad walking along deep in conversation, each with their over-sized boots and carefully poised hands, leading you to wonder what could they possibly be talking about? The bronze is smooth and curved and has a beautiful depth of colour... it calls out to you to touch it...
'Grandad's Little Finger' by Mackenzie Thorpe

It's probably best you don't tell the world but I couldn't help myself but call out 'Morning Grandad' as I walked past!

First thing this morning the excitement continued with the arrival of an enormous box! It had three layers and I almost expected to find a goodie as I unwrapped each one! Finally the polystyrene packaging was removed and there they were, waiting to be lifted clear... 

'The Apostles' is a stunning sculpture cast in parian. It is an impressive size at 31 inches long and standing 10.5 inches tall it is a stunning piece of work! Of course there were 12 apostles in Biblical terms but there are 13 here... each carefully crafted by Mackenzie with a gesture, a bicycle, a stick or a dog...

Each man is deep in conversation or deep in thought... they are having a laugh, telling a tale and all the while they are following their daily routine... and as such 'The Apostles' are the followers of life...
'The Apostles' by Mackenzie Thorpe

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Snowy Surprise...

Yesterday evening we had an appointment at Mackenzie Thorpe's Gallery in Richmond to collect some work for our new display having recently been approved as a Mackenzie Thorpe Partnership gallery.

Wendy as usual was a complete oracle of information about Mackenzie and his work and everything we were expecting was ready and waiting for collection... but not before she invited us to join her in a cup of coffee and some tales of adventure.

By the time we left we had acquired another print and a gorgeous bronze sculpture! You know when you just close you eyes and wish... well it happened! 'Grandads Little Finger' was coming home to the Acorn...
'Grandad's Little Finger' in bronze by Mackenzie Thorpe

To our surprise Wendy had also planned on including an original for our display and to our total delight the piece she had in mind was one which we had admired on our last visit!

Entitled 'Snowy Tops' this magnificent pastel work has bold but simple colours and a strong message that even in deepest winter when the snow falls and the leaves are gone, the Shepherd will always take care of his flock. 

Of course the Shepherd and his sheep are not only a literal representation they also make a symbolic reference to the family and those in all places who take care of others...
'Snowy Tops' by Mackenzie Thorpe

Mackenzie's use of warm gold colours in stark contrast to the cold you know there must be, reminds us of the force of nature and yet in the strong and calm presence of the shepherd we feel comforted and safe.

My heart sang as we took a steady drive home although I'm sure the car was a little heavy on its axles!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Never too young to start with art...

This week a new family found The Acorn Gallery and we have met one of our youngest ever customers.

Harriette is just 10years old and had been in the gallery last weekend with her parents. Whilst here she saw, and fell in love with 'Thumpers in Jumpers' by Peter Smith.

We understand that Harriette was so smitten with this print that she spent the weekend talking about it and making drawings and even a model! Finally the question came up 'Can I buy it?'. 

Now Harriette is the kind of girl who looks after her money carefully and is not prone to rash decisions! So, her parents replied that she could if she had enough. Harriette checked her savings and breathed a sigh of relief - she had just enough!

So Harriette withdrew her savings and Mum rang us to reserve the print, advising that they would call after school to collect it. Of course even the receipt would have Harriette's name on it.

And so it was that 10 year old Harriette collected and paid for her very first piece of art!

We have today received an e-mail to thank us for giving Harriette such a 'wonderful experience'! 

The print now hangs proudly in her bedroom and even the wall had a fresh coat of paint to make sure that everything was perfect! Congratulations Harriette :)