Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Original Prints? Original Thinking!

When an artist paints a picture it is called the 'original', we all know this.

When prints are made there can be two types: Open edition and limited edition. We just wanted to take a few moments to explain the difference for those who are new to all this :)

Open edition prints have no limit to how many can be printed. They just keep printing more and more for as long as the picture continues to sell. Open editions do not generally keep their value and most artists prefer a 'Limited Edition' .

A 'Limited Edition' Print run has a limited number of prints in the run (eg 50). Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which states the number of prints made and guarantees that no more prints will be made. Limited edition prints often keep their value well and can go up in price depending upon demand.

Occasionally there are 'Artist proofs' or 'printers proofs' or some times even 'Hors de Commerce' pieces, These are basically an extra number of prints apart from the main run. In the olden days the first few prints weren't as good as the main run because of the setting up process of the printers press. These days all prints are just as good as the next and there is no difference. Having said that some people do find that they prefer the proof editions - although they aren't always available!

Welsh artist Kerry Darlington developed a new type of print called a 'Unique Edition'. These are limited in number but each one is hand finished with unique elements and is different to every other piece in the edition. It is a brilliant concept and has helped to make her work very collectable.

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