Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Easels are Weasels!

Who would've known that there are so many types of easel? Small ones, large ones and in-between sized ones! Wooden ones, aluminium ones, heavy duty metal ones… Who would know that you could have an H-frame, a boxed easel or a tripod version?

When considering display options for our forthcoming event at Saltmarshe Hall John and I were looking for a more portable and stylish way of displaying the artwork. We considered a few options but the easel seemed the best way forward… We started looking for something suitable, it had to be tall, floor standing, sturdy and of course smart! They would need to be stored when not in use so compactability was a consideration too!

We have now looked at and considered the practicalities of so many easels that we really are almost experts! Anyway, after the random use of the word craft on a Google search we came across these beautiful ornate wrought iron easels.

Standing 1.8 m tall they look beautiful and seem very sturdy too! They fold flat when not in use and seem to fit the bill perfectly!

So we took the plunge and bought 15…

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