Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Are You Twitterpated?

The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York on Twitter
Facebook or Twitter?

Most of us love one and hate the other and yet here we are, spending (according to some reports) over 2 hours per day on social media!
The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York on Facebook

As an individual you can choose whether to get involved and how much time to spend on it...

As an Independent Business, social media is pretty essential! It gives a relatively simple and effectively free way to promote yourself.

Setting up a Facebook Page and a Twitter profile is quite straightforward... but what next? 

What do you say? 
How do you say it? 

Can you really say something interesting in only 140 characters?

YES You Can!

One way to use both mediums effectively when you don't have time to master both is to LINK your accounts. You can make the link work in either direction but not at the same time. If you like Facebook, have an automatic link to Twitter, if you prefer Twitter, link it the other way :)

Facebook is quite easy to update with a simple status, a photo from your smart phone, a link from your website but when it comes to squashing all that into 140 characters then a kind of panic sets in... but when you link your accounts then a Facebook post will automatically tweet the same thing for you!

Linking your Facebook Page to your Twitter profile is easy - click this link to see how!


Now go and do some Facebooking on your page and watch how your Twitter account suddenly gets busy too!

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